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Matte jacket manicure is confidently leading among the trendy nail-art this winter, although it requires special polishing of the nail plate, the result exceeds expectations. Even the usual French and moon smile attracts attention to your fingers, and with patterns, both in rich and delicate colors, it perfectly complements elegant and evening looks.

Matte french nail design

If you want to be considered a true fashionista and be in the trend of the new season, feel free to choose a matte French manicure, which will become that bright or delicate missing highlight and the final accent in many stylish urban chic looks. What design do nail art masters consider trending?

  1. Style legislators proposed to add in winter not only «silver» and white tenderness, but also bright colors. A multi-colored jacket is becoming extremely popular, blue, blue, green, red in all their shades, even yellow and orange, especially in ombre transitions.

matte french nail design

  1. Matte jacket nude, in beige and pink-white tones, remains in demand and is in demand, and matte black jacket will always look exquisite, especially non-trivial, made with patterns and curlicues with monograms.

matte french manicure

Matte jacket on short nails

As a tribute to the still fashionable minimalism, a brown, blue and blue matte jacket will be considered stylish, both in a plain version and with patterns on short nails. In the spirit of Japanese painting, a hot hit was made — a delicate manicure in beige and white shades, a moon smile with frosty patterns does not lag behind. The leading masters consider the trend print of the new season to be:

  • monograms in oriental style and subject drawings;
  • musical motifs, notes, treble clefs;

matte french on short nails

  • inscriptions and diverse figurines, animalistic and vegetable patterns.

blue matte french

Matte jacket for long nails

If you want to make a beautiful jacket with a matte finish and you like long nails, then feel free to use diverse manicure techniques. In the fashion of the new season there will be a non-sharp square, a «ballerina» and an oval, ultra-long stilettos have not yet returned to the world podium, although sharp nails are gradually entering the seasonal trends. Experienced craftsmen create real masterpieces by combining matte finish with gloss, French and Hollywood smile, both traditional and asymmetrical, displaced along the oval of the nail.

matte jacket for long nails

Hot hit — drawings of envelopes of different thicknesses, and additional decorations:

  • metal figurines and ribbons;
  • rhinestones, small and large stones;
  • shine with sand and powder;
  • stamping and slider, especially for winter theme.

french with matte finish

Matte jacket on sharp nails

Fashionistas who like long and sharp nails can rejoice, because the stylish matte jacket on them is back in fashion and immediately hit the top leaders among fashion design. Sharp nails with a moon patterned jacket made using the deep-design technique or a smile lined with rhinestones look incomparable. They do not lag behind him and will be an excellent finishing touch for focusing on fingers in elegant and even evening looks, a matte manicure jacket in white and blue and beige and black, with spreading droplets, rhinestone blotches and a mirror or pearl rubbing.

matte french on sharp nailsstylish matte jacket

Matte jacket ideas

Which matte jacket on nails will be in high demand, the best and new ideas?

  1. A unique manicure created by experienced craftsmen is beautiful drawings and monograms, with the help of which a smile is created, not a traditional line is drawn along the top of the nail or the moon, but interesting ornaments and curlicues. Not only for a classic smile, but also with offset, asymmetry, longitudinal and beveled patterns.

matte jacket ideas

  1. Matte gentle jacket, traced with dots, drops and with the help of an airbrush, a smile lined with rhinestones, alternating small and large oriental-style pebbles, kamifubuki, glitter, powder and multi-colored varnishes, a glossy jacket on the matte surface of the nail, or vice versa.

matte french nails

Matte jacket with a pattern

Along with French manicure, when a smile is made not only with a line, but also with patterns, a beautiful matte jacket is obtained in Hollywood design, where the moon is drawn with openwork patterns, abstract motifs, both in oriental style and Japanese painting. Original prints are also in demand, obtained by combining varnishes of different colors or tint combinations of the same tone, both on the moon and on the French smile.

matte jacket with a pattern

Experienced craftsmen can draw a chic matte jacket, in which a smile stands out not only with monograms and openwork motifs, but also with flowers, plants and even animal prints, droplets or gradient transitions. Beautiful color combinations: brown and blue, black and white, pink and gray, black and red and red and white. A jacket with a matte finish and patterns in the form of abstract flowers or leaves along the moon, diluted with glossy varnishes, will look original.

beautiful matte french

Matte jacket with rhinestones

A fashionable matte jacket on nails is a delicate and bright design, additionally decorated with rhinestone placers or beautifully arranged patterns, both in a single design and with many stones of different sizes. The accent can go on one or two fingers, or scattered interspersed throughout all nails. Nude manicure lovers can please themselves with a classic French white jacket on a beige or pink base, and fashionistas who prefer extravagant designs with a catchy moon pattern that also combines the deep-design technique.

