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Manicure minimalism is an excellent choice for every day and for creating business images. If you adhere to this style in everything, even in evening and holiday fashion, then style trendsetters can offer very interesting concise, but stylish nail art ideas.

Manicure 2019, fashion trends, minimalism

What manicure 2019 minimalism is considered trendy in the new season?

  1. Along with a simple plain coating in soft, pastel or bright colors, original designs with patterns are in fashion. It can be an ethno and floral ornament, a geometric pattern diluted with glitter or rhinestones, a two-color manicure with a laconic pattern in the form of lines and dots. Also, the retro design comes to the fore without any additional decor.

manicure 2019 fashion trends minimalism

  1. Spring manicure, minimalism is a stylish option on sharp or almond nails, but non-sharp squares have not left the world podium, but the drawing becomes almost graphic, with elements of floral or abstract ornament, or with stylish geometry. Lines can be clear or blurry, depending on personal preference, drawn in contrasting colors or gloss.

manicure 2019 minimalism

Manicure for short nails, minimalism

If you prefer naturalness, then an excellent choice is a gentle manicure for short nails, minimalism in everything, from a strict business suit to well-groomed hands. In the new season, a discreet pattern is welcome, both on a plain surface and on a multi-colored one. Great color combination:

  • light pink, flesh and burgundy with black or gray lines;
  • green, yellow, red and nude shades, with drawings in the style of Japanese painting.

manicure for short nails minimalism

Beautiful manicure gentle minimalism — these are elegant options in white, cream and even transparent solutions with an original strict pattern, which can have a different focus and theme, but is one in one — in its conciseness. The less decor, the better, and the more restrained this pattern, the more it attracts attention with its unusualness and complete accuracy.

gentle manicure for short nails minimalism

Manicure minimalism for long nails

Do you want to make a beautiful manicure in the style of minimalism on long nails? Use pearl and other rubbing on all nails, get a retro hit in a monochromatic design. Black is also in high demand, both matte and glossy design, which uses several techniques and even various decorations at the same time. You can add small rhinestones or metal figures. Let’s not forget that sharp nails and almonds have returned to the world podium.

manicure minimalism for long nails

Spring and summer manicure minimalism looks great in blue, yellow, sky, light pink, beige and gray shades. On a light background, traced elements of floral ornament, leaves of different trees, tropics and ferns, flowers or berries can be made using rhinestones and multi-colored pebbles, or confetti. A brilliant accent on one finger will complement the drawing very successfully. An incomparable solution will be a transparent nude manicure with an unusually delicate pattern of monograms and curlicues.

minimalist manicure for long nails

Manicure ideas minimalism

Who decided that a minimalist manicure is boring and monotonous? Not at all, style trendsetters in the new spring-summer season 2019 offered an original multi-colored design with abstract patterns in purple, black, white, red, green and blue, depending on personal preferences, the elements of the chosen bows and the general direction of the chosen images. This option is also suitable for a successful finishing touch of elegant and evening ensembles. A gentle gradient with elements of the tropics will even suit a wedding dress.

manicure ideas minimalism

What manicure minimalism will be at the peak of popularity?

  1. Transparent nails with geometric and other patterns, both on short and long nails.
  2. The “ballerina” shape remains in demand, and beige color with subtle contrasts is a chic solution for all occasions.

minimalist manicure

Manicure minimalism geometry

One of the best options in this direction is a minimalist manicure with geometry, both on a dark and saturated, and on a light and even transparent basis. The variant with thin lines looks laconic and at the same time elegant, which can be drawn not only with colors contrasting to the base, but also with the chosen “gold” or “silver” to taste. If you want to focus on cold shades, then it is better to choose a silver tone, and more warmth and even sunlight, so relevant in spring and summer, will add a golden sheen.

manicure minimalism geometry

A minimalist manicure with the highlighting of two fingers, on one of which an abstract geometric pattern is applied, will also be a great solution. Delicate geometry will turn out on short nails and a transparent base, combinations of blue, purple and white tones will be especially beautiful, and contour lines of figures drawn in dark and even black can add clarity.

manicure in the style of minimalism with geometry

Manicure minimalism nude

Classics of the genre — nude manicure minimalism, but even in the new season it will not look boring and monotonous. Leading masters suggest using delicate patterns, which are not made in bright contrast, but only emphasize the freshness and natural beauty of well-groomed fingers. These can be lines and foil laid out in the form of geometric shapes, rhinestone inclusions and decoration from thin ribbons. The novelties that came from the east amaze with their originality and conciseness. In one design, both drawing and decor are used, but in perfect harmony with each other.

manicure minimalism nudenude manicure minimalism

Black manicure minimalism

If the design is chosen in this direction, this does not mean that the manicure design minimalism cannot be bright and saturated. Confirmation of this is the options in black. They can be not only discreet, but also beautiful. Stylists offer several minimalist solutions with a black base. For example, a black and white geometric combination, or a manicure with hit inscriptions on one finger. Another great idea will turn out in a light black gradient with abstraction.

