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A stylish and attractive manicure in beige tones is absolutely universal, as it is suitable for women of any age and, moreover, can be appropriate in any situation. All types of decor look great with this color scheme, so you can make beautiful nail art using many different ways.

Manicure in beige tones 2018

In 2018, in fashion, all trends gravitate towards maximum naturalness and naturalness. For this reason, the beige coating, which in itself looks somewhat gloomy and inexpressive, is located at the very top of popularity this season. Fashionable beige manicure 2018 can be complemented by a variety of decorative elements that give it a stylish, attractive and charming appearance.

From a monochromatic coating that does not attract attention at all, this year should be abandoned. Stylists and nail artists advise their clients to combine nude beige with other shades that can both contrast and harmonize with it. So, for example, an exquisite tandem can be made up of beige and hot pink, black, red or mint color.

manicure in beige tones 2018trendy beige manicure 2018

Beige manicure for short nails

Manicure in beige tones for short nails looks as natural as possible. With it, you can emphasize the natural beauty and feminine charm of the fair sex. A stylish beige manicure for short nails recreates the color scheme that is inherent in a natural look and can fit into absolutely any look.

Among the wide variety of types of nail art for owners of short nail plates in 2018, it is best to choose the following:

  • natural french. In this option, the main surface of the plates is painted in a beige shade, which is as close as possible to their natural tone, and the smile line is highlighted by a different, not too bright and defiant color scheme. As a rule, its role is played by a snow-white, pale pink or pale blue coating. For going out or for a special occasion, the smile line in this design can be highlighted with a bright and catchy color;
  • matte manicure in beige tones looks very simple, but at the same time interesting and attractive. To make it more expressive, a matte finish can be combined in different ways with a glossy one;
  • mother-of-pearl beige and all kinds of nail art with glitter elements will make this simple and concise design suitable for a special occasion or celebration;
  • in addition, kamifubuki, all kinds of stripes and other foil elements, drawings and small geometric shapes look great on short nail plates.

beige manicure for short nailsbeige manicure for short nails

Beige manicure for long nails

When creating nail art on long nail plates, a wide scope opens up for using all kinds of decorative elements. Since a manicure in beige tones does not look defiant even on long claws, it can be supplemented with a variety of decorations without fear of overloading the image.

This season, the fair sex mainly chooses the following beige manicure 2018, the fashion trends for which are especially relevant:

  • design with rhinestones and stones. Nail art looks especially interesting, in which pebbles of different colors and sizes coexist at the same time;
  • all kinds of pattern options. Thanks to the sufficient area of ​​​​the nail plates on long claws, absolutely anything can be placed. This season, girls and women in most cases prefer thematic and seasonal images;
  • nail art with monograms and lace pattern. In combination with the beige color, this design looks luxurious and elegant and suits even young brides;
  • options with modeling and various volumetric elements. Thanks to a delicate neutral base, such details do not look too bulky, so they can be appropriate even in everyday wear.

beige manicure for long nails

Beige Manicure Ideas

Every woman who wants to give her hands a neat and well-groomed appearance can make a manicure with beige varnish that can easily fit into any look. There are incredibly many options for creating such nail art, so young ladies have the right to choose a design based on the situation and individual preferences. Having shown imagination, you can easily make an original manicure in delicate beige tones, without resorting to bright and overly intense shades.

beige manicure ideas

Beige Manicure Ideas

manicure with beige polish

Beige matte manicure

The exquisite matte finish looks very expressive and impressive, so many modern fashionistas have given it their preference. It is very easy to apply, dries quickly and does not require special skills to use, so you can make such a simple and interesting manicure in beige tones even at home.

Meanwhile, fashionistas need to know that in order to apply a matte coating of a light color shade, an absolutely even and ideal surface of the nail plates is needed, since it highlights all the existing flaws and attracts the attention of others to them. In addition, such nail art quickly loses its appearance and becomes untidy, so it is not possible to wear it for too long.

Beige matte manicure 2018 can be either plain or bright and unusual. To give it expressiveness, nail art masters complement this design with different types of decor and combine it with other techniques, for example:

  • plain coating with a minimum amount of rhinestones or sparkles;
  • options with a pattern;
  • matte design with a glossy accent;
  • luxurious and sophisticated manicure in beige tones with rhinestones;
  • variants with negative space;
  • matte moon nail art.

beige matte manicure

Beige glitter manicure

The design of nails in beige tones with sparkles has become truly trendy, and today it can be appropriate both for a festive event and for everyday wear. Depending on the occasion for which nail art is intended, the amount of sparkles in it may vary — in the morning or afternoon, and also in the office, only a laconic stretch or a small powder is allowed, which does not attract much attention to itself. As part of a social or festive event, you can use sparkles in almost unlimited quantities.

