Manicure summer - a selection of stylish and fashionable ideas for all occasions

Summer time of the year is a great time for bright colors, expressing your individuality and bold experiments. Summer manicure will complement and emphasize the female image, focus on your stylish taste preferences and add positive color combinations to everyday life.

Manicure summer — fashion trends

In the summer season, the women’s wardrobe, as a rule, is replenished with a large number of clothes in light colors or in bright colors, and for the integrity of the image, it is important to choose a manicure option that is in harmony with the image. The simplest solution is a neutral color scheme, pastel colors, but many people want bright colors in the image and special attention to their hands.

Manicure summer - fashion trendsManicure summer - fashion trends fashion

The most popular summer colors of manicure are the following tones:

Those who follow fashion trends know that almond-shaped nails have become a trend — round with a slightly pointed shape. In this form, any length and most popular nail art ideas look beautiful. But if you don’t want to give up the usual form, you don’t have to do it — a manicure on square nails for the summer looks no less stylish and impressive.

Manicure summer - fashion trendsManicure summer - fashion trends ideas

The most relevant options for summer nail design are the following ideas:

Summer manicure for long nails

For some time, long nails moved in their leadership positions, partially losing their relevance, but now they have become a trend again. There are many advantages in a long length — first of all, it is elegance, the hand looks more refined. Its one important plus is the ability to implement a wide variety of manicure ideas, even the most complex ones.

Summer manicure for long nailsSummer manicure for long nails fashion

The most popular summer manicure ideas for long nails are:

  • plain design with or without decor;
  • summer manicure in ombre technique;
  • various french manicure ideas;
  • beautiful and sophisticated art painting on nails;
  • summer manicure in geometry design;
  • matte nail polish;
  • lettering nail design.
  • Manicure for the summer for long nails ideasSummer manicure for long nails design

Manicure for short nails summer

For several seasons in a row, short nails have been the main trend, and this is absolutely justified — a small length is very practical in everyday life, it is very comfortable to do household chores or work at a computer with it. And if earlier stylish and interesting manicure ideas were used exclusively for long nails, now stylists have worked hard to create many beautiful options for short ones.

Manicure for short nails summerManicure for short nails summer fashion

Easy summer manicure for short nails are the following ideas:

  • plain manicure in summer or neutral tones;
  • combined design;
  • a variety of ideas for a jacket or moon manicure;
  • manicure for the summer with neat drawings or stickers;
  • stylish geometric manicure;
  • matte nail design
  • Manicure for short nails summer styleManicure for short nails summer design

Summer Manicure Ideas

Summer time of the year is the most suitable time for experimenting with your image and expressing your own individuality. The easiest and most effective way to emphasize your taste is to choose a stylish and interesting nail design. It can be both a catchy and bright manicure for the summer, which draws special attention to your hands, or neutral, calm ideas that are in harmony with any look.

Summer Manicure IdeasManicure ideas for summer fashion

By and large, it is not so important what the main color of your summer manicure will be — bright and saturated or, on the contrary, very calm and restrained. The main thing is that the nail design should have a special highlight that expresses or emphasizes your individual taste and style. Therefore, in the new summer season, it is worth abandoning neutral ideas that apply to all occasions and get acquainted with new stylish trends.

Summer Manicure Ideas StyleManicure ideas for summer design

French manicure — summer

French, or French manicure, has been very popular for many years — it had fans long before the advent of modern gel polishes. In the classic version, this technique is a neutral nude color nail plate with a neatly designed white tip. This design option looks great on any length and shape of nails, it can rightfully be called a universal solution. Over time, the French technique was supplemented with a variety of decor options, including sparkles, rhinestones, drawings, stickers, and more.

French manicure - summerFrench manicure - summer fashion

If we consider a beautiful manicure for the summer using the French technique, then the classic gives way to other, brighter and more colorful ideas that emphasize your individuality:

  • nude nail plate with a colored tip;
  • colored nail plate with a white tip or another color;
  • French manicure with drawings or stickers in the theme of summer;
  • french ombre.
  • French manicure - summer fashionFrench manicure - summer design

One-color manicure for the summer

No matter how many interesting ideas modern fashion offers us, there will always be those who prefer a light manicure for the summer in a plain design. This solution has its advantages — this option is easier to combine with a variety of clothing combinations. A monophonic nail design can be in several coating options:

As for the color scheme of manicure, the summer season offers many options, which can be conditionally divided into:

  1. Neutral shades. Summer tones include light colors — white, lavender, mint, pink, pastel yellow and others.
  2. Bright colors — red, yellow, orange, coral, ultramarine and others.
  3. Neon shades — acid yellow, green, orange, pink.
  4. Dark color scheme, it is less popular in the summer.
  5. Solid manicure for the summer ideasMonochromatic manicure for summer fashion

Red manicure for the summer

If you want to make a beautiful bright manicure for the summer in a neutral color that easily harmonizes with any outfit, red can be the perfect solution. It in various shades looks beautiful both on long nails and on short ones, and will not leave your image without attention. There are many ideas of what a red summer manicure can be:

  • monophonic nail design;
  • stylish red jacket;
  • red manicure with drawings;
  • red ombre combined with bright colors;
  • red manicure with rhinestones and broths;
  • matte nail design in red.
  • Red manicure for the summerRed manicure for the summer

This season, the most popular was the shade that belongs to the red color scheme — coral. It is a mixture of three colors — directly red, orange and pink in various proportions. This shade was chosen as the main one by Pantone magazine, and it has firmly taken root in women’s fashion in 2019, including nail design.

