Nail design with flowers - a selection of photo ideas for short and long nails

Nothing captures the aesthetic of spring better than flowers. Floral patterns look very cute and elegant, so they are in demand every year. There are many options and techniques for flower nail designs that create a really cool effect. Choose the one that suits the season, the latest trends or your mood.

Nail design 2020 — flowers

Since all girls love flowers, these gorgeous designs are perennial. Whether handmade with a brush or using stamps, flower nail art 2020 is amazingly simple and always graceful. It can be an addition to the main idea of ​​u200bu200bnail art or be a holistic image. Together with a jacket, a beautiful tandem is formed if one or two marigolds are decorated with a flower. Evening options — decoration with rhinestones or as an addition to a fashionable manicure with a rub.

The relevance of floral design on nails falls on spring and summer. Popular drawings this season will be:

  • lavender;
  • small and large roses;
  • lilac branch;
  • magnolia;
  • branch of cherry blossoms;
  • dandelion;
  • peony;
  • tulip;
  • daisy.

nail design 2020 flowersmanicure with flowers on nails 2020flower nail design

Manicure for short nails: delicate flowers

One of the 2020 manicure trends is convenience and simplicity. Short nails meet these parameters, so they are preferred by active girls or avid travelers. With such a length, it will not be possible to create a complex design, but delicate acrylic flowers on the nails will create spectacular accents. Volumetric modeling will transfer attention to a beautiful, skillfully executed drawing.

The new, but very popular sweet bloom technique will also contribute to this. This is a combination of several styles in one design, with interesting contrast and kaleidoscopic color combinations. Suitable for decorating both extended and natural nails. The voluminous flower is done with gel polish on nude nails to create a contrast to the graphic contours of the pattern. If desired, you can decorate with small decor (rhinestones, broths, sparkles).

  acrylic flowers on nailsmanicure for short nails gentle flowers

Manicure for long nails with flowers

Nail masters today have many interesting techniques in their arsenal for creating flower nail designs. Almost all are suitable for short nails, but the manicure is more concise due to the limited length. However, such techniques as ombre, pastel shades (a tone lighter than the skin), vertical lines, jacket visually lengthen short nails. Combine them in a floral manicure, organically complementing with branches and buds.

Manicure for long nails with flowers suggests a wide palette for action. Here you can embody the most fantastic designs, which is not always appropriate for a short length. But the minimalist style looks amazing on short nails. In this manicure, small flowers or buds on a thin stem or graceful twigs with thin leaves are preferred. Draw such a pattern on one nail or “stretch” it through several nails.

flower manicure for short nails

Flower Nail Design Ideas

Favorites in nail design will be the following shades: ripe corn, white pearls, blue (dark tones), mint, warm pink. If you prefer to combine 2 colors, combine bright combinations of yellow with purple, pale pink with blue, dusty gray with a hint of fuchsia. When creating a manicure with flowers on the nails, use the light color from the combination as a base, and use the bright color to draw floral motifs.

Top nail design ideas with flowers:

  • according to Feng Shui — a floral pattern is applied to the middle and ring fingers of the right hand;
  • black color — basic for floral design, which perfectly sets off light flowers on nails;
  • variations on the French theme — instead of a thin strip, petals are drawn along the edge of the nail;
  • minimalism — decorate one finger with a single element in the form of a stem, a branch with leaves, a blossoming flower, a bud;
  • Flowers in the Waterway style — a unique design with “streaks” that can be made at home.

flower nail design ideasmanicure with flowers on the nails

French with flowers on nails

Simplicity and elegance are always in fashion, which is what the variations of nude nail art combine: jacket and baby boomer. This type of painting gives tenderness to women’s hands and, importantly, goes with any clothes. French nail designs with flowers are chosen by brides on their most important day. Nail service masters are constantly experimenting and offering new French manicure options:

  1. An accent flower on the middle finger will be a bright addition to a French manicure.
  2. Art French — “smile” is not made in the form of a strip, but in the form of a blossoming bud.
  3. Small buds, twigs, leaves on 2-3 nails in nude tones, decorated with small rhinestones or kamifubuki.
  4. French + moon manicure — the holes are made in the form of petals, which are performed with thin brushes, voluminous modeling or stamping.
  5. A colored jacket with a pattern — a “smile” is painted in bright colors, adding flowers or contrasting ones.

french with flowers on nails

Volumetric flowers on the nails

Volumetric modeling looks fresh and beautiful, especially if the drawings on the nails are flowers. Creating 3D flowers is painstaking work that requires experience and professionalism from the master. To make such a manicure look appropriate, you should choose a design in accordance with the image. Volumetric flowers on the girl’s nails are made for the celebration. Preference is given to the rose, depict tulips, cornflowers, hyacinths, daisies, peonies. They can be created using acrylic powder, gel polish and dried flowers can be added for realism. 3D flowers enliven with sparkles, rhinestones, beads, dew imitation.

