Manicure winter design - a photo review of the most relevant types of manicure

When the season changes, the mood changes with it. Every woman is looking for a new wonderful image. A well-chosen winter design manicure can be a harmonious addition to it. To create it, a variety of design ideas are offered, there is a large selection of color palettes.

Manicure winter design 2020

Stylists offer a variety of solutions in which you can embody a winter design manicure:

  1. If this is office nail art, then you should choose a neat design that will decorate one or two nails on each hand with decor.
  2. If you want brightness, then you can turn to a manicure with a print, winter patterns and drawings.
  3. The original knitted pattern on the nails will be extremely relevant. The design is simple and blends perfectly with pastel shades. Recently, however, often began to resort to ideas in a bright performance.
  4. The Scandinavian style has not lost its popularity. This winter, masters turn to simple geometric patterns, openwork painting, monograms, cozy wicker patterns that are typical of the hygge style.
  5. Among the images, pigtails, rhombuses, stars, deer, beautiful snowflakes, snowmen and tiny Christmas trees on nails will be relevant.
  6. For an elegant manicure, you should turn to the options for a geometric ornament, which are made in cold colors. Geometric shapes on nails can be accented or painted to match.
  7. Any decor is suitable for decorating nails, it can be sparkles, foil, rhinestones, large glitter, rubbing and kamifubuki. Such a bright addition will give a touch of originality and make the design less strict.
  8. Geometry can be combined in tandem with the classic range, beautiful delicate shades.
  9. The shape of the nail plates can be absolutely any. Almond-shaped, square, sharp nails winter design can decorate in any of its incarnations.

manicure winter design 2020manicure winter nail designwinter design nail art

Manicure for short nails winter design

Neatly, but at the same time, a winter design for short nails can look incredibly stylish:

  1. To create a beautiful manicure for a short length, it is worth using gel polish, shellac, acrylic, let’s say a regular nail art polish.
  2. A beautiful manicure for short nails looks great in a monochromatic version. If dark shades are used, then this performance is more suitable for an evening look.
  3. On a short length, you can use the ombre technique or stamping, it will be unobtrusive and gentle.

manicure for short nails winter designwinter design for short nailstrendy winter nail design

Manicure for long nails winter design

Owners of luxurious elongated nail plates can create a winter design for long nails:

  1. Looks amazing ageless jacket, plain and gradient manicure, simple nail art with light patterns and delicate patterns.
  2. Snowflakes remain the current pattern, images in the form of birds, animals, New Year’s symbols and holiday attributes can be applied.
  3. Stylish geometry and moon manicure winter design will look appropriate and original.
  4. Abstract and openwork drawings can be applied to long nails, they can be supplemented with beads and flock, it will look extremely impressive.

manicure for long nails winter designwinter design for long nailsbeautiful winter nail design

Almond shaped winter nail design

The winter design of almond-shaped nails will look elegant and sophisticated:

  1. For an oval shape, a jacket will be relevant. Thanks to this nail art, the fingers will look more elongated and graceful, and by adding a bit of creativity, you can create a real masterpiece.
  2. The jacket can be complemented with an ombre, a shiny edge painted in a bright color.
  3. Some stylists believe that, unlike glossy nails, matte ones look more interesting, neater and more elegant. One of the most popular this season will be a plum or gray manicure.
  4. A monochromatic manicure with a matte winter design with the addition of sparkles and stones looks especially original.
  5. You can experiment with a variety of geometric variations. Triangles, circles, lines and abstractions will look especially original on almond-shaped nails.
  6. The easiest option would be to apply a monochromatic coating on the nails. The main advantage of such a manicure is that it is universal.

Winter almond nail designwinter almond nail designstylish winter nail design

Winter square nail design

In 2020, both a simple winter nail design and creative ideas will be in fashion, where nails are transformed into peculiar jewels:

  1. The palette of shades can be rich and spectacular. You can turn to classic pastel variations in soothing nude shades.
  2. The winter design manicure looks beautiful and spectacular in a matte version in red, black, burgundy, plum and purple.
  3. It is noteworthy that not only pebbles can be applied to a square shape, but also in harmony with a neat pattern, delicate pattern, classic techniques in the form of a jacket, moonlight, ombre and more complex techniques. These include «cat’s eye», rubbing, knitted and textured surface, nail art with sparkles and confetti.

winter square nail design

Winter Nail Design Ideas

Stylists offer a variety of design solutions, which present manicure winter nail design:

  1. French nail art does not lose its relevance. It can stand out with glitter or dark shades of nail polish.
  2. Manicure winter design can be decorated with rhinestones or special stripes.
  3. Winter drawings are often applied to the nails, it can be a beautiful snowflake decorating one nail.
  4. An original thematic ornament can be used, for example, it can be deer, a snowman or a Christmas tree, which creates a great mood before the holidays.
  5. Blue nail art looks luxurious, you can use different shades, ranging from electric blue to deep aquamarine.
  6. A great idea would be a marble manicure, it looks especially impressive on short nails.
  7. Green shades are also suitable for winter nail art. There are many ideas for creating such a manicure, it can be sparkles, kamifubuki and various patterns.

winter nail design ideasmanicure winter nail designmanicure winter design 2020

Winter design «snowflakes» on the nails

A beautiful winter nail design containing images of snowflakes looks amazing:

  1. These details can be created from different materials, embellished with different versions of sparkles.
  2. Velvet snowflakes look great — these elements are sprinkled with acrylic powder or sand, which create an incredible effect on the nails.
  3. Snowflakes on nails are also created using rhinestones. Sparkling pebbles and beads combine into a luxurious snowflake on one of the nails or on all nail plates.
  4. Snowflakes can be matte, and a shiny rub will become the basis. Any pigments will be suitable, except for neon options. Rubbing can be taken mirror, holographic and metallic.
  5. Snowflakes and foil are two bright options that make a wonderful duet. First, foil is applied to the nails, and then a snowflake pattern, which is best created using the stamping technique.
  6. The classic design looks great with snowflakes, the base can be a French manicure, moon winter design, gradient, nude nail art.

winter snowflake nails design

French winter nail design

The trend continues to be French manicure winter design:

  1. New Year’s jacket is ideas with glitter, foil, rhinestones, glitter and kamifubuki. In addition, thematic drawings, rubbing and geometric motifs can be used.
  2. An elegant winter French nail design with a pattern may consist of combining glitter and rubbing.
  3. If you prefer the classic, then you can turn to a white jacket. This will be a variant of minimalism, and you can add a rhinestone to cheer you up.
  4. A white mouse can become a thematic pattern on the nails. You can pick up an image of fairy-tale heroes, crowns, monograms or various frosty stains.
  5. In the New Year’s manicure, you can experiment with colored nail tips. It can be black and white or light lavender shades of the “smile” line.
  6. You can apply all shades of gray, gold, pastel pink and beige.
  7. Volumetric elements of nail design look spectacular, for example, you can focus with the help of pearls on one nail.

winter french nail designfrench manicure winter design

Delicate winter nail design

To create a gentle winter design manicure, you should turn to neutral shades to cover the nail plates:

  1. To cheer up, you can stop at blue, mint, pale pink or beige.
  2. In winter, you can’t do without rich deep tones of red, blue, purple and brown, which will perfectly decorate your nails.
  3. A gentle manicure is created from a gradient, it looks elegant, especially in pastel beige tones.
  4. The winter silver nail design is also relevant. Iridescent nail art is at the peak of popularity, as such shades are perfect for formal dresses.

gentle winter nail design

Bright winter nail design

Lovers of memorable bows will be able to stop at bright nail art, which can be made in the following variations:

  1. The brightness of nails can be created using rhinestones and stones. Swarovski stones remain classics, you can turn to holographic stones of various shapes and sizes.
  2. Manicure «cat’s eye» beckons with its soft transitions with a magical glow.
  3. Broken glass nail art or bulk knitting can be a bright option.
  4. Flashiness can also be given with the help of a certain shade, for example, this is a red winter nail design, made in a single color version.

bright winter nail design

Manicure winter design with sequins

Winter nail design with sparkles looks incredibly festive and elegant:

  1. Such decorative elements can be presented in different versions. These are large spangles of various shapes made of foil or other metallized paper.
  2. Another version of the shimmer is shimmering powder from fine grinding.
  3. Yuki flakes can be used — a variant of glitter, which is created using Japanese technology, they are fragile, weightless and give different color accents.

manicure winter design with sparkleswinter glitter nail design

Winter nail design with rhinestones

Decorating with rhinestones is a common way to create a trendy winter nail design:

  1. Courageous women choose red nail art with rhinestones for the New Year.
  2. You can cover the nail plate completely or only a certain part of it.
  3. The trend will be the actual hole of irregular shape, lined with rhinestones. It can be made in a multi-layered, triangular shape, combined with the negative space technique, and a small pebble can be placed on top of such a hole.
  4. The ombre technique goes well with rhinestones, the gradient can be placed in a horizontal and vertical position. The transition itself can be made smooth or abrupt.

winter nail design with rhinestonestrendy winter nail design

Winter nail design with rubbing

The trend will remain a winter design for oval nails with a rub, which can be created without additional decor:

  1. The pearl rub will look gentle on the nails. It has a soft pink color, which can be almost white or more intense, similar to pink or peach.
  2. You can turn to the red rub, it will have a deep, rich tone.
  3. Black powder is chosen by the most daring girls, this color is popular due to its magical appeal.

winter nail design with rubbingwinter nail design ideas

Winter manicure with a knitted design

In the knitted version, an incredibly interesting winter nail design can be made:

  1. For its implementation, various colors are used that will delight the owner for a long time.
  2. Knitted nails are created not only in pastel and nude colors, you can also turn to rich shades. Such nail art can be created on any form of nails.
  3. A beautiful knitted manicure comes in a design with pigtails, rhombuses, curls and other elements resembling small and large knitting.

winter manicure with knitted design

Winter nail design with cobwebs

When drawings on the nails are selected, the winter design can be made with the image of a cobweb:

  1. It is the basis for airy snowflakes that will convey the atmosphere of the holiday.
  2. To create a cobweb, you need a thin brush, neat lines can be applied on one, two or all nails.
  3. Stylish winter nail design with cobwebs can be complemented by glitter, metallic stripes. Light and dark shades can be applied, the effect of radiance.

winter nail design with gossamer

Winter design with watercolor on nails

The actual solution would be a blue winter nail design or nail art made in any other color, embodied with watercolors. Using this technique, you can apply all kinds of patterns, both simple and very complex. These can be abstract stains or clearly depicted thematic winter motifs.

winter design with watercolor on nails

Winter manicure with gradient and design

Winter manicure is also popular, the bright design of which is embodied using the gradient technique. Its location can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Depending on the choice of application method, the nail plates can be lengthened or made wider. Ombre can be combined with all sorts of decorative elements: rhinestones, sparkles or patterns.

winter manicure with gradient and design


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