Marsala manicure - fashion trends for nails of any length

Gorgeous Marsala manicure combines luxury, aristocracy and incredible depth of color. This universal solution will suit girls and women with any shape and length of nails and, moreover, will easily fit into both everyday and evening, business or romantic look.

Marsala color manicure 2018 — fashion trends

The unusual and incredibly attractive color of Marsala came to us from sunny Sicily, where they make a unique sweet wine of the same name. He very quickly won the hearts of the fair sex and found its application in the fashion world. Including, with the use of gel polish of this amazing shade, the girls very quickly learned how to make bright and stylish nail art for all occasions.

Wine manicure 2018, which fashion trends are spreading at the speed of light, is incredibly diverse. Qualified masters in the world of nail art are already ready to offer their clients many interesting options, including those that are suitable for going out or festive events. Among the current trends of this season, it is worth noting the following:

  • french manicure marsala;
  • monochromatic matte finish;
  • options with a pattern;
  • marsala color manicure with rhinestones;
  • various combinations of wine shade with gold;
  • nail art with holography.

marsala color manicure 2018 fashion trends

Marsala manicure for short nails

In 2018, stylists unanimously advise to abandon excessively long claws, as they look somewhat vulgar. At the top of popularity this season are neat short nails with a free edge about 3 millimeters long. Wine manicure on short nails looks perfect, so in 2018 it will become one of the most preferred options.

Most of the girls this season will give their preference to a monochromatic coating, which looks very simple and concise, but at the same time elegant and noble. In addition, the combination of a glossy and matte finish is very interesting, which can be applied in various ways. So, with a matte fixer, you can highlight accent fingers or make an original jacket, in which the main surface of the nails will be glossy, and the smile line will be matte.

Due to the insufficient area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail plates, Marsala-colored manicure on short nails is not recommended to be decorated with large patterns or too voluminous decorative elements. However, neat strips of foil, which are best placed horizontally, will look great on them to visually make the claws longer, acrylic powder, small drawings or exquisite monograms on accent fingers.

marsala manicure for short nails

Marsala manicure for long nails

Wine manicure 2018 is also suitable for long claws, especially if they have a pointed shape. In this case, stylists recommend giving preference to a monochromatic coating, since a combination of different shades may look ridiculous. Although a variety of patterns can be placed on long nail plates, in such a situation it is better not to use them. The optimal decor for such nail art is stretching with sparkles, a neat strip of rhinestones or monograms with acrylic powder on accent fingers.

marsala manicure for long nails

Marsala manicure ideas

Exquisite wine-colored manicure always makes the image spectacular and memorable. At the same time, it is suitable for everyday wear, as well as for special occasions and going out. Modern masters of manicure art are ready to offer young ladies many different ways with which this design can be diversified and made even more interesting and original.

marsala manicure ideas

Marsala french manicure

Long gone are the days when a French manicure was performed exclusively in snow-white and nude shades. Today, bright and sophisticated colors are actively used in the creation of this design, which make it unusually interesting. So, over the past few seasons, a wine French manicure has gained particular popularity, which can be done in many different ways, for example:

  • transparent base and smile line in marsala color;
  • wine base and snow-white, silver or golden smile line;
  • variations of a non-standard shape — wavy, triangular or V-shaped;
  • a combination of French and moon nail art;
  • inverted jacket;
  • diagonal french;
  • jacket on accent fingers;
  • covering the tips with acrylic powder.

marsala french manicure

Marsala Matte Manicure

Wine matte manicure is truly beautiful. It has a unique velvety texture that attracts the attention of others to the handles of its owner. Unlike similar nail art, made in light colors, this option is practical and retains its appearance for a very long time.

Marsala matte manicure is suitable for both everyday wear and for going out. Although by itself it does not look boring or inexpressive at all, some girls want to diversify it to make an even more interesting design. In this case, it is worth experimenting with the following ideas:

  • rhinestones, which can be arranged in a certain pattern or randomly;
  • combination of matte finish and gloss;
  • texture patterns;
  • tandem with black lacquer.

marsala matte manicure

Marsala manicure with rhinestones

Wine manicure with rhinestones will not leave its owner unnoticed. If you want to diversify your everyday design, you can decorate accent fingers with a small amount of these shiny pebbles. Meanwhile, in most cases, rhinestones are used to complement the evening nail art, intended for publication and special occasions.

