Multi-colored manicure - 58 photo ideas for creating a fashionable nail design

Multi-colored manicure is an excellent solution for creating bright, memorable bows. It is relevant not only in the summer, but also when you want to bring a joyful piquant note to the image. A competent combination of colors will help nail art look harmonious.

Multi-colored manicure 2018

Many stylists use multi-colored manicure, the combination of colors of which can be very diverse. Among the popular design options are the following:

  1. A combination of shades that are close to each other in the color spectrum or maximally contrasting and opposite can be used. Examples of such a combination include yellow and red, green and orange.
  2. The combination may consist of one, two or more tones. In this case, the colors can be located on one finger or on different ones.
  3. When combining tones, there may be some kind of logic, for example, the use of shades of the same color spectrum, or vice versa, the combination may be chaotic and illogical. In any case, a multi-colored manicure looks catchy and unsurpassed.
  4. Geometry continues to be extremely relevant, these are squares, rhombuses, currents, circles, triangles, made in various colors.
  5. All sorts of floral motifs look feminine and romantic, they can be as close to natural as possible, thanks to the variety of colors used. However, they can also be made in an unnatural, very catchy version.
  6. The addition of golden or silver decor looks incredibly impressive; this option is ideal for complementing evening dresses.
  7. The technique of execution is also different, nail art can be smooth, voluminous, knitted.

multi-colored manicure 2018

Multi-colored manicure 2018

multi-colored manicure color combinationmulti-colored manicure combination

Multi-colored manicure on short nails

Owners of shortened nail plates can afford a multi-colored manicure for short nails 2018. When creating it, you need to take into account the following points:

  • it is better to use a combination of several repeating colors or shades of a similar color scheme so as not to overload the image;
  • the use of pastel colors is perfect, which look incredibly organic at such a length.

multi-colored manicure on short nails

Multi-colored manicure on short nails

manicure colorful nailsmulti-colored manicure for short nails 2018

Multi-colored manicure for long nails

Many stylists prefer to create a multi-colored 2018 manicure, the fashion trends of which can be easily embodied on elongated nail plates. It can be made in almost any variation, among which are the following:

  • the image of various colors looks extremely impressive. They can be both large and small. Their combination or arrangement of individual parts is allowed;
  • multi-colored manicure may contain geometric shapes or abstract designs;
  • openwork patterns can be drawn on the surface of the nail;
  • the combination with rhinestones, sparkles and other elements that make the image brighter is welcome.

multi-colored manicure for long nails

Multi-colored manicure for long nails

multi-colored manicure 2018 fashion trendsmanicure with multi-colored varnishes

Multicolored Manicure Ideas

The fair sex will be able to create a multi-colored stylish manicure in a variety of variations:

  • nail art can be plain or as bright as possible;
  • the coating may be matte or contain a shiny gloss;
  • lovers of romantic bows will be able not to change their traditions and apply multi-colored pastel manicure;
  • french and moon nail art do not lose their relevance, which play with new colors;
  • there may be a gradient, which is characterized by a smooth transition from one shade to another;
  • geometry continues to be extremely relevant, which manifests itself in the application of stripes or other shapes;
  • there is a technique for applying strokes that looks incredibly original and spectacular;
  • drawings made on various topics can be applied to the nail plates;
  • sequins, rhinestones and iridescent rubbing are capable of giving brightness and luxury.

colorful manicure ideas

Multicolored Manicure Ideas

colorful stylish manicure  multi-colored manicure for the summer

Monochromatic multi-colored manicure

Girls who want to give the image brightness, but at the same time maintain restraint, will be able to use a beautiful multi-colored manicure, made in a single color. Variations of its design can be as follows:

  • nail plates can be painted in similar colors, they can be combined on one finger;
  • another option would be to apply a monochromatic coating on the nails, while on each finger it will be a different shade.

monophonic multi-colored manicure

Multi-colored matte manicure

Such an option as a bright multi-colored manicure can be made not only in a glossy, but also in a matte form. Thanks to this feature of the coating, nail art acquires a certain elegance. The combination looks harmonious with any glossy details, for example, stripes, openwork patterns and geometric shapes. There may be an addition with rhinestones.

multi-colored matte manicure

Multi-colored French manicure

An extremely interesting variation of the classic nail art is a multi-colored French manicure. There are such variations of its design:

  • French can contain a classic, slightly rounded tip line, but can also be presented in non-standard versions. For example, this is a tip beveled from one edge to the other, a wavy arrangement of the line;
  • elements can be very clear, for example, a triangle can be drawn at the tip;
  • another option would be a drawing that will bring a touch of romanticism to the image, for example, the tip can be made in the form of a heart;
  • the image of colored stripes that come from the tip is common and can be presented in any quantity: two, three or more;
  • each finger may contain a new shade, or they may be repeated on several fingers and alternate with each other.

multicolored french manicuremulticolored french manicure

Multi-colored manicure in pastel colors

You can create not only the most catchy and rich, but also a delicate multi-colored manicure, made in pastel colors. It may contain the following special features:

  • the drawing of all kinds of floral ornaments looks harmonious;
  • an organic option would be a gradient in which one gentle tone smoothly flows into another;
  • multi-colored pastel manicure can be done with strokes.

multi-colored manicure in pastel colors

Manicure with colorful stripes

A catchy and spectacular manicure «multi-colored nails» can be complemented by stripes. They can be applied in a variety of ways:

  • strips can go clearly parallel to one another or intersecting with each other;
  • lines can be intermittent or made at a certain angle, refracting and bending in the form of zigzags;
  • the stripes may be completely different in color or certain shades may alternate with each other;
  • a multi-colored manicure is used, the combination of which may include two or more tones.

manicure with colorful stripes

Manicure with colorful stripes

manicure colorful nailsmulti-colored manicure color combination

Multicolored moon manicure

Such a fashionable novelty as a multi-colored manicure can be as close as possible to the classics if it is made in the form of moon nail art. The following application methods can be noted:

  • holes can be drawn as classic rounded or in the form of a triangle, wavy line, zigzag;
  • around the hole there may be two or more colored stripes;
  • the holes themselves can also be painted in the brightest colors;
  • there is a somewhat muted version, for example, it is a multi-colored nude manicure, or as bright and saturated as possible.

multicolored moon manicuremulti-colored manicure 2018

Manicure multicolored gradient

Lovers of memorable and attention-grabbing bows can stand out if they use a manicure with multi-colored varnishes, made in the form of a gradient. It has the following characteristics:

  • two saturated shades or more can be used to create nail arat;
  • colors can move from each other in a horizontal or vertical arrangement, there is also a diagonal version.

multicolored gradient manicure

Multicolored glitter manicure

One of the most spectacular solutions is rightfully recognized as a manicure with multi-colored rhinestones or sparkles. Multicolor can be achieved by using pebbles of different shades, which are abundantly located on the surface of the nail plate, or by placing these decorative details on a bright background. You can note the following types of design:

  • sparkles can be located in a certain part of the nail, for example, at the tip or in the hole area;
  • with the help of sparkles, certain details or shapes can be laid out, these can be stripes, squares, rhombuses, circles.

multicolored glitter manicure

Multi-colored manicure with rubbing

In the warm season, a bright multi-colored summer manicure made using a rub is extremely popular. It can also act as a spectacular addition to evening dresses. Rubbing is applied to the surface of the nail plate, painted with varnishes of different colors. This element gives the nails an iridescent effect, which makes them even more catchy and attracting everyone’s attention.

multi-colored manicure with rubbing

Multi-colored manicure with a pattern

A great solution would be a multi-colored manicure for the summer, containing all kinds of drawings. It can be designed in the following variations:

  • Nautical-themed nail art is incredibly popular. It may include images of anchors, steering wheels, ropes, boats, footprints in the sand, stars, shells and other decorative elements;
  • floral motifs remain outside the influence of fashion. In this case, any one type of color or their combination can be depicted, which includes shades belonging to different color spectra;
  • a real fashion trend was the image of a pink flamingo or bright colorful birds. They can be drawn in full or the nails can contain any specific part of them, for example, a head or a wing;
  • such an insect as a butterfly is reasonably associated with brightness. It can become a real decoration of the nail plate and be performed in all sorts of bright colors.

multi-colored manicure with a pattern

Multi-colored manicure with a pattern

multi-colored manicure for the summercolorful stylish manicure

Manicure «multi-colored strokes»

Another fashion trend is a multi-colored summer manicure, which is made using a special technique consisting of applying strokes. Among its features are the following:

  • strokes can be located strictly parallel to each other or applied in random order;
  • for applying smears, either two bright shades can be used or there can be more of them;
  • a certain part of the nail plate may remain intact, for example, this is the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole;
  • painting with strokes can be complemented by all sorts of other decorative elements. An example is rhinestones laid out in a longitudinal strip;
  • clear lines or some geometric shapes can be drawn over the strokes.

multi-colored strokes manicure


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