Manicure with sliders - 36 photo and video ideas for creating fashionable design

Manicure with sliders is a real find, both for masters and for the fair sex, who create nail art on their own. The variety of images that can be transferred to nails is amazing, and the ease of working with such details facilitates the process of creating an original design.

Manicure with sliders 2018

The first lines in popularity among clients of nail salons are occupied by nail design with sliders. This season, such nail art is characterized by the following features:

  • the creation of nail design has been simplified so much that there is practically no type of nail art left that could not be combined with these elements;
  • the details are perfectly combined with a jacket, a matte finish, with additional decor with rhinestones and an original moon design.

manicure with sliders 2018

Manicure with sliders 2018

slider nail design

Manicure for short nails with sliders

Such an option as a slider design on short nails will look great under certain conditions:

  • accurate application of the image on the nails, compliance with the measure and combination with the main color and style;
  • short nail plates can be decorated with the same elements as long ones, their plus is that they can be reduced if necessary;
  • on short and wide nails, it is better to use a manicure with sliders with vertical images, these can be stripes, zigzags, flowers and ornaments located along the entire length.

manicure for short nails with slidersslider design on short nails

Manicure with sliders for long nails

A huge field for experimentation for every manicure master is a manicure with sliders. At will, you can embody the most daring ideas of nail design. Decor on long nail plates can be done independently, following some simple rules of work:

  • if necessary, if the part does not cover the entire length, it can be supplemented with part of another element or create a collage of different patterns;
  • elongated nails can be easily zoned using geometric images.

manicure with sliders for long nails

Manicure ideas with sliders

Creating a spectacular slider manicure, you can not have artistic skills or imaginative vision. The variety of plots and images itself will tell you the right direction of manicure. You can designate the following design variations:

  • the most fashionable are geometric elements. They easily complement any manicure and are combined with any coating;
  • details with plant or flower pictures are popular;
  • 3D is chosen by many for the realism and three-dimensionality of the image;
  • decorative parts can be easily combined with each other, and with rhinestones, with French and moon nail art, with a glossy or matte finish.

slider manicure ideasmanicure slider

Manicure with 3D sliders

Nail design with 3D sliders can look completely different. This name is worn both by elements with the effect of a three-dimensional image on a transparent film, and in fact, convex patterns and ornaments. When designing, the following points should be considered:

  • the effect of a 3D image on a transparent background can only be applied to a light background coating; for an additional three-dimensional effect, it can be decorated with small rhinestones or rhinestones in the form of a water drop;
  • volumetric manicure with sliders containing images of flowers, fruits, butterflies, sea and other landscapes looks interesting;
  • vinyl raised 3D patterns look different, they can be applied directly over the nail coating of any color. Often convex 3D images are presented in the form of geometric shapes, simple patterns or stripes.

manicure with 3d sliders

French manicure with sliders

French manicure slider design is a favorite classic that most women like. French is good both by itself and with additional decoration. This is a coating that is difficult to spoil with excessive decor. The top application of a jacket on the nails already sets the tone for the entire nail art. Among the features of its design are the following:

  • for a change, the color in which the French manicure with sliders is presented can be changed without focusing only on white;
  • images on a transparent background can be glued both from below the protruding tip of the nail, and immediately on top;
  • the same can be done with gold or silver vinyl parts, highlighting the french border.

french manicure with sliders

Matte manicure with sliders

Matte manicure with a slider design on the nails looks chic in itself. Among the distinguishing features of the design are the following:

  • geometric patterns look great on matte nails that do not require a special light background, for example, metallic or 3D vinyl details with shiny coatings;
  • metallic thin parts in the form of stripes or curls can be laid out over a matte finish, creating patterns;
  • vinyl decorations often have a convex shape and are produced in the form of ready-made ornament details;
  • transparent elements from the thinnest films are best attached to nails coated with white. After drying, they can be applied with a matte finish.

matte manicure with sliders

Manicure with sliders and rhinestones

Nail art with rhinestones looks especially chic when the pebbles are the right size and do not stand out from the overall composition. A huge number of rhinestones have appeared on the modern market of consumables for nail design, differing in shape, size, color and cut. As examples of when an organic manicure with sliders and rhinestones is created, the following can be given:

