Mimosa on nails - trendy spring nail design

If you want a spring mood, then you can turn to a charming manicure, which contains mimosa on the nails. It can become a design that is used for March 8 or suitable for any other event. The basis for creating such nail art can be such shades as white, yellow, blue, turquoise.

Nail design 2019 mimosa

Many stylists in the spring season prefer to create a mimosa nail design, which is characterized by such trends:

  • flowers should be performed mainly in delicate shades;
  • it is best to apply primroses on a jacket, or mimosa can decorate only one nail;
  • for flowers, you can choose a plain background, on which, using a simple technique, a mimosa is added on the nails;
  • a floral ornament can be created in a small volume, which will give it more tenderness;
  • the flower can be applied using the technique of painting or in the form of volumetric modeling;
  • if the nail plates are long, then you can draw a whole meadow of flowers;
  • to make the mimosa look much more distinct, you can add a shimmering sheen to it or create it in a relief version.

nail design 2019 mimosa

Mimosa manicure for short nails

On the eve of the spring holidays, an extremely popular option for decorating short nails is a monochromatic coating, which is complemented by a “mimosa on nails” design:

  1. The most popular colors for such a manicure will be purple, burgundy, silver, blue, pink-peach, gold or nude.
  2. Gloss coating is often used on short nails, because it visually lengthens the nail plates
  3. French does not go out of fashion, more and more of its design variations appear. The fingertip can be made not only in white, but also in colored, shiny or with glued metal strips. For example, a colored jacket can be complemented by mimosa flowers, which looks incredibly original.
  4. Lunar manicure is also at the peak of popularity, in order to embellish it, the hole can be laid out with rhinestones.
  5. Floral print is always associated with delicate and bright colors. The drawing can be applied using art painting or ready-made water-based stickers with an original and realistic image are used. Such drawings can be applied both on a glossy and matte base.

Mimosa manicure for short nails

Mimosa manicure for long nails

Elongated nail plates provide more space to think through spring design with a pattern:

  1. You need to carefully consider floral patterns in order to play with spring shades to your advantage. They can be both extremely gentle and bright, attracting maximum attention.
  2. Stripes and graphic elements can be on the free edges of the nails, while complementing the flower arrangement.
  3. Lunar manicure can look like spring if you decorate the hole with shades such as sky blue, turquoise, mint, soft pink or pistachio. In this case, the hole can be decorated with mimosa patterns with yellow flowers.
  4. The image of flowers can be painted with a manicure brush, recreating them in their natural form.
  5. Another way to design is to create abstract buds on the nail plates. This manner is created with the help of dots.
  6. If you want to bring a festive effect, you should turn to sequins, rhinestones or glitter decoration. For example, patterns and designs of flowers can be created using glitter, while the background remains solid.
  7. Mimosa on long nails can be painted with a varnish that has a metallic effect.

Mimosa manicure for long nails

Mimosa Manicure Ideas

In the spring, you can provide yourself with a great mood if you make a manicure with mimosa. When creating it, stylists are guided by a variety of ideas:

  1. Floral designs can be completely different. For the base, you can use a dark color, and the image of the flowers will be applied in gentle tones.
  2. Matte nail art with a similar image is in trend. A complex floral pattern on a matte background looks especially beautiful.
  3. A manicure with patterns is considered traditional, it can be geometric shapes that complement horizontal and vertical lines. At the same time, they are able to organically combine with such an option as mimosa on nails.
  4. Flowers can be embellished with patterns in the form of curls or openwork lace. Such patterns can be complemented with rhinestones, beads, microbeads or sparkles.
  5. The current trend has become nail art with an ethnic pattern. At the same time, the flowers will harmoniously fit into the overall concept.

mimosa manicure ideas

Red nails with mimosa

Actual colors in red and pink shades remain fuchsia, sluggish rose, ash pink, scarlet, burgundy light coral. With their help, you can also make a manicure with mimosa on the nails:

  1. Flower design can be applied in several ways. Flower sliders are thin stickers that are applied on top of the base polish.
  2. Flowers that are applied with different techniques, for example, with a needle, a thin brush or stamping, look no less beautiful.
  3. This season, small delicate flowers are relevant, which are located only on the ring and middle fingers. Small flowers on long stems will look neat. They will be especially sophisticated on a bright red background.
  4. Flowers are very impressive, in which the contours are drawn with white varnish.
  5. Glitter can perfectly highlight flowers on any background, you can cover several marigolds with glitter.

red nails with mimosa

mimosa watercolor on nails

With the help of watercolor, you can create such an option as a mimosa, the pattern on the nails comes out incredibly refined and sophisticated:

