Manicure stamping - design ideas for short and long nails

One of the original solutions for creating stylish nail art is stamping manicure. This is a fashion trend that is characterized by simple and unique patterns. They are applied with special stamps or stencils that help create unique lines. Even if a girl can’t draw, she will get an incredibly beautiful design.

Stamping nail design

Many fashionistas appreciated such an original design as a manicure with stamping:

  1. Nail art technology helps to create patterns of unusual beauty that form interesting patterns from stripes, nets, zigzags, lace and other elements that are applied with special devices.
  2. Stamping manicure requires silicone stamps, which apply the desired pattern. Nail art is performed using a metal disc, engraved patterns are located on it.
  3. Design variations can be very different, this is a classic jacket, and a brilliant «cat’s eye», and floral, geometric, animal prints.
  4. This technique can look even more vivid and expressive if you use rhinestone decoration, which will organically fit into the overall composition. They can act as the middle of flowers, laid out in the form of stripes or geometric shapes.

stamping nail designstamping manicure

Stamping nail design

beautiful stamping

Manicure stamping for short nails

Lovers of neat bows will be able to create a manicure for short nails with stamping:

  • such a design is able to bring clarity, colorfulness and unusualness;
  • there are stencils that are perfect for short nails, they contain mostly discreet patterns;
  • stamping manicure will look beautiful in the following directions: floral motifs (large flowers, presented in a single copy on each nail plate, which are surrounded by a small scattering of small flowers), geometric patterns (different shapes, for example, vertical stripes that make the nails visually much longer) ;
  • openwork curls may be present, which are found on all or only on some fingers.

stamping manicure for short nails

Manicure stamping for long nails

The presence of elongated nail plates, with which you can create a great stamping design:

  1. Large and small flowers, all kinds of curls, lace, animal images and other types of drawings can be applied to a large area.
  2. The drawing may be characterized by the presence of festive motifs, for example, on the eve of the New Year, stamping manicure in symbolic Christmas trees or snowflakes, snowmen, tree branches or in another form will be indispensable.
  3. The original nail art on long nails can be presented in the form of stamps on two or three nails. This option is preferable if large patterns are chosen. If there are small floral motifs, then you can decorate all the nails, this will not violate the overall harmony.

stamping manicure for long nails

Stamping Manicure Ideas

Stylists use all sorts of manicure ideas with stamping, among which are the following:

  • the drawing can be applied on a white, black, colored coating or on a transparent base;
  • foil can be used to create an original design;
  • plant and floral motifs are relevant for any season, but in winter the application of snowflakes and frosty patterns is extremely popular.

stamping manicure ideas

Stamping Manicure Ideas

stamping manicure ideasnails with stamping

french manicure stamping

You can quickly and easily make a french with stamping:

  • for this, plates are taken, where there is a corresponding pattern in the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe arc. After it is gently applied to the tip of the nail;
  • however, you can make not just arcs, but supplement them with large patterns on the nail plates, this option is able to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes;
  • the combination of stamping with a classic jacket looks very elegant, especially if a palette of white and pink colors is used;
  • if a non-white color is used, then colored varnish can be applied to neighboring nails, thereby creating a spectacular contrast;
  • French stamping manicure looks very nice if it is applied to a transparent background.

french manicure stamping

Stamping on clear lacquer

You can give the image tenderness and sophistication if you use a nail design with stamping on a transparent varnish:

  • varnishes that are applied to a transparent surface, it is recommended to use bright, clear and saturated colors to get expressive drawings;
  • when stamping, you can apply thin and elegant prints that are simply covered with a transparent varnish;
  • there is a stamping manicure when tint varnish is used, which creates reverse or watercolor nail art.

stamping on clear lacquer

Winter manicure with stamping

For the New Year holidays, you can create a fabulous and magical nail art stamping «snowflakes»:

  • winter motifs made using this technology are characterized by incredible sophistication;
  • for a winter pattern, the basis can be a blue, white or pale blue shade of blue, while the pattern is applied using cold tones associated with winter;
  • winter stamping manicure can contain not only snowflakes, but also an image of Christmas tree branches with cones, and other elements.