Modern fashion allows the use of rhinestones of various shapes and sizes, from which you can lay out interesting patterns, divide the nail into certain areas, complement them with a lunar or French design. For example, girls can choose the following options or come up with something of their own:

  • layout on a floral or floristic theme;
  • decoration of the hole area or smile line;
  • creating a ring on the nail plate using multi-colored pebbles;
  • imitation of animals or insects. So, a rhinestone beetle glued to one accent nail looks very impressive and interesting.

marsala manicure with rhinestones

Wine Glitter Manicure

A gentle scattering of sparkles or a stretch will make the Marsala manicure delicate and sophisticated. With this decor, you can highlight the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or the smile line — this will make the jacket playful and flirty. Wonderful sequins will shimmer in the rays of light, so this wine-colored manicure with a design will look especially advantageous in hot summer weather or at a party.

wine glitter manicure

Marsala manicure with gold

Rich, luxurious and sophisticated, a marsala manicure with gold is perfect for special occasions. It looks simply unusually beautiful, so often such nail art can be seen on the handles of world celebrities and show business stars. In such a design, a noble wine color is always used as a base, while blotches of gold only complement the design and make it extraordinary.

There are many variations of such nail art, for example:

  • jacket with a golden smile;
  • lunar design with hole area highlighted in gold. An unusually shaped hole, for example, triangular, can add originality to this type of nail art;
  • options with gold grains;
  • stretching with gold sparkles or highlighting 1-2 accent fingers with this decor;
  • design with golden tape or foil stripes.

marsala manicure with gold

Marsala manicure with silver

The combination with silver looks no less impressive and elegant than a similar tandem with gold. To create it, sequins and rhinestones, foil strips, and various patterns are used. Marsala nails look great, on which geometric patterns are applied in silver. In all cases, it is better to choose such a design not for everyday wear, but for solemn and official events.

Marsala manicure with silver

Marsala gradient manicure

An exquisite color transition from one shade to another always makes nail art very interesting and attractive. Wine manicure, the design of which is very diverse, is no exception. When creating a gradient nail art based on this color scheme, nail artists are advised to make a transition from a wine shade to a lighter one so that the Marsala coating is located closer to the base of the nail plate. In addition, the horizontal gradient looks very interesting, in which the hue changes from finger to finger.

marsala gradient manicure

Marsala manicure with a pattern

Exquisite marsala-colored manicure, if desired, can be supplemented with cute drawings that will give it a unique charm. For applying all kinds of patterns and images, it is best to use contrasting light shades — snow-white, golden, silver, milky, light beige and others. At the same time, you can draw absolutely anything — in most cases, young ladies depict flowers, twigs and leaves, ornate patterns, geometric elements, and so on on their claws.

Marsala manicure with a pattern

Marsala manicure with white

A beautiful Marsala manicure is often complemented with other shades, which in most cases contrast with this noble color scheme. One of the most popular and winning combinations is a wine-colored manicure interspersed with snow-white areas, the area, shape and size of which can be any.

So, the Marsala manicure looks very interesting, in which the main surface of the nails is covered with an exquisite and noble shade, and the smile line is highlighted with white gel polish, and vice versa. Perhaps a similar combination in the moon nail art. In addition, with the help of white acrylic paint, a wide variety of drawings and patterns can be applied to a plain Marsala coating.

marsala manicure with white

Wedding manicure, marsala color

Recently, among young brides, there is a very popular tendency to make wedding nail art not in white and nude shades, as it was before, but in a variety of colors. Modern fashion allows any combination, however, an important condition in this case is that the design of the nail plates should echo in color with any details in the image of a young bride.

So, Marsala wedding manicure can be in harmony with the flowers in the bride’s bouquet, with a belt on her dress, a handbag or even hair ornaments. There are a lot of options for such nail art. This is a color jacket using a wine shade, and a matte monochromatic finish, and all kinds of designs with various drawings, patterns and monograms. In addition, rhinestones or broths are often used to create a wedding manicure.

marsala wedding manicure


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