matte jacket with rhinestonestrendy matte french nails

Matte glossy jacket

A great option for the finishing touches of many smart-casual looks is a red, black and blue matte jacket that combines a matte and glossy solid color finish. Where a diverse smile is applied to the matte surface of the nail, both a classic French or Hollywood one, and an original one — an envelope, a triangle and with the addition of glitter and ribbons. A non-trivial solution in the new season will also be a manicure in which the jacket is drawn by hand-painted floral or stamping in the form of snowflakes, Christmas trees, animalistic and fairy-tale characters of a winter theme.

matte glossy frenchblue matte french

Matte french ombre

Another hot seasonal hit is a chic and stylish pink matte jacket with gradient transitions, which is obtained by mixing blue and pink, orange, pink and yellow tones. Additional decorations on a frosty pink-blue background are rhinestones, metal figurines, stamping or traced snowflakes. Who decided that a bright yellow-pink-orange manicure is not suitable for winter? On the contrary, it brings catchiness and refreshing notes to the white snow splendor, like a memory of a hot summer. It will be especially relevant if you are going on vacation.

pink matte french

Fans of low-key manicure can make a matte jacket with gradient transitions in delicate colors, for example, beige-coffee and white-gray shades. This design will look chic on long oval, sharp nails and a ballerina shape. This manicure fits perfectly into many images of urban chic, from brutal, democratic and youthful, to business and elegant. After all, such an ombre is in harmony not only with the entire color range of clothes, but also with costumes that are diverse in purpose.

matte french ombre

Matte jacket with glitter

Taking into account the trends of capricious fashion, nail art masters offer sophisticated fashionistas a stylish matte jacket with a glitter effect, both in a single version, with an emphasis on one or two nails, and using shiny sand or powder on all fingers. A black and beige jacket with “gold” and dark rich sparkles on one nail will look beautiful, or a white and pink French smile with “silver” and delicate shine and diluted with small rhinestones on a brilliant accent.

matte jacket with glitter

A chic option proposed by style trendsetters is a matte jacket with glossy accents and a moon smile lined with sparkles and kamifubiki on two nails, combining the aquarium technique with a matte finish. Also, an incomparable solution for an elegant evening will be an exquisite pattern on short nails, where the jacket is combined with oriental-style monograms and curlicues, complemented by a “golden” glow.

stylish matte jacket

Matte jacket with slider

Another seasonal hit is a matte jacket with a design where a beautiful pattern is quickly and efficiently created using voluminous stickers — sliders. 3D image can be anything, from plot drawings to single images of animals, people’s faces, buildings, inscriptions, large and small flowers and plants. Ethno pictures created especially for lovers of country styles and other ethnic bows also look chic. These plot pictures, which perfectly adorned your fingers, will be a spectacular finishing touch for diverse images in multi-layered boho and hippies.

matte jacket with slidermatte french with design

Matte jacket with holes

A moon matte jacket is a wonderful stylish choice, especially in combination with a French smile. Trend combinations proposed by experienced craftsmen:

  • nude manicure, where a matte jacket is drawn on a beige or pink base with white varnishes;

matte jacket with holes

  • lunar design, drawn by hand with interesting combinations of lines and dots, with a prominent accent on one or two nails, additionally decorated with voluminous flowers or rhinestones.

moon matte french

Black matte french

If you prefer an extravagant manicure, it is hard to find a better solution than a black matte jacket on nails of any length and shape. It fits perfectly into many images of urban chic, suits strict and elegant evening and cocktail ensembles, it can also be made for everyday life, but not in business bows, this design is more suitable for youth and democratic suits, everything is in denim or presentable in leather.

The combination of a matte finish and a glossy wide jacket on sharp nails will look great. On long non-sharp squares, the masters suggest making a pink-black jacket with additional decor in the form of a large red flower on one or two nails and a single inclusion of small rhinestones on all fingers. This matte jacket will be a chic addition and a successful finishing touch to many evening dresses.

black matte french nails

Red matte french

If you prefer catchy classics, then a color matte jacket in all shades of red is your choice. A matte-glossy manicure on short nails, where a smile is drawn with a glossy varnish, will be a wonderful solution for every day for many occasions in life, including unique business images. Daring and stylish experiments:

  • plain jacket on long non-sharp squares — almost a classic French manicure;

red matte french

  • red manicure with an accent pattern of powder on one or two fingers.

color matte french

White matte french

Always in fashion — a gentle matte jacket, an exquisite classic French or Hollywood manicure. An additional decor can be an accent on one finger, made of powder, glitter, both in white and dark colors. A non-trivial decoration will be black voluminous pebbles, for example, on the little finger. An indisputable gentle manicure will be considered a laconic matte jacket, complemented by monograms or abstract patterns in an oriental style. This design will easily fit even under a wedding dress.

white matte frenchsoft matte jacket


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