Matte pink manicure - the latest trends and novelties of the season

Your choice — matte pink manicure? A great idea, bright and delicate at the same time, suitable not only for the created beautiful and elegant bows, but also suitable for daily “outfit” even in a strict business style. It can be minimalistic and catchy, with additional decor in the form of rhinestones, sculpting, rubbing and other decorations, or plain retro.

Pink matte manicure 2019

A matte pink manicure captivates not only with its simplicity and tenderness, but also with its catchiness at the same time. It adds bright or muted, but from this even more alluring, colors to the spring-summer of 2019, decorates our fingers with novelty of ideas that mix a variety of techniques and designs. If you want to add romantic minimalism — use a solid color coating, decorated with thin geometric lines or a white-pink gradient with stylish geometry.

pink matte manicure 2019

Do you like matte pink solid color manicure? Then a coating on long or short nails, close to nude, will be an excellent choice. Do not forget that now the oval, almonds, sharp nails are in fashion and the non-sharp square remains. A little juiciness will add a combination of pink and purple colors in accent design on one or two fingers. If you want to shine under the sun, feel free to add foil, rhinestones, kamifubuki, «gold» and «silver», large and small metal figures and successful drawings to your design.

pink matte manicure

Matte pink manicure for short nails

A great pink manicure with a matte top can also be achieved on a glossy base, when covered with certain tops to give it a matte finish. Leading manicure masters make chic patterns not only in the spirit of trendy minimalism, but also hand-painted, both Japanese and Russian, for example, Khokhloma and Zhostovo. Floral, floral, geometric, abstract motifs, chic monograms in oriental style are in fashion.

pink manicure with matte top

Matte beautiful pink manicure on short nails is obtained by applying a light pink base, it is allowed to decorate several fingers with rhinestones, glitter, sand, powder or an elegant pattern. You can mix several contrasting bright and discreet colors in one set. For example, blue-pink with white, gray-pink with dark pink, white-pink with red, black-pink with white. It will turn out an interesting and unique idea that will definitely not go unnoticed.

matte pink manicure for short nails

Pink matte manicure for long nails

Do you want to get into the trend right away? Feel free to choose a beautiful pink matte manicure for long nails of diverse shapes, preferably a “ballerina”, a sharp oval and a non-sharp square. If you still have a desire to get a hit design, then your choice will definitely be laconic monotony, as a tribute to the prevailing retro. The pink color itself can fluctuate within its spectrum, and any of the chosen shades, depending on personal preferences, will be in fashion.

pink matte manicure for long nails

Also matte pink manicure for long nails looks great with additional designer decor. Indeed, unlike short nails, the length of the nail plate allows absolutely everything:

  • rubbing, the use of glitter, kamifubics, rhinestone inclusions and foil;
  • volumetric modeling on one or two nails, for example, large and small flowers and other interesting figures, braids lined with powder;
  • inlaying the nail plate in an oriental style not only with rhinestones, but also with large and small stones, drops and metal figures.

beautiful pink matte manicure

Beautiful pink matte manicure

What bright and soft pink matte manicure will be at the peak of popularity of the new spring-summer season 2019?

  1. Monochrome and ombre effect, which in pink version looks great on nails of any length. Also, the dominant color is perfectly combined with white, blue, yellow, red and blue, but for successful experiments that no one has canceled, you can use the entire rainbow and pastel palette.

beautiful pink matte manicure

  1. Matte pink manicure with rubbing, with pearl and mirror powder, with rhinestones and delicate accents on one or two nails. Not only floral and floral motifs, ethnic ornaments and monograms, but also abstraction, plot drawings and stylish geometry are in fashion.

pale pink matte manicure

Black and pink matte manicure

A chic dark pink matte manicure will turn out by combining the dominant color with black varnish, both in a single-color accent coating, and when mixing colors in one pattern. An incomparable design in lilac-pink tones with the addition of black lines is obtained if you choose geometric patterns, it does not lag behind and is in no way inferior to a pure pink-black manicure with clear abstract lines and a dark monochromatic accent on one nail.