winter manicure with stamping

Geometry stamping manicure

Quickly and simply created, but at the same time stamping geometry looks incredibly attractive:

  • in this way a clear pattern with thin and well-drawn lines can be applied;
  • the list of stamped patterns provides a great choice, it can be straight or zigzag lines, squares, rhombuses, circles, triangles;
  • the drawing can be applied in a single copy only on one finger on one hand. This will be a kind of accent that will suit any style of clothing;
  • the design option can be minimalist or very catchy, when prints cover all fingers.

geometry stamping manicure

Manicure with stamping «animals»

Such an original design method as a stamping technique may also include images of animal motifs on the nails:

  • animals can be applied using smooth lines, while the image is as close to natural as possible;
  • beautiful stamping «animals» can be created using geometric drawings, when very clear lines are used that refract at a certain angle;
  • animal stencils are used for application, the drawing is applied simply, but special varnishes are needed;
  • in addition to the stencil, another decor can be applied on top, which will make the nails more expressive. It can be rhinestones of different sizes; rubbing for nails is used to decorate the wings of a butterfly;
  • shiny dust, various pebbles, colored foil, broths, decorative threads, feathers and lace can be applied.

animal stamping manicure

Stamping with foil

Nail foil looks like small thin gold or silver sheets. With this element, you can create unsurpassed stamping patterns on nails:

  • the foil can be located only in one part of the nail or located over the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • first, a layer of varnish is applied, which must be allowed to dry a little. After using tweezers, pieces of golden foil are applied to the surface .;
  • the surface of the foil can be decorated with any selected stamp;
  • pattern lines can be drawn with black acrylic paint;
  • at the end, the surface of the nail is covered with a transparent varnish.

stamping with foil

Nail design «cat’s eye» with stamping

You can create a deep, mysterious, subtle and sophisticated manicure using stamping, known as «cat’s eye»:

  • in this design there are brilliant overflows. Subtle openwork patterns perfectly set off its background;
  • the coating with which the «cat’s eye» is created is used as a base, and original drawings are depicted on top;
  • for depth and expressiveness, black, dark blue, emerald coating is used;
  • there is also such a design variation when these two techniques alternate with each other on different nail plates.

cat eye nail design with stamping

Winter manicure with stamping

Using certain original stencils, you can create an indescribable design with stamping, made on a winter theme:

  • the most common technique is the image of snowflakes;
  • openwork frosty patterns are also considered in demand, they can be used as the main accent or serve as a background;
  • drawings can be very different, these are winter landscapes depicting Christmas trees and toys hung on them, and deer, and Santa Claus, and snowdrifts, and snowmen.

winter stamping manicure

Red manicure with stamping

You can make the most catchy and memorable bow if you use a scarlet or burgundy manicure with stamping for this:

  • rich bright colors can symbolize energy, strength and passion. A certain shade of red can emphasize the splendor of the outfit;
  • various patterns can be applied to red using certain stencils; for a solemn occasion, such nail art is decorated with rhinestones;
  • you can create a red and white French design, which is complemented by original prints;
  • red color can become a background base on which geometric patterns and ornaments are applied.

red manicure with stamping

White manicure with stamping

White color is considered a classic and is perfectly complemented by other techniques:

  1. White color can go with any image, you can create any excellent pictures on it. This tone is ideal for applying to winter-themed nails, while it can serve as a base or be used for applying images.
  2. Often, brides use white in nail art, and you can choose different options for a wedding-themed pattern for it. These can be images of swans, rings, delicate delicate lace.
  3. The most suitable option would be French nail art or you can paint the hole in a different contrasting color.
  4. Color stamping can also be created using a snow-white shade. It can be combined with any bright colors.

white manicure with stamping

Black manicure with stamping

Another common way to decorate nails with stamping is to use black:

  1. The classic black shade goes well with the shimmery metallic texture, so silver or gold stencils can be used.
  2. To make the picture more expressive, the black background can be made in a matte finish.
  3. In addition to shimmering details, white, red and blue can be applied to a black background.
  4. On a black background, pink stripes and various shapes can be made.
  5. This tone will fit perfectly into the type of nail art known as «cat’s eye».

black manicure with stamping


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