  • lush flower buds decorated with small rhinestones look chic and out of place;
  • the pattern in the form of an interlacing similar to lace looks harmonious;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be absolutely anything, it is a white manicure with sliders, and black, and red.

manicure with sliders and rhinestones

Manicure with sliders «geometry»

Geometric images on the nails look profitable and very stylish. If earlier the highest skill of the master was considered to be drawing geometric shapes and lines manually using the finest brushes, today their work is much easier, the “geometry” slider design for nails can be done independently at home. For this, the following methods are used:

  • special geometric shapes, stripes and various thin dividers on the nail can be created using thin coils with film strips of different colors, from matte to metallic;
  • such coils help out when creating a mosaic, applying perfectly even parallel lines;
  • there are ready-made parts on a transparent background with different geometric patterns, which can simply be transferred to the nail plate with a light-colored coating;
  • geometric patterns and stripes look especially interesting on a matte finish.

geometry slider manicure

Manicure with flower sliders

The most popular motif, along with geometric plots, is images of all kinds of colors. Manicure with sliders is performed using the following techniques:

  • in vogue are all kinds of watercolor colors applied to a transparent film, which must be transferred to a nail with a light base coat;
  • realistic images of lush flower buds, carefully drawn and sketchy;
  • flowers in the form of bouquets and individual buds, water lilies, primitive flowers, like illustrations for children’s books, are popular;
  • as for the color scheme, pink or red manicure with sliders looks extremely organic;
  • nail art can be complemented with shimmering rhinestones or rhinestones with water drop effects, imitating dew.

manicure with flower sliders

Manicure with fruit sliders

Extremely popular summer manicure with sliders containing images of fruits. They are presented in the following variations:

  • 3D fruit drawings look especially appetizing and coquettish on the nail plates;
  • by the summer, images of pineapples, kiwi in a section, watermelons, oranges and lemons become relevant;
  • out of competition images of strawberries;
  • in the outgoing summer season, the so-called watercolor elements have become fashionable, on which the images look as if drawn in watercolor.

fruit slider manicuresummer manicure with sliders

Eclipse slider design for nails

Eclipse products can be attributed to the leading products in the world of nail decor. All nail designers and masters are somehow familiar with this company, used its products, someone uses it all the time, someone only likes their favorite samples. Eclipse provides a huge selection of images:

  • from other manufacturers, Eclipse elements are distinguished by rich colors, a variety of plots and motifs of images, and a better image printing on film, which is immediately visible upon closer inspection;
  • details from Eclipse perfectly cover the nail plate, without creating creases and folds, and imitate the work with brushes and acrylic paints;
  • as for the color scheme, it is presented in an extreme variety, it can be a pink manicure with sliders, red, white, black and some other.

eclipse slider nail design

Lunar manicure with sliders

One of the most interesting solutions is a beautiful moon manicure with sliders. When designing, the following methods are used:

  • holes at the base are highlighted in a different color. Initially, this technique was used when covering with a light varnish or gel, for example, a pink varnish on a nail and a white one on a hole;
  • after experimenting with light colors, they began to make moon nail art and varnish in darker or brighter shades;
  • stepping back from the hole, the transparent element can be attached so that the hole remains intact, the image is cut out in the shape of a nail with a hole.

moon manicure with sliders

Original manicure with sliders

Decorative elements can be glued to the nail plates not only in their classic form. Having learned to deftly manage them, you can come up with intricate patterns and drawings:

  • for example, a floral pattern is easy to create from several types of parts with different colors, or by cutting out individual elements from them;
  • two different types of details will look original on nails: with images on a transparent film in combination with convex vinyl parts or with geometric shapes or stripes, zoning the surface or creating a mosaic;
  • these types of jewelry are successfully combined with rhinestones, imitation of dew drops;
  • may contain images of stars, for example, this is a manicure with Marilyn Monroe slider.

original manicure with sliders


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