In addition, in order to obtain a beautiful, harmonious and expressive result, it is necessary to take into account the age and appearance of the fashionista, paying attention to the following points:

  • at a young age it is better to use golden sparkles. Older women are more suitable for silver, which give the image rigor and elegance;
  • It is worth considering the color of the hair. Blondes will look better with a warm golden sheen, while brunettes will look much better with sparkling silver;
  • a similar rule applies to the appearance color type.

beige glitter manicure

Beige manicure with rubbing

Exquisite beige nail design, complemented by rubbing, looks great. Pearl, mirror or holographic rubbing gives nail art a delightful shine, thanks to which it fits perfectly with evening dresses or suits and easily fits into the atmosphere of the celebration. Meanwhile, the rubbing on accent fingers, combined with a delicate universal shade of beige, is also suitable for everyday wear, including office work.

beige manicure with rubbing

Beige manicure with rhinestones

Shiny rhinestones emphasize the solemnity of the situation, so they are best suited for going out and important events. Depending on the preferences, rhinestones of different shapes and sizes can be scattered over the nail plates in a chaotic manner, or you can lay out a certain pattern from them. In addition, these shiny elements perfectly complement the moon and French nail art.

Often, rhinestones are used to create the image of a young bride, in which every detail must be thought out to the smallest detail. So, for a newlywed, a beige and white manicure is perfect, each finger in which is decorated with a small amount of rhinestones. In most cases, these shiny stones are arranged along the base or tip, however, there are a huge variety of options available.

beige manicure with rhinestones

Beige ombre manicure

The original beige gradient manicure has gained unprecedented popularity among modern fashionistas. To create it, any shades that are in harmony with the beige color can be used. Since this color scheme is universal, there can be a lot of similar combinations. So, an unsharp transition from a transparent base to a dark beige tip, a horizontal gradient using pastel shades or brighter options that feature bright red, rich blue, black and other tones look interesting.

beige ombre manicure

Manicure in beige tones with a pattern

Due to the neutrality and versatility of the beige coating, you can paint absolutely anything on it. So, nail art with flowers and monograms looks very gentle and romantic, funny, playful and flirtatious — a design depicting animals or cartoon characters. Business women will definitely like a beige manicure with a black pattern, which gives the image rigor and formality.

manicure in beige tones with a pattern

Beige manicure with stripes

Stripes have recently become one of the most popular nail art decoration options. A beige manicure can also be supplemented with these simple decorative elements — they will make it more interesting and expressive, but not pretentious or defiant. In addition, vertical stripes can visually make the nail plates a little longer, which is important for those girls who cannot grow long claws.

Depending on individual preferences, the stripes can be painted with a brush and acrylic paint, or special stencils can be used for this. A new original trend, which very quickly won the hearts of fashionistas, is also suitable for this — decorating nail art with special foil strips.

beige manicure with stripes

Beige moon manicure

A beautiful beige manicure with highlighted holes looks charming. Depending on the color and shape of the hole, it can be as simple and concise as possible, or bright, catchy and somewhat defiant. As a rule, when covering the main surface of the nail plate with beige gel polish, white or black shades are chosen for the hole. In addition, in all cases, this area can be left unpainted.

beige moon manicure

Solid beige manicure

A simple monochromatic manicure in light beige tones may seem boring to a modern fashionista, so in most cases it is decorated with various types of decor. However, for women over 50, such a delicate beige manicure is an ideal choice, because it makes the hands neat, well-groomed and elegant, emphasizing the good taste and unique femininity of its owner. This type of nail art can also be chosen by young ladies who are used to dressing brightly and do not want to bring dissonance into their image.

plain beige manicure

Beige manicure, geometry

Geometric patterns, figures and ornaments look luxurious on beige nails. As a rule, they are depicted using black acrylic paint — this combination looks very interesting, strict and elegant. Meanwhile, such a beige manicure with a design can be very bright, spectacular and expressive if lemon yellow, scarlet, bright blue and other similar shades were used to apply patterns.

beige manicure geometry

Manicure beige with gold

As part of the celebrations, gold glitter nail art is one of the most preferred options. It easily fits into the atmosphere of the holiday, goes well with evening dresses and elegant sets, emphasizes the importance and solemnity of the moment and situation. Even a young bride can choose such nail art for herself, regardless of which wedding dress she prefers.

Meanwhile, the golden sheen is not suitable for all the fair sex. This decor is best for girls with a warm appearance, dark skin and blond hair. If cold shades prevail in the appearance of a young lady, a beige manicure with silver is more suitable for her, which also fits perfectly into the atmosphere of celebrations and important events.

beige manicure with gold


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