Red manicure for summer coralRed manicure for summer coral

Matte manicure for the summer

One of the most popular modern manicure techniques has become a matte design, which differs from the usual glossy one by a complete lack of shine. This coating looks more elegant and sophisticated, especially the design with drawings and various patterns. The matte technique is applied very easily — first all layers are applied, as for the usual glossy design, then the nail plate is opened with a special top that gives a matte effect.

Matte manicure for the summerMatte manicure for summer fashion

Matte manicure design for the summer — these are the ideas:

  • plain light or bright manicure;
  • matte combined nail design;
  • summer manicure with patterns with a matte finish;
  • matte summer jacket or moon manicure.
  • Matte manicure for summer styleMatte manicure for summer design

Manicure summer — geometry

When choosing ideas of what a summer manicure can be for sharp nails or for a trendy almond shape, geometry can be called the most suitable. This design option is a variety of intersections of straight lines and geometric shapes and coloring the learned patterns in different colors. If earlier for this technique mainly conservative and restrained shades were used, then modern fashion has made the design in the style of geometry more vivid and colorful.

Manicure summer - geometryManicure summer - geometry ideas

White manicure for the summer

If you like a completely neutral and simple manicure for the summer, you can pay attention to the white color, which looks stylish, concise and easily combined with any look. Solid white nail design can be in several versions:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • pearl;
  • with rhinestones and broths;
  • with glitter.
  • White manicure for the summerWhite manicure for summer fashion

In case you want to make an interesting version of a manicure with shades of tenderness and sophistication, white color can also be successfully used in various versions:

  1. Nail design with drawings and patterns. White color is an excellent background for any, even the most sophisticated nail art ideas.
  2. White manicure for summer drawing

  3. Combined design. The white color of the nails goes well with any shade, both calm and restrained, as well as bright, even neon.
  4. White manicure for the summer combined

  5. French manicure. The unchanging classic jacket in white will always find its admirers.
  6. White manicure for summer french

Ombre manicure — summer

Another popular option for summer manicure is the gradient technique called ombre. The nail design is a very smooth transition from one color to another, which can be horizontal or vertical, consisting of two or more colors, depending on the length of the nail. There are several options for creating an ombre design — shading with a brush on a dry coating, on a wet one, or with a sponge. Each idea has its pros and cons.

Summer ombre manicureOmbre manicure summer ideas

Summer manicure using the ombre technique involves the use of bright and colorful shades. It can be a combination of two catchy colors with each other, or a bright tone with a more neutral, calm one. Popular shade options for a summer-themed gradient are red, hot pink, orange, and yellow. Ombre can be combined with other nail design ideas.

Manicure ombre summer fashionManicure ombre summer fashion

Nude manicure for the summer

It may seem to many that the onset of the summer season simply obliges you to complement your image with bright and juicy shades. But this is not true at all — stylists and designers could not help but take into account that among fashionistas there is a huge percentage of lovers of calm and restrained colors. One of the most popular ideas of modern fashion is a nude manicure, which will easily and harmoniously fit into absolutely any female image.

Nude manicure for the summerNude manicure for the summer

Light manicure for the summer in nude shades — these are design ideas:

  • simple plain nude manicure;
  • matte nude nail design;
  • combining nude with other colors;
  • summer nude manicure with drawings, patterns and stickers.
  • Nude manicure for summer styleNude manicure for summer style

Manicure for the summer with inscriptions

Fans of creative ideas may like a stylish manicure for the summer with inscriptions. The main shade can be any, it is important to choose the right color for the inscription — the text should be contrasting and easy to read. In the summer season, the ideas of inscriptions on the theme of the sea, recreation, vacation are especially relevant. Several design options:

  • small text is placed on one nail;
  • a word is placed on each nail;
  • on each nail a letter that forms a word.
  • Manicure for the summer with inscriptionsSummer manicure with fashion inscriptions

Summer manicure with rhinestones

One of the most popular ideas that has not lost its relevance for several years is a brilliant summer manicure with rhinestones. Miniature shining pebbles complement and transform any, even the simplest nail design, emphasize and complement exquisite patterns and drawings. If earlier luxurious decor with rhinestones was popular, now conciseness has become a trend — just a few pebbles on the nail that make the manicure elegant and elegant.

Summer manicure with rhinestonesManicure for the summer with rhinestones ideas

Neon manicure for the summer

Among young fashionistas, bright manicure ideas for the summer are especially relevant — neon and rich colors that look very catchy. These include:

  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • light green;
  • pink;
  • blue.
  • Neon manicure for the summerNeon manicure for summer fashion

Bright and juicy neon manicure fashion trends offer in various variations:

  • monophonic design;
  • a variety of combination options;
  • juicy and rich ombre design;
  • neon manicure summer french;
  • neon nail design.
  • Neon manicure for summer ideasNeon manicure for summer design

Manicure summer — rubbing

If you want to complement your nail design and make it more elegant and festive, a decorative rub can be an excellent tool for this, giving the nail plate a light shining shine. The technique is not difficult — glitters of a very small fraction are applied in a thin layer on a varnished nail plate and gently rubbed with a special sponge, then fixed with a top. Even the simplest classic manicure for the summer will look gentle, beautiful, festive, and at the same time unobtrusive, with this decor option.

Summer Manicure IdeasManicure summer - rubbing


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