black manicure minimalism

Chic evening manicure minimalism with black lacquer is a non-trivial pattern with openwork lace or mesh and a glossy moon jacket, stylishly complemented by rhinestones. Also a great solution would be an option that combines a glossy and matte base with a discreet pattern in the form of Japanese painting or graphics, especially traced with shiny lines.

manicure design minimalism

Manicure graphics, minimalism

If you want to get beautiful and most modern nails, a minimalist manicure in a graphic style is your choice. This design, consisting of the intersection of basic shapes and lines, is very relevant this spring and summer. It offers a huge variety of interesting solutions for every taste and color. It is based on variations on the theme of stylish geometry, which look very unusual in the spirit of complete abstraction. From lines, circles, squares, rhombuses, rectangles, trapezoids, dots and other figures, whole plot drawings are made.

manicure graphics minimalism

Graphic minimalist manicure is a design where drawings are applied to a transparent, nude, matte or glossy surface. However, modern fashion has made its own adjustments to the canon, and lovers of diversity with great pleasure can afford to combine several color schemes in one design, both with dark and light accents.

nails minimalism manicure

Matte manicure minimalism

Leading masters offer to make a stylish minimalist manicure in burgundy, blue, light blue, black, red and yellow, you can combine these tones even in one set. A chic solution will turn out on a dark red base with a pattern on one finger, for example, in the color of burgundy wine, draw a glass on a white or transparent surface. Other ideas, graphics, abstraction, umbrellas, hearts will also look stylish and harmonious. The choice depends on personal preferences and the purpose of manicure, whether it is a solution for every day or a festive design.

matte manicure minimalismstylish manicure minimalism

Manicure minimalism with a pattern

What gentle minimalist manicure can be taken as a base to create a beautiful design suitable for any conceived image?

  1. If the emphasis is on the daily option, so that with well-groomed hands you can go to work and to a holiday, then the trendsetters offered an original two-tone solution in red and white or purple and white with a delicate pattern in the form of elements of floral and plant themes.

manicure minimalism with a pattern

  1. For a strict design, suitable even for business officialdom, you can make a minimal abstract drawing on one finger, laying it out with powder, making it voluminous with modeling. Minimalism on short nails, which combines a laconic pattern and shine, does not lag behind and is considered to be in demand.

manicure gentle minimalism

Manicure with rhinestones minimalism

Do you want to make a minimalist almond-shaped manicure? You will immediately fall into the trend, because the hottest hit of the season is the oval and sharp nails, and the design, successfully complemented by rhinestones, is suitable for all occasions. If you want to add brightness to the overall conceived bow, then feel free to choose a manicure in red shades, and gentle real French chic can be achieved using a transparent or nude base, where the main pattern will be beautifully laid out rhinestones, both small and large, or an openwork pattern.

manicure with rhinestones minimalismalmond shaped manicure minimalism

Manicure with dots minimalism

Another seasonal trend is white and red manicure minimalism with diverse dots. A modern interpretation a la dudes, which fits so well with many hit retro looks since the 60s of the last century. Such a manicure is welcome, in addition to dudes, in hippies, grunge, boho and other multi-layered bows, even lovers of glam rock, choosing the option with dots, will add notes of femininity and coquetry to their created ensembles.

manicure with dots minimalism

Minimalism manicure with dots looks great not only in white and red, but also in black. Wouldn’t coquettes like a dress with polka dots and stylish and playful, incomparable and well-groomed hands to match the clothes? A very effective option, suitable for cocktails, clubs and even evening events, especially if they are conceived in a stylish retro style.

red manicure minimalism

Manicure with hearts minimalism

Very feminine and very naive, pink manicure minimalism with diverse figures, including hearts, will bring notes of naive, almost childish immediacy to your chosen bow. A touching design, incomparably romantic and very feminine. An excellent solution would be a combination of nude and pastel bases with bright or shiny hearts, or a pink-gray or beige combination of colors in one set.

manicure with hearts minimalismpink manicure minimalism

Manicure with stripes minimalism

Another kind of graphic design is white, red, green and beige minimalist manicure with geometric elements, where the stripes are successfully diluted with dots. A wonderful idea, consisting of voluminous and flat stripes, is a marble version in which all parts of the pattern are harmoniously intertwined. If the choice falls on gentle decisions, then excellent nail art can turn out with thin stripes and the same small dots, but in catchy colors, it seems to add sophistication to a romantic spring.

manicure with stripes minimalismbeige manicure minimalism

Manicure with flowers minimalism

A true spring-summer solution for all occasions is a flower manicure, in which minimalism manifests itself in unusually delicate drawings, both in the style of Japanese and ethnic Slavic painting in the spirit of Gzhel or Khokhloma, but on lilac, light pink, beige, sky- blue nails. Experienced craftsmen create unique patterns that, in minimalism, can be applied as an accent on one or two fingers.

manicure with flowers minimalismmanicure flowers minimalism

Transparent manicure minimalism

An undeniable hit in this direction is a beautiful minimalist manicure on a transparent basis. It could be:

  • original mix of french and moon white french, both on short and long nails; beautiful design with strass interspersed;

transparent manicure minimalism

  • stunning, almost airy manicure minimalism with leaves; and a non-trivial solution with contrasting stripes.

beautiful manicure minimalism


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