Matte nails - design 2019, new items, ideas

Matte nails are in high demand among true fashionistas, because this nail art is very good. Stylish and catchy or gentle and nude, it looks amazing in any idea and fits many images of urban chic, fits well into summer everyday life and holiday events.

Matte nails, design 2019

Which matte nails of 2019 are at the peak of popularity of the new summer season?

  1. Manicure in rich colors of blue, green, black, orange and red, both plain and patterned. The design on the diverse form of nails will be very popular, “pointe shoes” and non-sharp squares, short and long nails have remained in fashion. The sharp form of the nail plate is gaining momentum, but not stylets.

matte nails design 2019

  1. Matte short nails, as close as possible to the natural shape of the nail plate with a different pattern. The trends included not only floristry and floral motifs, but also abstraction, geometry, graphics and stylish plot drawings with inscriptions. A beautiful solution is a two- or even three-color manicure with thin lines and figures drawn with dark varnish.

matte nails 2019

Matte short nails

Those who prefer to make a design on short nails can safely look after themselves burgundy matte nails of a rich tone, both made in trendy monotony, and with additional designer decor in the form of rhinestones, emphasizing a smile line or moon, decorations along the oval of the nail plate. A combination of a catchy burgundy and a delicate accent coating in pink, white or beige tones on one or two fingers would be a wonderful option; drawing in contrast is welcome.

burgundy matte nails

Gorgeous matte stylish nails will be obtained if you use milky white and pearl tones with interesting abstract patterns in the form of monograms and curlicues, additionally decorated with powder or glitter. And the leading masters of nail art advise to make a blue manicure diluted with white dots and negative space to get an interesting idea that can brighten up monotonous everyday life and add summer colors to the overall conceived bow.

matte short nails

Long matte nails

Matte nails, designs on ovals and “ballerina” will look great in gray and pale pink shades, diluted with glitter, golden and silver accents, drawing a pattern with contrasting varnishes. So, if you want to immediately get into the trends of the season, then feel free to choose an oval nail shape and a delicate coating on it with additional designer decor or in a hit retro monotone. A beautiful abstract design, consisting of flowers and lace swirls, will add elegance and light charm to your nails.

long matte nails

Highly sought-after matte nails are a soft square option in pink and nude with trendy botanical patterns such as tropical, palm trees, fern leaves and pine needles. Another interesting option, according to stylists, that deserves the attention of fashionistas, is bright and rich green nails with a white or black cobweb, as you like, applied to one or a maximum of two fingers.

matte nails design

Sharp matte nails

To get beautiful matte nails, you can make a sharp shape of the nail plate, which is in the hits of the coming season. A stylish solution would be to choose blue, brown, green and red shades in combination with white varnish. Interesting drawings and rhinestone inclusions will add true charm to your hands, bring originality and novelty to the idea. Not only graphics are in fashion, but also abstraction, curlicues, monograms and diverse figures in the form of hearts, rhombuses and squares.

sharp matte nails

A chic option for every day and to complement the festive ensembles will be beige and gray plain matte nails with the addition of rhinestones and small or large pebbles on one or two fingers. A two-tone manicure with designs lined with rhinestones will be the missing highlight that will successfully complement any extravagant and elegant urban chic look, including evening and club outfits.

beautiful matte nails

Matte nails, fashion ideas

Matte nail polish is full of interesting ideas and innovative ideas suitable for all occasions. Those women of fashion who prefer dullness to gloss can safely use diverse nail art techniques:

  • soft and contrasting gradient transitions, in order to make a beautiful design that is suitable even for complementing business looks, especially with the original moon manicure;
  • a wonderful two-tone black and blue and black and blue solution with a shiny or powdery accent on one finger, which fits into dressy and vacation bows.

matte nails fashion ideas

Another great idea would be matte nails in brown tones with silvery branches of plants or flowers on the oval shape of the nail plate, and if they are also supplemented with rhinestones, you will get a great evening manicure in rich colors. Another chic option is green pointe nails with golden foil and shiny pebbles of the same color. He will be in the spirit of those fashionistas who are used to being always in the spotlight, because this manicure is hard to miss.

matte nail polish

Matte french on nails

Black, red and white matte nails will look perfect if you draw a French smile with these colors, because the jacket is a classic that will never go out of style. Along with the traditional design, a manicure with interesting additions, for example, a combination of a moon and a French jacket, rhinestone patches along the oval of the nails, or with a beautifully lined pattern in the center or along a smile, got into the trend of the season. A non-trivial solution looks great — a French envelope and a triangular or asymmetrical smile.

matte french nails

Matte nails with French manicure in white, especially complemented by openwork patterns and monograms with abstract motifs, are a stylish idea for wedding design, both on short and long nails. This nail art will bring a touch of true charm, elegance, sensual romanticism and extraordinary femininity to any chosen wedding and festive outfit.

