Nail design with kamifubiki - a stylish manicure for a modern urban fashionista

A girl who wants to look attractive and fashionable takes nail art seriously, so she cannot pass by such a stylish novelty as nail design with kamifubiki. For several seasons in a row, this direction is gaining more and more popularity.

Nail design 2018 with kamifubiki

Many stylists use 2018 manicure with kamifubi when creating fashionable looks. In Japanese, the name means «paper storm» or confetti. This technology has the following features:

  1. Decorative elements are nothing more than foil cutouts of various shapes and sizes. The color palette of confetti is wide and varied.
  2. The detail is transferred to the nail plate and covered on top with a fixing compound. A transparent background or a base painted with gel material is taken as the basis.
  3. The design of nails with kamifubiki conquered not only the representatives of the youth generation, but also older women. With the help of colorful confetti, any ideas are realized. They look great on both short and long nails.
  4. Manicure is suitable for any season or occasion. Thin parts are attached to one or all of the nail plates. Confetti are transferred to the nail with a special stick or toothpick. Best and longest they stay on gel polish, but the base can be ordinary varnish or acrylic.
  5. Decorative elements are sold in ready-made sets, which eliminates the need for self-selection of plates by shade. In addition to multi-colored confetti, you can also find plain ones. The standard set contains confetti of three colors of different sizes.
  6. Nail art can be casual or designed for a party, it can be an autumn-spring, winter, summer manicure with kamifubiki.
  7. Another advantage of multi-colored plates is that they can be easily combined with other decorative elements. If you like rhinestones and kamifubiki at the same time, you can safely combine them in one manicure.
  8. The plates go well with ombre, glitter, floral patterns.

nail design 2018 with kamifubiki

Nail design 2018 with kamifubiki

manicure 2018 with kamifubiki

Design with kamifubiki for short nails

Lovers of discreet and neat images will be able to make a manicure for short nails with kamifubiki. It is characterized by such distinctive features:

  • it is recommended to give preference to simplicity and conciseness. The plates can be located on one, several or all fingers. In the latter case, they should cover only part of the nail;
  • details can be laid out in the form of horizontal or vertical stripes;
  • there is a design in the form of a jacket or moon nail art.

design with kamifubiki for short nailsmanicure for short nails with kamifubiki

Design with kamifubiki for long nails

Owners of beautiful long nail plates will be able to afford an incredibly spectacular nail design with kamifubiki. It is distinguished by the following features:

  • a variety of patterns can be created on the fingers, these can be stripes, geometric shapes, curls;
  • plates can completely cover any of the fingers;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be a blue manicure with kamifubiki, deep black, bright red and any other shade.

design with kamifubiki for long nails

Kamifubiki Nail Design Ideas

Stylists use kamifubiki manicure, the design of which is extremely diverse. Examples are the following types of design:

  1. Holographic sparkles can be arranged randomly or ordered. In any case, they attract the eyes of others and cheer up the owner of a beautiful manicure.
  2. Round confetti are often used, but if you wish, you can find and attach plates in the form of stars, hearts, rhombuses and other geometric shapes.
  3. On short nails, a bright red background with a confetti ornament looks better. They are laid out in the form of a path, a crescent. But they should be medium-sized, and most of the nail plate should be occupied by red varnish.
  4. To create an original manicure, it is recommended to use several sets. In order for even a beginner to cope with the plates, they must be of high quality. Developed imagination and fantasy — this is where the ideas come from, with the help of which a nail design with spectacular kamifubiki is created.
  5. Confetti in combination with light-colored varnishes is a good option for every day. The base can be transparent or the nail plate is covered with varnish, called «cat’s eye». The simplest design is to place the confetti next to each other or at a short distance.
  6. Another popular way to use confetti among crafters is to create a gradient effect. A small number of plates are attached to one part of the nail, and more to the other.
  7. Details can be evenly distributed throughout the nail platinum, alternating large and small rounds.
  8. For summer, you should use bright shades for the base and sequins. But the masters offer an attractive nail art for the winter. For example, create a Christmas tree from multi-colored plates, the top of which will be confetti in the form of a golden star. Other fun ideas for winter manicure are drawing a snowman, a deer.

nail design ideas with kamifubikimanicure with kamifubiki design

Matte nail design with kamifubiki

A matte nail design with kamifubiki is in great demand among fashionistas. We can highlight the following features:

  • multi-colored rounds look spectacular on a plain coating. To verify this, it is worth applying a deep blue varnish, and then attach black, golden sequins to the index and middle fingers;
  • white and yellow confetti are perfect for white matte polish.

matte nail design with kamifubiki

Black manicure with kamifubiki

A black nail design with kamifubiki looks truly luxurious. It comes in the following variations:

  1. With black varnish, rounds of white, blue, greenish colors are used.
  2. If one finger is highlighted with a colorless base, then the manicure will turn out to be more spectacular.
  3. Most large or medium parts are attached at the top of the nail, and small ones near the base.
  4. On a black matte varnish, shiny circles (blue, green, yellow) are placed by masters on the right or left edge of the nail. They practically cover the entire plate so that the base only peeps between the confetti.
  5. Crimson, burgundy, lemon or brown confetti are suitable for black varnish. It is better to attach them at the base, and leave one medium round at the edge.
  6. The details are used as eyes for the painted animals. For this, the smallest green or yellow plates are selected.

black manicure with kamifubiki

Nail design with transparent kamifubiki

Truly universal can be called a manicure with transparent kamifubiki. This is due to the following features:

  • nail art is able to fit into even the most strict office dress code;
  • nail design with transparent kamifubiki for a romantic look is obtained in the same way. Confetti is attached to one or a pair of marigolds on each hand;
  • any shade can be used for the base, transparent parts will harmonize well with any color.

transparent camouflage nail design

Nail design with kamifubiki and rubbing

To make spectacular nail art, you first need to decide on the basis. An excellent design solution in this case will be a manicure with kamifubiki and rubbing. There are no strict rules in this technique, so fantasy should not be limited by anything. The nails on one hand can be painted in contrasting colors, or one nail can be highlighted by a smooth transition of halftones. The undoubted advantage is a brilliant iridescent effect.

nail design with kamifubiki and rubbing

Delicate nail design with kamifubiki

Delicate nail art can be done using pink and white varnishes and picking up pastel shades of confetti. The ideal duet is rubbing and such decorative elements. With this technique, you can create a yellow manicure with kamifubiki. The option looks especially organic when the mirror effect is made on no more than two fingers, and the details are laid out on others.

delicate nail design with kamifubiki

Nail design with kamifubiki — french

Such an option as a French manicure with kamifubi is reasonably associated with the classics. The restraint of the jacket periodically wants to be diluted with something cheerful, and such decorative elements are great for this purpose. Among the features of its design are the following:

  1. Shiny plates are attached only on one finger from the tip of the nail to its middle.
  2. There is an option when the crescent moon is highlighted with pale blue varnish, and confetti is placed along its inner edge.
  3. If bright colors are not allowed, then black and white elements should be used. Kruglyashi of different sizes are attached instead of a crescent at a short distance.
  4. You can add one or two plates to the bottom of the nail. They will look like droplets that accidentally fell and froze on the nail.
  5. If a reverse jacket is made, then one large round is attached exactly in the middle of the plate, and small rounds of the same color are collected around it.
  6. A good idea is to combine the shade of confetti with the color of the dress or lipstick.

nail design with kamifubiki frenchfrench manicure with kamifubiki

Lunar nail design with kamifubiki

Complementing the trendy moon nail art with multi-colored sparkles, every girl will become incredibly stylish. Registration can be done in the following ways:

  • plates are decorated with holes or the entire nail;
  • gel polish or a colorless base is used as a base;
  • nail art is created with confetti of any shade and size. For example, it can be a manicure with rhombus kamifubiki. They are attached to one nail or several different ones;
  • when choosing confetti, preference should be given to small circles with classic colors. The perfect combination of shades: blue-pink-silver, purple-pink-silver.

moon nail design with kamifubiki

Nail design with kamifubiki and acrylic powder

Another topical nail art in 2018 is a nail design with triangular kamifubiki, made with acrylic powder. With its help, it is possible to draw any pattern on the nails, in which such details will fit perfectly. Glitter confetti on a matte background is a new fashion trend. You should not just use the entire set to decorate the entire hand. It is necessary to observe moderation and maintain a matte background.

nail design with kamifubiki and acrylic powder

Manicure «cat’s eye» with kamifubiki

Decorative elements are suitable for embodying any fantasy idea, for example, it can be a nail design with kamifubiki, known as «cat’s eye». The base is applied using a special coating and using special equipment. Extremely fashionable are the figures of the following tones and types:

  • gray-white-mirror;
  • pink-black-gold;
  • lilac-black-holographic;
  • relevant nail design with kamifubi-diamonds, stars, circles, hearts.

cat eye manicure with kamifubikimanicure 2018 with kamifubiki

Red manicure with kamifubiki

Fashionistas who like bright colors that attract attention can recommend a red nail design with heart kamifubiki. Nail art should not be exclusively monochrome — you can paint the index finger and little finger in red, the rest in glossy black. Red hearts are attached to this background. Manicure looks good on pointed or rectangular nails.

red manicure with kamifubikimanicure with kamifubiki design


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