Manicure minimalism - a selection of fashionable ideas for all occasions

Minimalist manicure ideas have gained immense popularity over the past few years. Young ladies prefer a universal nail design, as it perfectly complements any outfit, ideal for any event. The color palette, ultra-modern performance techniques, decorative elements impress with their diversity, and therefore definitely deserve your attention.

Manicure minimalism 2020 — fashion trends

Leading specialists and masters of the nail sphere have pleased us with exclusive innovations this year. The list of current trends was supplemented by non-traditional design features, improved stylistic motifs and other trends. Manicure in the style of minimalism broadcasts absolutely original outlines. According to the recommendations, it is better to pay attention to:

  • ‌bright colors;
  • ‌neutral classic shades;
  • ‌matte finish;
  • ‌drawings, inscriptions, stickers;
  • ‌floristic, animalistic motifs;
  • ‌geometry;
  • ‌rhinestones, sequins, beads;
  • ‌volumetric molding.

The color scheme is impressive, allows for diverse combinations of tones, gradients. The length of your nail plate does not matter, chic interpretations are provided for any size, shape and shape. Combinations with newfangled rubbing techniques, soap suds, cat’s eyes are welcome. Supporters of the classic style will suit beige manicure minimalism. It can be decorated with actual floral or geometric ornaments.

manicure minimalism fashion trends 2020

Manicure minimalism for short nails

The short length of the nail plate is not a problem for true masters of the nail sphere. They will help to realize the desired design with all the features and nuances. You just have to decide on the key idea. The color solution can be different, the leading trends are more prone to delicate shades of lemon, lilac, peach, powdery.

Manicure minimalism for short nails implies not only a plain base coat, but also matte inserts. Fashionable combinations with rubbing, a cat’s eye are welcome. As an additional design, it is better to use stickers, drawings, inscriptions on only one or several fingers. Strokes, stripes, dotted patterns will also find their application on a shortened length.

for short nails

Manicure minimalism for long nails

The longer the nails, the larger the canvas for a spectacular nail design. The style of decoration depends on the time of year, weather and many other factors. Therefore, it is important to choose a spring manicure minimalism, summer, autumn and winter. Each of these periods provides a special color scheme. Hot seasons broadcast fresh, warm, bright colors. Rainy and frosty times offer rich, dark, deep hues.

Diverse stickers, volumetric modeling techniques can act as additional decorative elements. Miniature drawings, inscriptions on several fingers look elegant. Do not forget about velvet coatings, shiny pollen. The trend is newfangled floral, animalistic, geometric motifs, consider ideas with similar patterns.

for long nails

Manicure minimalism on square nails

The most demanded shape this year is the «soft square». Regardless of the length, it is very practical and versatile. Minimalism in manicure 2020 offers many interesting, modern techniques, relevant stylistic techniques. The palette of shades pleases with its diversity, allows you to reproduce a variety of combinations, combinations, gradients.

Matte finishes will be very popular. It can be personified on one or more fingers, creating interesting fusions of diverse techniques. Among the additional decorations, it is better to highlight drawings, geometric patterns, volumetric details. Do not forget about rhinestones, beads, sparkles. They can be applied as a separate element or as part of a complete composition.

for square nails

Manicure minimalism on sharp nails

Manicure in the style of minimalism 2020 will emphasize the sharp shape in the best way. Some young ladies believe that such a shape looks defiant and bold. In this case, minimalist motives will help. They will harmoniously transform the existing design, make it as feminine and elegant as possible. To implement such a solution, delicate shades of beige, lemon, peach, sky blue or powdery are suitable.

If you prefer bright colors, consider red, emerald green, orange, yellow, pink and purple. You can emphasize the exclusive design with the help of spectacular details. Beads, rhinestones, sparkles appear as ideal samples. However, do not miss the opportunity to decorate your nails with drawings, stickers, various ornaments.

on sharp nails

Manicure minimalism on almond nails

Minimalism for a manicure — almonds are the perfect shape. In itself, this outline is considered the most feminine and neat. It is very important to choose a universal design suitable for every outfit, image and occasion. Therefore, among the color shades, black, white, gray and beige fell in love with the most.

Bright saturated tones are also in demand, but not every lady will decide on colorful interpretations. The execution can be of all kinds, matte coating techniques, rubbing, ombre are available. Among the decorative elements, geometric ornaments, dot patterns and strokes deserve your special attention.

on almond nails

Manicure ideas minimalism

Manicure design minimalism is a chic solution for girls of different age categories, different lifestyles. A characteristic feature of this design is that it remains universal and practical for any occasion. The ideal option is suitable for going to work, romantic dates, festive meetings or solemn corporate parties. The range of colors offers many different shades. The most requested were:

  • red;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • emerald;
  • green;
  • violet.

