Microblading or micropigmentation of the lips is a special kind of permanent tattoo. The so-called manual tattooing gives natural beauty and brightness of color without pronounced painful sensations. With the help of new technology, you can refuse the daily use of lipstick or gloss. The contour of the lips will be clear, and their color will be saturated.

What is microblading for female beauty

What is microblading for female beauty

Micropigmentation or microblading is a relatively new beauty service that is enjoying unprecedented success with women of all ages. This permanent makeup technology is mainly used to create well-groomed eyebrows and perfect lips.

By choosing microblading, you can refuse to apply makeup — in any situation, the lips will look great. You no longer have to fix lipstick after eating or kissing, draw a contour and be afraid that the gloss will stain your clothes. The beauty of makeup has never been so accessible!

The color of the paint is selected individually, before the procedure, a sketch of the future drawing and other nuances are agreed with the client. Micropigmentation is ideal for women who are dissatisfied with the natural color of the lips or the clarity of their contour. With the help of technology, you can «draw» juicy, seductive lips of the desired shade. However, the technique has one feature — the complete engraftment of the pigment occurs after a month. Only after this period will the color saturation, the final result, be visible.

Women’s beauty with microblading requires mandatory correction. It is carried out a month and a half after the first session. During the correction, the pigment is reintroduced, imperfections are corrected, unpainted areas are filled, etc. The correction will make the pigment more saturated.

Contraindications for manual tattooing are the same as for classic permanent makeup:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Hypertension.

Differences between lip tattoo and microblading for lip beauty

Differences between lip tattoo and microblading for lip beauty

Unlike classic tattooing, microblading is less traumatic. During the procedure, the master «draws» the lips with a hand tool — a special pen. At the end of the maniple there is a disposable module with needles of various configurations and penetration depths.

The main difference between microblading and conventional tattooing is that the beauty of the lips or eyebrows with this technique is as natural as possible. The contour and the filled space are drawn very thinly, so with microblading it is easy to achieve a certain texture, volume.

Manual drawing minimally injures the skin. Whereas after a tattoo, recovery takes a long time, and the procedure itself is painful. Yes, discomfort is also felt during a microblading session, but its degree is much lower than during a classic tattoo procedure.

After microblading, a woman does not need to avoid going out for several days. Within a couple of hours after visiting the master, redness disappears, rehabilitation takes place quickly and almost imperceptibly for female beauty.

There is another difference between microblading and simple makeup — the durability of the pigment. Classic permanent makeup can last for several years, while micropigmentation provides results for an average of 1.5-2 years.

Beauty secrets, lip health care after microblading

One of the beauty secrets of microblading is proper preparation for permanent makeup. Do not drink alcohol before the session. A few days before the procedure, you must stop taking blood-thinning drugs. And on the day of microblading, it is better to exclude the use of coffee, energy drinks, smoking.

It is important to exclude contraindications to the procedure, an allergic reaction to materials. Also, microblading experts often recommend that you prevent herpes before the procedure. In order for the beauty of manual tattooing to be preserved, you need to drink an antiviral drug. It is advisable to start taking it 2 weeks before the scheduled session.

In order for the result of the work of the master to please, it is important not only to find an experienced and qualified specialist. Of particular importance in manual tattooing is the observance of the rules for lip care after the procedure:

  • On the first day after applying the drawing, you can not wet the treated area, rub, touch with your hands, moisturize with ordinary creams. During this period, the risk of infection is high, your health may suffer.
  • During the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to use healing agents recommended by the master. Do not use alcohol-containing lotions, tonics and other cosmetics.
  • It is important to avoid direct sunlight on the lips during the first month after microblading. The beauty of permanent makeup will suffer if during the same period you visit a sauna, a bathhouse, a pool, swim in the sea, peel your face and lips, use scrubs.
  • The resulting film after the procedure cannot be removed independently — it will come off the surface of the lips on its own. On average, the film disappears after 3-4 days, after which female beauty no longer needs to use healing creams, gels to restore the epidermis.

Given these simple beauty secrets, you can prolong the effect of manual tattooing and reduce the amount of work the master does during correction.

All about the benefits of microblading

All about the benefits of microblading

Microblading is able to turn women’s ideas about permanent tattooing. Micropigmentation gives amazing opportunities in the transformation of appearance. If desired, this technology can be selected for recreating or correcting the shape of the lips, reconstruction, retouching, etc. But not only in this advantage are the advantages of beauty techniques:

  • Almost complete painlessness due to the small depth of penetration of the needles.
  • Only natural colors are used — warm or cold shades.
  • No swelling, inflammation after the procedure.
  • Absolute naturalness.
  • Fast recovery after the session.
  • The ability to correct scars, abrasions, visual imperfections, severe asymmetry.
  • Long term effect.

The gentle technique of permanent makeup is a godsend for women who do not want to face a long recovery period. Microblading lips will allow you to get beautifully contoured lips of the desired color with minimal discomfort. And your beauty secrets with this technology can be kept secret, no one will guess about the manual tattoo done.


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