Manicure with inscriptions - fashion trends for nails of any length

Modern nail-art art is very diverse with original and stylish design ideas. One of the fashion trends today has become a manicure with inscriptions — a spectacular opportunity to emphasize your individuality and creative approach to complement the image.

Manicure 2018-2019 — fashion trends with inscriptions

Interesting words and phrases on the nails can interpret the most different aspects of the personality — character, lifestyle or not carry any meaning. However, this choice is unique in its own way. After all, not only skill is laid here, but also creativity along with boring colors and geometry. Masters offer several techniques for making such a design, using hand-painting, stickers and translations, improvised tools, such as a newspaper. Let’s see the most fashionable manicure with inscriptions on nails 2018-2019:

  1. Brand names. The actual solution is the interpretation of the names of famous brands of clothing, perfumes and cosmetics. Chanel, Nike, Adidas, Prada and many others have become the most popular.

manicure 2018 2019 fashion trends with inscriptions

  1. Calligraphy. A touch of grace and sophistication to the design will be added by capital beautiful words, expressions or individual letters. But in this case, dexterity and honed craftsmanship are very important.

manicure with inscriptions on nails 2018 2019

  1. printed text. The easiest way is book printing. To make the idea look more original, the craftsmen use the graffiti technique, creating a three-dimensional drawing.

manicure 2018 with inscriptions

  1. Stretch on all fingers. As a rule, a phrase and a word decorates one finger on the entire nail plate, in the middle or on the side. However, the idea of ​​​​stretching to all fingers looks more interesting and unusual, for example, an expression broken into syllables.

manicure with inscriptions on the nails

Manicure for short nails with inscriptions

Owners of the natural length of the nail plates are recommended by stylists to adhere to restraint and conciseness in their ideas, using a letter print. An excellent choice would be a solid background in light nude or pastel colors. In this case, the form does not matter. It is important that the square, oval or pointed contour be neat and combined with well-groomed cuticles and hand skin. Manicure 2018 with inscriptions on a short length can be done according to Feng Shui, highlighting one or two fingers. A small vertical phrase or word will visually lengthen the nail.

manicure for short nails

Manicure for long nails with inscriptions

For girls who can boast of long «claws», stylists do not put restrictions on the choice of design. You can opt for bright and saturated solutions in combination with a contrasting print or opt for a laconic and gentle style in pastel colors. In addition, phrases and words are better visible at a longer length, so you can put certain meanings into them. A fashionable choice was a manicure with funny inscriptions or «winged» expressions, attitudes and other things. On long nails, you can combine several techniques and types of decor at once.

manicure for long nails

Manicure ideas with inscriptions

The letter print on the nails is considered one of the most popular types of finishes, which attracts attention with its originality and diverse semantic load. Today, such a choice refers to universal solutions that easily fit into everyday urban style, as well as thematic images, business bows and even elegant combinations for going out. In addition, craftsmen combine letters and phrases with other interesting techniques and decor in an original way. Let’s see the most fashionable manicure with inscriptions:

  1. Feng Shui. The simplest but most effective solution would be to highlight one or two fingers with the help of words. And here you can use additional sparkles, false decorations, contrasting combinations of varnishes.

manicure ideas with inscriptions

  1. With rhinestones. Refinement, sophistication, romance and elegance will add sparkling crystals to the whole image. Rhinestones can be placed on the same surface with expressions or decorate individual fingers.

fashionable manicure with inscriptions

  1. ombre. A design with a gradient background will be even more attractive and stylish. Ombre of three contrasting shades is considered especially popular. In this case, the transition direction can be either horizontal or vertical.

beautiful manicure with inscriptions

  1. With drawings. Mixed prints look very beautiful and stylish. The most popular was the transition of the word into flowers or openwork monograms. On individual fingers, you can combine letters and geometry or animalistic themes.

manicure design with inscriptions

Manicure with the inscription «Amor»

The most popular trend in letter print design is the love theme. The word «love», «amor», «love» always conveys romance and sophistication of style. Such a delicate note in the image will add even practical jeans and sneakers to grace. A beige manicure with the inscription love on one finger is considered a universal solution. An alternative choice would be colored varnishes in pastel colors. But if you want to make a bright accent in appearance, any shade of the red palette will be a win-win in this case. A stylish addition will be a pattern in the form of a heart.

manicure with the inscription love

Black manicure with inscriptions

If you are looking for an option that is universal for everyday bows, then black lacquer will be a good solution. This choice is well suited for both contrasting combinations and monophonic total look, discreet business ensembles. A black manicure with inscriptions on the nails is best complemented by a light finish — white, blue, beige, pink and others. A popular combination is dark and red polish. On a black background, small sparkles and acrylic powder, a matte top, foil strips, kamifubuki will look great.

