That’s something, and shorts are definitely an indispensable part of our wardrobe. Many girls choose their panties at random: the style is beautiful, the colors are pretty — well, you can take it. But it’s much more correct to start by studying what models of women’s underpants exist, and how to choose the right part of underwear so that it looks sexy and attractive on you.

Types and names of women’s underpants

Trousers. They cover the body from the hip and approximately to the knee (there are pantaloons a little shorter). They are usually made from elastic materials, such as stretch fabric. In general, these panties are most often worn by plump girls, as they can correct the hips and legs, making them visually thinner.

Shorts. Very comfortable type of women’s shorts. As the name implies, panties resemble ultra-short shorts, their elastic band is most often located on the hips. They are made from a variety of materials, so there is a wealth of choice. Shorts are not recommended for women with lush hips and short legs — they will only emphasize all the flaws.

Slips. This is the most popular, one might say, classic, panty model. At the back, the slips are completely closed, their elastic is located either at the waist or at the hips, and the cutout is approximately in the middle of the thigh. The most comfortable shorts for everyday wear.

Tanga. Such panties are already more frank. The neckline of the thong is high, on the sides the front and back of the shorts are connected either with ropes or very thin strips of fabric. There are different models of tanga: some of them cover the buttocks completely, while others cover only a little.

Bikini. Two triangles of fabric are connected by ropes, ribbons or strips of fabric, which are most often tied with bows at the hips. This type of women’s underpants is often used in swimwear, as they are not very comfortable for everyday wear, even though they look attractive.

Thong. The most revealing panties on the list. They consist of a small triangle of fabric in front and ropes in the back. There are many different models of thong panties, so that every girl can find the one that she likes. Most often, thongs are worn under tight clothes, and also as sexy lingerie.

Brazil. Very interesting and sexy model of women’s panties. Perfect for those girls who can not decide on a thong, but want something more frank than slips. This model of shorts is a triangle in the front, and in the back they open the buttocks to half. They can be both on a wide and on a thin elastic band.

These are the most common and popular names for models of women’s panties. Now you can choose your underwear, knowing for sure what exactly you are buying.


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