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Fashion trends are a matter of time, and a modern girl should look stylish always and everywhere. That is why there is the concept of must-have clothes, the presence of which in a girl’s wardrobe guarantees the possibility of creating any image from a minimum of things. They are called basic, that is, not subject to the changeable vagaries of fashion.

The perfect wardrobe

It so happened that most of the wardrobe items that belong to must-have clothes belong to the casual style. And this is not surprising, because solemn events and business negotiations happen in the life of each of us not so often. So, what do you need to get in order not to rack your brains over creating an everyday look every day?

Let’s start from the top. A classic cut white shirt is an option that goes equally well with a pencil skirt, trousers, skinny jeans and even bright short skirts. You also need to get a few tank tops and tees in neutral colors, a simple knitted turtleneck, a black blazer and a cardigan in beige, black or gray.

Now about jeans. Do not want to spend money on buying regular, fashionable «here and now» for each new season? Then turn to the classics — blue straight jeans with five pockets. In fairness, it should be noted that skinny jeans also claim the status of a must have. Classic dark trousers will not be superfluous either, as they fit perfectly into the business style. And must-have dresses are the invariable “case” and “little black dress”. Summer wardrobe should be replenished with a long chiffon sundress, a floor-length skirt and denim shorts, the length of which depends on your figure.

As for outerwear, the classic coat, leather jacket and knee-length trench coat will always be relevant.


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