Lovers of bright colors will like the most saturated solutions. However, a more delicate color range is also available, implying a light tone. Do not forget about the classic colors black, white, beige, gray. The coating can take the usual glossy outline or matte. Among the additional decorations, you need to notice rhinestones, sparkles, drawings and stickers. Geometric, floral, animalistic trends are welcome.

manicure ideas minimalism

Manicure minimalism geometry

Strokes, shapes, dot patterns and similar decorative elements have become very popular lately. This trend has gained demand due to the minimalist design obtained as a result. Girls prefer such designs to a greater extent, since they perfectly complement all kinds of images and decorate the nails from the best side.

Manicure minimalism — stripes are considered the most relevant this season. They can be applied over a multi-coloured base coat in a glossy or matte finish. The geometric ornament itself, consisting of lines, is best performed with a brilliant varnish. In some cases, it is possible to intersperse with small rhinestones, neat designs or stickers on several fingers.


Bright manicure minimalism

Bright colors will find their application in every interpretation. Leading masters of the nail industry recommend using the richest and freshest shades to convey the general mood of the bow or to add a spectacular accent. Often, young ladies choose a tone depending on the upcoming season or period. But red manicure minimalism is great for any time of the year.

Whatever the base color, it can be supplemented with combinations with newfangled techniques, for example, rubbing, a cat’s eye. Color gradients with a sharp or smooth transition also look very nice. Among the additional decorations, it is better to highlight skillful miniature stickers, colorful pictures, compositions, rhinestones, beads, shiny pollen and volumetric modeling techniques.

bright manicure minimalism

White manicure minimalism

Every young lady dreams of a beautiful, neat and impressive design of the nail plate. Stylish manicure minimalism looks perfect on any length and shape of nails. Light coatings are considered the most practical interpretations. White variations with diverse neutral decoration have gained particular popularity. Ladies prefer similar color schemes in a glossy or velvet finish.

On top of a plain white color, you can apply a variety of shapes, strokes, ornaments and patterns. It is possible to use interesting textures or volumetric details. Geometric, floral or animalistic patterns made with a shiny cobweb on one or some nails will look more impressive.

white manicure

Black manicure minimalism

Dark manicure minimalism appealed to many girls. After all, these shades are considered neutral and suitable for any image. A variety of patterns or geometric patterns can be applied over the black coating. By choosing contrasting light colors, you will get an impressive result. Consider interpretations using glitter varnish or pollen.

This year, ultra-modern techniques have become available, such as matte finish, rubbing or ombre. As an additional decor, you can use all kinds of rhinestones, beads, sparkles and the like. Don’t miss out on new fashion trends in the form of floral or animal motifs. Stickers and elements of volumetric modeling are best personified only on one or several fingers.


Nude manicure minimalism

Spring and summer seasons inspire gentle preppy looks. The best addition to a fresh outfit would be a minimalist nude manicure. The range of shades is so diverse that you can choose any desired tone of beige. Those who want to stand out can afford a velvet finish or combinations with a cat’s eye, gradients.

Decorative elements can be diverse minimalist drawings, stickers, ornaments. Most of all this year, geometric and floral motifs are in demand. The design is based on gossamer, strokes, lines, dot patterns. Do not forget about shiny details, fears, beads and voluminous textures.

nude manicure

Matte manicure minimalism

Matte manicure design minimalism is considered one of the most modern interpretations. The young ladies immediately drew attention to the newfangled trend, began to use this technique more and more often. To choose the most neutral option, you need to apply a velvet base, on top of which you can reproduce additional decor techniques.

Actual combinations are also available with rubbing, cat’s eye, ombre. Lovers of exclusive ideas prefer to use rhinestones, pebbles, sparkles and beads of different sizes. Consider interesting fusions with drawings, stickers, floral designs. Don’t forget about geometric trends, add neutral stripes, lines, dashes or dots.

matte manicure minimalism

Manicure — flowers minimalism

Floral accents once again conquered the world of beauty and style. Previously, this trend only applied to clothing and accessories. However, this year, floral motifs have impressed the entire nail industry. Light shades are considered the ideal base for recreating a unique design. Nude manicure with flowers minimalism liked the ladies the most.

The popularity of beige variations is due to the neutral starting decoration and universal color scheme. However, other colors are also available. The drawings themselves in the form of flowers, buds, petals or twigs can be done in different ways. Newfangled combinations with foreign techniques are welcome. Images can be transmitted with shiny varnishes, cobwebs or contrasting color shades.

manicure flowers minimalism

Manicure with rhinestones minimalism

Lovers of the glamorous trend will love cutting-edge design ideas with rhinestones, sparkles, pebbles or iridescent beads. A characteristic feature is a moderate amount of shine, overflows, a stylish and beautiful outline. As a base coat, it is better to choose bright colors to add a colorful accent.

Most of all, young ladies like yellow manicure minimalism. It can be made in a glossy or matte finish. Rhinestones can create an original shimmering pattern or be part of the overall composition. Drawings, glitter stickers are best displayed on one or some fingers.

with rhinestones


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