Manicure with fire - an original design for modern fashionistas

Bright and original manicure with fire is the undoubted trend of this season. This kind of nail art is able to fully express the individuality of the girl. This design is often chosen by energetic, self-confident individuals.

Manicure 2019 with fire

Many stylists use manicure 2019, the fashion trends with fire of which are extremely diverse. They are expressed in the following ideas:

  1. Nail art can be made as catchy as possible if you depict flames in natural colors, such as bright orange, yellow, red.
  2. You can get creative and make the flame in cool colors, such as blue, purple, silver.
  3. A fire manicure can be created using sharp or rounded lines. In this case, the flame can be either a traditionally traced varnish, or applied with the help of three-dimensional elements.
  4. A popular trend is to combine fire designs with other sought-after varieties of stylish nail art. For example, fire can be depicted on one or more nail plates, and chess squares or stripes are drawn on the rest.

manicure 2019 with firemanicure 2019 fashion trends with fire

Manicure for long nails with fire

The original fashionable manicure 2019 with fire can be successfully implemented on elongated nail plates:

  • the advantage of this design is that the beauty of the flame can be fully reflected on long nails;
  • fire can be made both monophonic and multi-colored, while you can apply a combination of several bright shades at once;
  • flames can be shaded with sparkles, encrusted with rhinestones. A significant surface of the nail plates provides an opportunity for the full realization of a variety of fantasies.

fire manicure for long nails

Manicure for short nails with fire

Owners of shortened nail plates will also be able to apply the popular nail design and make a manicure with fire on short nails:

  • since the surface for the implementation of the design is small, it is recommended to opt for conciseness. This can be reflected in the application of a fiery pattern to only one nail plate;
  • another way would be to draw a flame on the tip of the nail, creating an original kind of jacket. The rest of the nail can be styled using negative space when the surface is painted over with a clear coat;
  • an alternative would be to replace the clear varnish with a white or soft pastel finish;
  • you should refrain from using catchy decor so as not to make your nails clumsy and overloaded.

fire manicure for short nails

Fashion manicure with fire

Nail service designers offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of manicure ideas with fire:

  • nail art can be exceptionally fiery, but all sorts of combinations are also welcome, for example, with a regular or chess cage, a longitudinal or transverse stripe;
  • by drawing fiery tongues, you can create an extraordinary kind of jacket or lunar design;
  • manicure with fire can be created using a variety of colors. For example, it can be made using a snow-white shade, which will bring purity and tenderness to the image;
  • the flame looks very advantageous on a black background, the bright natural colors of the fire go well with this color;
  • yellow or red flames can serve as the main accent and be depicted on a transparent cover;
  • fire can be not only natural warm, but also cold, made with the help of appropriate tones, accompanied by a metallic sheen;
  • you can give preference to both brevity, when the fiery design is applied to only one nail plate, and extremely catchy and rich design.

trendy manicure with firefire manicure ideas

Manicure with fire and cage

An extremely current trend is a manicure with fire and a cage:

  • two separate types of design should alternate on different nail plates;
  • in order not to overload the nail art, you can use the following solution. It is recommended to apply a fiery design on one of the nails, and a cellular design on the other. It would be advisable to paint the remaining nail plates with a plain coating;
  • popular manicure with fire and chess, when the cells are drawn using black and white colors;
  • the cell can also be multi-colored, a very organic design solution will be the option when it echoes in tone with the color of the flame.

manicure with fire and cage

Black manicure with fire

A black manicure with a fire design looks spectacular, deep and mysterious:

  1. On a black background, any color looks incredibly advantageous. It can be bright saturated tones, as close as possible to the fiery color scheme. For this, a yellow, orange, red tint is taken in a single copy or a multi-colored mix of these tones is created.
  2. Manicure black with fire can be both warm and cold. In the latter case, colors such as purple, blue, silver, green are selected for the image of the flame.

black manicure with fire

Yellow manicure with fire

Yellow stylish manicure with fire is one of the most natural varieties of trendy nail art:

  • the flame can be exclusively yellow or tinted with some other colors, such as orange or red;
  • yellow fire can be depicted on a bright background, which is recommended to be selected in a similar color scheme so that the colors harmoniously echo each other;
  • fire yellow manicure can be applied over clear coat, it’s a win-win solution to make nail art more mature and versatile.