black pink matte manicure

Do you want to choose a matte pink manicure for an evening outfit? Use lace and a multi-colored moon jacket in your design, you can add rhinestone patches along the moon, edging the drawings or in the patterns themselves. It is fashionable to use both a matte and a glossy finish in one set, for example, make a drawing on a glossy finish or apply the accent itself with a plain glossy base.

dark pink matte manicure

Hot pink matte manicure

A beautiful matte manicure in pink tones will turn out if you dilute the chic uniformity with any pattern. So, a stylish idea is the original voluminous monograms on two or one finger, made with modeling or powder with the addition of a laconic rhinestone asymmetric decoration of the oval of the nail. The lilac-pink version or the violet-pink solution, both in a gradient version and in an accent one, with a successful rhinestone decor, does not lag behind this design in terms of uniqueness.

bright pink matte manicure

Another interesting novelty of the season is a matte pink manicure with white tones, in which light varnish is applied in a pattern, for example, braids or curls, you can use stylish geometry, each option you choose has certain charms, and here the choice already depends not only on personal preferences, but and intended image. After all, these solutions easily fit into both chic everyday life and elegant ensembles. If you want to add a slight coquetry — choose a design with voluminous bows.

pink matte manicure

Matte manicure gray with pink

Another seasonal hit is bright and light pink matte manicure combined with gray tones, both muted and saturated. It gives a feeling of lightness and tenderness, suits all fashionistas, both young girls and mature women, and in a laconic design, without additional decorations, fits perfectly into business officialdom. Leading masters suggest using glitter and rhinestones for decor, then the daily version easily turns into an elegant everyday manicure.

matte manicure gray with pinklight pink matte manicure

Pink matte glitter manicure

A light pink matte manicure is beautiful even in a monochrome finish, and if you dilute it with shiny elements, you can get a super stylish and original design that is unique to your look. He will emphasize not only the beauty of well-groomed fingers, but also add notes of true sophistication and sophistication to any conceived bow. Sequins can be scattered over all nails with single inclusions, or they can go as an accent option on one or two fingers.

pink matte glitter manicure

Also, a matte pink manicure with a glitter effect is obtained if you use confetti, and foil, powder or sand with aquarium equipment. This emphasis is best done on one maximum of two nails, so that conciseness and tenderness of execution are not lost. A solution that combines shine with alternating dullness and gloss and using rubbing and rhinestones on several fingers will also be chic.

light pink matte manicure

Pink matte manicure with rhinestones

A soft pink matte manicure with rhinestones is an unusual and eye-catching design that you can wear every day, and an additional decoration in the form of rhinestones turns it into a final exquisite touch of the intended image. It brings a touch of true charm and elegance to the overall appearance. Gives nails freshness, you just need to choose the right shade of pink, for example, white-lilac or royal pink, you can carnation or smoky pink.

pink matte manicure with rhinestones

Another matte pink manicure is beautiful in a shade of pink lace, with beautiful rhinestone patches on all nails, or on several. Rhinestones can go one for each finger, highlight the moon or an asymmetric oval. Also encrust the nail plate in an oriental style, when monograms, curls, abstract or floral motifs and ornaments, openwork weaving and lace are laid out from small and large pebbles.

pale pink matte manicure with rhinestones

Matte pink manicure with silver

If you want to draw attention to your well-groomed hands, then feel free to choose a manicure with a matte pink varnish and a silver coating of one or more fingers. These can be ornate patterns in the spirit of stylish geometry, and only one finger stands out in silver, or the pattern is created in silver and additionally decorated with rhinestones. To make the nail visually longer, you can choose vertical patterns with elements in silver, or clearly traced silver thin lines along all fingers.