black manicure with inscriptions

White manicure with inscriptions

Another versatile option that will better help reveal the tenderness and lightness of style is presented with a white background. And if you do not focus on the hands, then the black lacquer finish will be the most successful addition. On a light basis, ideas in a love theme look great. However, brand logos, humorous phrases, expressions that characterize you as a person or your mood remain popular. In modern art, nail-art is relevant as a manicure with inscriptions in Russian and foreign languages. Especially popular is the design with Chinese characters.

white manicure with inscriptions

Red manicure with inscriptions

A bright accent or a stylish addition to a contrasting look will be nail-art in feminine red tones. In modern fashion, all shades of the palette are welcome — from rich bloody to deep wine and delicate coral. The most successful finish will be a print in black or white. However, stylists also offer more catchy solutions with blue, yellow, crimson, green and other scales. The design of a manicure with inscriptions on a red background requires mandatory care and accuracy of the shape of the nail plates, cuticles and skin of the hands, since the rich color is always striking.

red manicure with inscriptions

Nude manicure with inscriptions

The beige palette remains a versatile solution for everyday style. In modern fashion, all colors are popular — ivory, ivory, coffee with milk, sand and others. However, such solutions act only as a background or addition. And to add brightness, attractiveness and expressiveness, stylists use decor. The letter theme is perfect for an ensemble with a neutral background. Delicate manicure with inscriptions looks great with letters of metallic colors in gold or silver. The decoration of red, black, blue and other rich colors will also be successful.

nude manicure with inscriptions

Matte manicure with inscriptions

Non-reflective coating is a stylish tool that always adds neatness and tidiness to the design and hands in general. The matte top is perfect for both dark and rich backgrounds, and combinations with pastel and light polishes. This tool can be used on a large scale on all nails or cover several fingers selectively. The original solution was a beautiful manicure with inscriptions with a glossy sheen on a non-reflective basis. This option is especially suitable for owners of short lengths or to soften sharp contours.

matte manicure with inscriptions

Manicure with inscription stickers

Such a fashionable nail-art can be done independently at home. And for this it is not necessary to be able to write calligraphy. Stickers are a simple but no less effective solution. Such decor will not only help to stylishly complement the design, but also always looks symmetrical and neat. On the modern market there are large-scale stickers and translations with large letters, capital phrases and words, small newspaper print, combined drawings with flowers, geometry, animals. Black and white manicure with inscriptions will be universal. But stickers can be applied on a bright background.

manicure with stickers

French manicure with inscription

The French style in modern nail-art is considered a classic, as it is universal for an image of any direction. The combination of a white smile and a transparent or nude base remains traditional. However, fantasy solutions with colored and bright varnish, sparkles, rubbing, stripes of various shapes and widths are also in trend. French manicure with inscriptions can be done in the style of Feng Shui or decorate all fingers with a letter print. Ideas in love and romantic themes with the addition of a pattern in the form of a heart or an angel, as well as Chinese characters, have become especially popular.

french manicure with lettering

Manicure with inscriptions from the newspaper

This popular trend has returned to the top positions again, although last season it was considered irrelevant. To create a stylish newspaper design, use the pages of old books or directly printed publications. Notes will be the original choice. To decorate the handles with such nail-art, you need to cut out small segments according to the shape of the nail plate. Soak the paper and apply on the nail. Then cover with a colorless top coat or varnish. An original manicure with inscriptions is also done with the help of stickers or translations. At the same time, white, beige or bright colors are chosen for the background.

newspaper manicure

Bold manicure with inscriptions

Shocking remains fashion trends that will help to reveal the originality, uniqueness, individuality of the individual. A touch of audacity in the most unexpected manifestations indicates your creativity and determination. In modern nail art, such ideas are presented with phrases and expressions that are aggressive and even defiant. It uses words with a bright negative connotation, which is often perceived by others as ignorance and tactlessness. However, a manicure with funny inscriptions in the style of humor will emphasize your independence from other people’s opinions.

daring manicure with inscriptions

Wedding manicure with inscriptions

The letter theme has become an actual choice for the romantic image of the bride. The most suitable solution in this case would be a love direction with the words love, amor, heart and others, which are often supplemented with corresponding drawings. A stylish manicure with inscriptions can be done both in plain color and with a jacket, holes, according to Feng Shui. Actual colors in this case will be pastel colors, neutral and white. Stylists offer fashionable ideas with the addition of other decor — foil, sparkles, modeling, rubbing. An excellent idea would be to accentuate the status of the bride in words.

wedding manicure with inscriptionsstylish manicure with inscriptions


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