yellow manicure with fire

White manicure with fire

Lovers of conciseness and elegance will be able to create a beautiful manicure with fire, made using white:

  • such a design variation is typical for the original jacket or lunar design;
  • a snow-white shade can be taken as the basis on which the flame is drawn. In this case, it is recommended to use not too bright colors, for example, fire can be depicted as pale pink or gold;
  • the flame can also be made white on a transparent background, it can be effectively shaded with silver or golden sparkles.

white manicure with fire

Manicure with fire and stripes

You can combine two current trends: do a manicure with a fire design and striped nail art at the same time:

  • it is common to apply concise black and white stripes on certain nail plates. They are able to act as an excellent alternative to chess design;
  • manicure with fire and stripes can be made in completely similar colors. In this case, the color of the stripes harmoniously echoes the shade of the flame;
  • An original idea would be to put fiery tongues on top of the strips, when they kind of overlap them and overlap them.

manicure with fire and stripes

Chess manicure with fire

One of the most trendy design solutions is reasonably recognized as a manicure in a box with fire:

  • it is advisable to use the alternation of these designs on different nail plates, but such an option is also allowed when the fire is superimposed on top of the cage;
  • a feature of the chess design is that it is made in black and white colors. The flame can also be made in a similar color to give the nail art restraint and conciseness, but it can also be traditional bright.

chess manicure with fire

Purple fire manicure

Purple beautiful nail design with fire looks very elegant and extraordinary:

  • this option can be done in autumn or winter, when cold colors prevail;
  • the combination with black looks organic, these two colors complement each other perfectly;
  • if you want to give the image brightness, then you can dilute purple with a bright pink tone;
  • silver will be an excellent addition; large sequins or a scattering of small ones can serve as its embodiment. Traditional transparent rhinestones will harmoniously fit into this image.

purple fire manicure

Red manicure with fire

For young ladies who prefer to look irresistible and invariably attract everyone’s attention, a manicure with a flame of fire, made in traditional red colors, is perfect:

  • red flames can be depicted on a different background: on a transparent coating, on white or black, on bright orange or yellow;
  • the flame can be depicted both natural and abstract, in the latter case, rounded smooth lines are characteristic;
  • red can also serve as a background, while the flame can be depicted using any shade that will be in harmony with the main red.

red manicure with fire

Manicure with fire and rubbing

You can apply a rub to make a bright manicure with fire even more expressive:

  1. Rubbing can be applied to all fingers on which the fire design is located. In this case, it will acquire an indescribable mother-of-pearl luster.
  2. A spectacular and original solution would be to use a shiny metallic rub, which is applied only to certain fingers. At the same time, the rest is a fiery manicure, which is made in cold colors, for example, purple, blue, silver. Rubbing with a metallic effect in this case will organically echo this design.

manicure with fire and rubbing

Manicure with colorful fire

Nail art can be made extremely bright and catchy if you use a rich and varied palette of colors for this:

  1. For example, a manicure with pink fire can be combined with any other colors that are taken to draw the background or to shade the fiery highlights;
  2. You can take both a similar color scheme and a contrasting one. The latter option will help create a catchy, richly saturated with a variety of colors and nail art that attracts everyone’s attention.
  3. Fashionistas who opt for this design solution should be prepared for the fact that they will have to think carefully about their wardrobe. Nail art in this case will act as the main accent of the image, and the clothes should be plain and made in neutral colors. This is necessary so that the image does not come out overloaded and clumsy.

multi-colored fire manicure

Manicure with fire on one finger

If you want to create a universal and concise her art, but at the same time stand out from the crowd, you can opt for such an option as a manicure with a pattern of fire on one finger:

  1. The design can be discreet, made with white or some pastel shade. In this case, it can be successfully used not only for walking, but also for going to the office.
  2. A finger with fire traced on it can be made a bright accent of the image and its highlight. In this case, the flame can be depicted as extremely saturated. The rest of the nail plates are preferably made plain. At the same time, at the request of a fashionista, they can be catchy, resonating in tone with fire, or made using restrained laconic tones.
  3. A fiery design can decorate only one finger, but some other nail may also have a pattern, for example, a checkerboard pattern or longitudinal or transverse stripes.

fire manicure on one finger


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