matte pink manicure with silvermatte pink manicure

Pink matte manicure with marble

To create a delicate pink matte manicure with a minimalist design, a marble pattern will help, when veins are applied to a light base, creating the effect of a piece of marble. This design on short nails is a godsend for lovers of a discreet but interesting manicure that will bring a touch of romanticism and a certain laconic sophistication to any conceived image.

pink matte manicure with marble

A chic matte pink manicure with a marble pattern on long nails, especially on “pointe shoes” and ovals, will look completely different. With such a design, successfully complemented by small rhinestones or thin shiny lines, but you can do without them, your pens will immediately be in the spotlight, and the chosen design will add a touch of extravagance and respectable appearance to your image.

pink matte manicure with design

Matte pink manicure with rubbing

Who decided that a pale pink matte manicure can become boring and monotonous. If you try a diverse rub, dilute it with voluminous modeling, and add rhinestone jewelry in one set, you will get a unique, youthful manicure, as it is also called in the unicorn style. The latest trends that have come to us from the USA allow you to make different designs on two hands, your hands will look amazing if one has, for example, a unicorn effect, and the other has a monochrome matte pink manicure on sharp nails.

matte pink nail polish

A win-win evening option that allows you to simultaneously walk with a beautiful manicure for work and for a holiday — a monochrome design when all fingers are covered with mirror powder. Another matte pink manicure with a rub can be diluted with “knitted” voluminous braids lined with powder or use a pearl rub on several fingers. Or make a trendy monochromatic manicure with a gradient effect, using a versatile powder and a light rubbing.

pale pink matte manicure

Red with pink matte manicure

Who decided that a dirty pink matte manicure does not look good? In combination with red, you get a stunning design, in pink-red colors, which fit so nicely and timely into the spring-summer mood. A red jacket on a pink base is beautiful, it does not lag behind and is in no way inferior to a red-pink design with monograms and bright pebbles.

red with pink matte manicure

A matte pink manicure looks gorgeous with a different pattern on two hands, when a monochromatic coating is made on one hand, and a stylish geometry is drawn on the other in dirty pink and red tones. A solution with a heart will also look cute and very gentle, quite acceptable for young and young ladies, which emphasizes all the freshness and natural beauty of youth and spring itself.

dirty pink matte manicure

Pink matte french manicure

Another seasonal trend is French manicure, it can be bright, but the classic is pink and white matte manicure, made in diverse shades of dominant color, from salmon to lilac. It is also beautiful not only in the classic version, but also with a variety of decor, in the form of combinations of a French and moon smile, a multi-colored French envelope, rhinestone blotches not only along the lines of a smile, but also with an emphasis on one or two fingers, you can even main rhinestone ornament.

pink matte french manicurepink and white matte manicure

Pink matte foil manicure

New this season, perfect for creating a stunning manicure with a matte pink polish, is a design with multi-colored foil. It is made in several versions, in addition to gold and silver colors, you can make a wide variety of options, for example, for gasoline stains or with a holographic effect. One side of the foil is matte, the other is glossy, the matte side is applied to the nail on the hardened varnish, gloss is printed and the desired effect of the pattern is obtained, from broken glass to the most intricate prints.

pink matte foil manicure

Matte pink foil manicure is very easy to do. One layer of varnish is applied to the nail, if it is a gel polish, then it should be dried in a lamp, if it is normal, then give a couple of minutes to set. How to understand that it is possible to apply foil? The varnish should not stick to your hands, you need to let it dry, but not completely dry. Then apply foil and press for a few seconds, and cover the resulting print with a top coat. A wonderful design is ready.

matte pink manicure

Matte pink manicure with a pattern

Do you want to make a beautiful pink matte manicure? Diversify your idea with any pattern. Hit and trend drawings:

matte pink manicure with a pattern

  • braids and powder drawings, both patterned and plain, Japanese and Russian hand-painted.

beautiful pink matte manicure


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