matte white nails

Transparent matte nails

Beige matte nails with a transparent effect and negative space are the perfect choice for every day, which meets all the requirements of trendy minimalism, fits perfectly into business everyday life, and during the vacation period, as a standard of conciseness and seasoned style. Successfully complement the beautiful uniformity and bring diversity to the chosen design geometry and rhinestone blotches in a single design for each nail. In the course of thin lines, small, traced with white varnish, figures and cobwebs, the choice depends on personal preferences.

clear matte nailsbeige matte nails

Matte glitter nails

An excellent solution for those who love gentle variations — pink matte nails with glitter and glitter on a diverse form of the nail plate. Stylists advise you to pay attention to the manicure for short nails in pink tones, successfully complemented by curls, rhinestones on the moon and abstract patterns on two fingers, a wonderful idea for a festive design. Those who prefer an oval shape can make a rich pink manicure with a brilliant accent on one or two nails.

matte glitter nails

Beautiful matte nails are obtained by combining several contrasting colors in one manicure, for example, beige or pastel pink and black, with lines and silver glitter in accent design. Also in high demand will be nail art with kamifubiki and shiny sand, both silver and golden. A great idea to complement dressy and holiday elegant urban chic looks.

pink matte nails

matte gradient nails

A stylish solution for every day and not only is a matte ombre on nails, both with smooth and contrasting gradient transitions. Leading masters suggest using diverse transitions to achieve maximum effect. So, a wonderful manicure will turn out if you combine pink and gray matte varnishes, diluting them with glitter and a glossy finish, or make a pink and white jacket on square nails.

matte gradient nails

Fans of catchy effects can easily make matte nails with a black-gray, blue-red and even black-and-white gradient, both on short and long nails. A wonderful and delicate ombre will turn out if beige and white colors are combined in one solution. This manicure will perfectly fit into any conceived image, even created in a business style, and the white-beige combination, due to its extraordinary attractiveness, will easily complement the wedding dress.

matte ombre nails

neon matte nails

Another seasonal hit that has returned to fashion is red, apricot, light green and yellow matte nails in acid shades, with a radiant effect, both under sunlight and under artificial lighting, especially club spotlights. Neon matte lacquers are used by bold women of fashion, accustomed to being in the spotlight always and in everything in line with the latest trends of capricious fashion. This manicure can be plain, decorated with floral and geometric patterns and small rhinestones, as you like.

neon matte nailsmatte yellow nails

Matte nails with rhinestones

In the new summer season, blue matte nails with a diverse designer decor made of rhinestones and small or large shiny metal figures and pebbles will be in high demand. Rhinestones can beautifully frame the nail plate, highlight the line of the moon, and be placed along the nails with interesting patterns in an oriental style. A great idea would be a white and black manicure, both French and otherwise, where rhinestone blotches can be located all over one nail or laconic dotted highlights of the center in an accent version.

blue matte nailsmatte nails with rhinestones

Bright matte nails

Want more flair? In the fashion of this summer there will be red matte nails, both plain and with all kinds of patterns. For example, not only with abstraction or colors, but also with foil, stylish geometry and graphics. Trend variations are a manicure that combines several colors, and the dominant red can also serve as a pattern on a light background, in the form of a marble motif or drops of blood. Leading masters offer to make an interesting red-white and black-red solution, both with a pattern and with rhinestones or voluminous figures.

red matte nailsbright matte nails

nude matte nails

Matte light nails with stylish geometry and graphics are gaining momentum and come to the fore, and a solid beige, pink or gray coating generally combines two hit fashion trends — minimalism and retro, originally from the 20th century. If you want to be considered a true fashionista, and you like everything delicate and concise, feel free to choose this design that fits any street style bows, fits perfectly into business everyday life and even elegant suits.

nude matte nailsmatte light nails

Black matte nails

Classics of the genre are black matte nails, the design of 2019 promises to be fresh and enriched with the novelty that is so interesting this summer. A beautiful elegant manicure for short nails can combine two shades, pink and black, and a pattern consisting of monograms and curlicues, and an incomparable stylish option is black matte varnish, diluted on one finger with a silvery sheen with a traced thin moon. An interesting idea is nail art with lines and a black and white solution.

black matte nailsblack matte nails design

Matte nails with a pattern

Red, blue, black and green matte nails with diverse designs and rhinestone splashes are the options that will be in high demand in the new summer season. Trendy patterns should include not only graphics and stylish geometry, but also floristry, abstraction, plot drawings, inscriptions and musical signs that look gorgeous on various nail shapes and decorate your fingers on weekdays and holidays.

matte green nailsmatte patterned nails


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