Volume manicure features:

  1. 3D flowers should not show off on all nails — it looks defiant, especially if you are designing for everyday manicure.
  2. Volumetric modeling should not be combined with other bright manicure techniques. Color transitions, an abundance of sparkles, all kinds of stickers — all this will simply ruin an interesting design.

voluminous flowers on the nailsflower nail art

Nail stickers — flowers

Thanks to a variety of stickers, you get a very beautiful manicure with flowers on your nails. Film coatings are preferred because of their versatility and ease of application, they can cover the entire nail plate or stick small applications separately. A popular option among girls are stickers of various flowers. This is a great alternative to a salon manicure, which can take hours to create. In addition, sticker flowers sometimes look better than the work of a nail master brush.

flower nail stickersbeautiful manicure with flowers

Red nails with flowers

Nail design is another opportunity to grab attention and express yourself. Bright manicure in red shades is preferred not only by sensual natures, it has already been classified as classic. It is easily combined with other colors, looks advantageous in combination with white tones and fits any length of the nail. There are many options for floral decor in red manicure, watercolor flowers on nails, stamping, sliders, rhinestones, velvet sand, acrylic modeling are popular.

  watercolor flowers on nailsred nails with flowerssimple flower nails

white flowers on nails

White flowers are an inexhaustible topic for nail service specialists. As soon as they are not embodied in the design — they paint flowers with watercolors on the nails, perform fantasy modeling, apply with the help of dots, stamp with stamping. They are applied to a monochromatic manicure or jacket, although there may be other variations. With their help, the most delicate nail design with flowers is created. The beauty of the accent pattern is emphasized with glitter on the petals and a shiny pebble in the center. On short nails, a half bud or several petals are made so as not to visually cut the length.

white flowers on nailswatercolor flowers on nailsdelicate flowers on the nails

Nail design with flowers and rhinestones

Nail design with rhinestones has not lost its relevance, it has only slightly changed. Modern trends sweep aside bulky compositions strewn with shiny stones, leaving only a few pieces to emphasize the sophistication of manicure. Create beautiful flowers on your nails, arrange successful accents with a couple of rhinestones, and you will get a chic manicure for a special occasion. In floral design, masters distinguish stamens, middle, buds, twigs, with a smooth transition to the adjacent nail.

nail design with flowers and rhinestonesbeautiful flowers on nails

Crystal flowers on nails

A new word in manicure — nail design with crystal flowers. This effect is achieved by drawing details with transparent gel polish in several layers, after applying the main image. With a thin brush, the master repeats the drawing, applying the gel along the contour, then the center is filled, followed by drying. With the next layer, the picture is more detailed, drawing petals, small leaves, curls. Manicures with different colors on nails painted in this style look very realistic.

Visually, this technique is similar to modeling, since the image is decently voluminous, but at the same time transparent. The following types of crystal flowers are advantageous:

  • rose flower;
  • dandelion;
  • orchid;
  • lily.

crystal flowers on nailsmanicure with different colors on the nailscrystal flowers

Translucent flowers on nails

An interesting air flowers technique allows you to draw half-transparent flowers on your nails. With its help, floral drawings are airy, weightless and bewitching. This is a very skillful work, to create a flower, the master uses a thin brush and an extensive palette of shades, as in a watercolor painting. A translucent nail design is performed with flowers on a white or dark substrate, where the transitions of shades will be most noticeable. The edges of the picture are outlined by the darkest tone of the palette, which gradually “dissolves” closer to the center of the figure.

In the air flowers technique they draw:

  • leaves;
  • blooming flowers;
  • buds;
  • greens.

  translucent flowers on nails

Matte nails with flowers

Matte polishes captivate with deep, juicy shades and a velvety texture. And if you draw simple flowers on your nails, then such a manicure will come out both concise and luxurious. Stylists say that the matte design combined with light floral patterns will be a hit of the spring-summer season. Design Tips:

  • framing a matte nail with small twigs with tiny buds;
  • linear black flower on nails of light shades;
  • flowers of different shapes on each finger.

matte nails with flowers

Geometry with flowers on nails

Geometric design loves conciseness and does not tolerate congestion with details. It has firmly taken root, delighting fashionistas every season with new trends. Thin, «pencil» flowers on short nails, neatly inscribed in a geometric figure — one of the main trends of the season. A type of manicure is welcomed, in which the flower is divided in half by a thin black line. To connect the nail design with flowers and geometry, draw thin strokes and lines on those nails where the floral picture is missing.

geometry with flowers on nailsflowers on short nails

Stained glass flowers on nails

Stained glass windows, which were previously used in the design of Catholic churches, are being transferred to other fashionable styles. This type of nail art is notable for ornate broken lines, zigzags, crossed elements. Delicate flowers on the nails, made in this technique, look bright and catchy. To simulate the suppression of stained glass, the picture is broken into pieces by broken black lines that are drawn in different directions.

If the stained glass nail design with flowers consists of small drawings, it is allowed to apply them on each nail, but it is better to place large buds and petals on 1-2 fingers. The black helium-based outline in floral design looks chic and irresistible. If you want creativity — replace the color of the broken lines with gold (or another shade) and get an unsurpassed effect!

stained glass flowers on nailsdelicate flowers on the nails


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