  1. Predominantly transparent varnish is applied to the nail plates. This is a good basis for drawing.
  2. After that, a thin brush is taken, and small strokes of brown and green paint are made, this will be an elegant twig.
  3. Yellow varnish is applied to the surface with a thin brush, mimosa on the nails is done with a needle or a toothpick.
  4. As a final step, the nail plates are covered with a finish or a glossy product for greater radiance.

mimosa watercolor on nails

Nails with tulips and mimosa

To create a spring mood, a manicure with tulips and mimosa is perfect:

  1. Delicate tulip is a symbol of spring and rebirth, it very well emphasizes femininity and softness.
  2. A manicure that combines mimosa and tulips on nails can decorate nails of any shape and length. There is sophistication and grace in such a design, no matter what colors and techniques are used.
  3. In the spring season, images of flowers that are made in a realistic style, close to real flower arrangements, will be relevant. You can also turn to stylized or abstract paintings.
  4. Laconic nail art is a fashionable feature, so flower work can only be present on one nail.
  5. An excellent design option where flowers are used would be a jacket. To bring brightness to the flowers, they can be embellished with a small amount of rhinestones.

nails with tulips and mimosa

Blue manicure with mimosa

The blue hue is appropriate for all seasons, there are a large number of tones that will help create great color schemes:

  1. You can use the heavenly shade, which perfectly complements both long and short nails and decorates a manicure with a sprig of mimosa.
  2. The blue color can be painted. Pebbles of different shades will help add luxury to mimosa flowers. Such a composition can be diluted with white, blue, golden and pink pebbles.

blue manicure with mimosa

Manicure with a sticker «mimosa»

Mimosa nail stickers will help to significantly simplify the process of creating stylish nail art:

  1. Such a manicure is created very quickly, because you do not need to do painstaking manual work. The design with stickers is much more practical.
  2. There is a variant of manicure stickers that completely cover the nail plate, they can even replace varnish.
  3. Stickers differ in application technology. For example, there is a dry version and a water-based version that needs to be transferred to the nails, like tattoos.
  4. The color on the sticker can be applied using different technologies, such as mirror, metallized, foil or lace.

manicure with mimosa sticker

Manicure with mimosa minimalism

Minimalism dictates restraint in execution and a minimum of details. You need to use a calm color scheme or pastel muted colors, with the help of which both the mimosa branch on the nails and the flower itself are drawn. Drawings should be made in tiny sizes: these are small flowers and twigs with thin and delicate patterns. The ideal option would be to perform on one nail.

manicure with mimosa minimalism

Nude manicure with mimosa

Refined nude is addressed when naturalness and tenderness are required. In this option, a manicure with a mimosa pattern can also be performed:

  1. Nude nails are perfectly complemented by rhinestones, sparkles and patterns, but you need to stick to conciseness.
  2. Nude manicure can be created in a matte finish, it attracts even more looks. In addition to this design, there can be glitter, pieces of foil, kamifubuki and other bright decorative elements that will perfectly complement the matte effect.
  3. On nude nails, you can perform such options as dots, modeling, painting with brushes or slider stickers.
  4. Nude nail art, complemented by floral and floral patterns, will look especially impressive, but the base will be yellow, which can truly fascinate with its colors.

nude manicure with mimosa

Black manicure with mimosa

Some stylists offer original ideas for black mimosa manicure. This color goes well with any shades of yellow. Using a combination of these two tones, you can achieve different effects, while using decorative elements of various types. It will look noble if the flowers are made in golden color. Black color can be used on four fingers, and the fifth will be embellished with mimosa flowers.

black manicure with mimosa

Yellow manicure with mimosa

Yellow is associated with spring, sunshine and good mood. In this shade, gel polish manicure with mimosa looks extremely harmonious:

  • the yellow background can be diluted with blue, lilac and light green colors;
  • the yellow background is beautifully decorated with shiny elements, raindrops;
  • flowers can be made on several fingers, while others are embellished with a plain yellow background.

yellow manicure with mimosa

French manicure with mimosa

In the form of an original jacket, a manicure with mimosa flowers can be done:

  • the ideal colors used will be yellow, brown and green tones, with which twigs and flowers are depicted;
  • mimosa will burn to be drawn both on the main part of the nail plate and go to the tip.

french manicure with mimosa

Bright manicure with mimosa branches

The spring trend of nail art is a sprig of mimosa on the nails, made in bright colors or against a rich background:

  • such design options dictate the elegance and sophistication of marigolds;
  • bright style is combined with many manicure techniques. For spring, you can choose the style of ombre, French or moon nail art;
  • even more brightness will help to add sparkles, glitter or small rhinestones;
  • on a bright background, you can use the “sweet bloom” technique when three-dimensional drawings are used;
  • not boring and unusual will be a floral abstraction on the nails, where you can use a lot of bright colors.

bright manicure with mimosa branches


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