Nail sliders - an easy way to make a trendy manicure

Fashion is constantly changing and supplementing, nail service trends do not stand still. Many decorative techniques have been known for a long time, and some appear almost every season. So, nail sliders used to create original decor are extremely popular.

Manicure 2019 — fashion trends with sliders

Manicure fashion is constantly updated with new techniques, types of coatings, color combinations, and items for decorating nail plates, which facilitate the work of the master and help create amazingly beautiful manicure 2019 “sliders”:

  1. The assortment of stickers has a great variety of new fashionable types. Among the leading trends in slider fashion are 3D design, bulging, voluminous images reminiscent of acrylic nail art.
  2. Fantasy space decor is popular.
  3. Among the brightest and most eye-catching types of stickers, crystal volumetric nail sliders are in the first place.
  4. Geometric images and wicker monograms are still in fashion.

manicure 2019 fashion trends with sliders

Manicure 2019

manicure 2019 slidersmanicure with 3d sliders

Manicure for short nails with sliders

Such an option as a slider design for nails with a shortened length looks elegant and well-groomed, regardless of the color of the main background coating of the nail. For these purposes, both sets of film slides with a full filling of the nail, and 3D slides with individual elements, such as crystal nail sliders imitating rhinestones or fragments of multi-colored glass, metallized monogram details or individual inscription phrases made in a fashionable lettering style, are suitable. .

manicure for short nails with sliders


Manicure for long nails with sliders

Long nail plates are great for any kind of design, and nail sliders look great on them:

  1. Many masters like to work with long nails, regardless of their shape, since on their surface there is an opportunity to embody the brightest ideas for decorating nails.
  2. For decoration, you can choose film sliders with a complete filling of the nail with an image. These images require a white background.
  3. On long nails, you can also use large 3D sliders, these can be lush flowers imitating modeling, graphic images of plain butterflies or flowers, a slider with a phrase on the nails, or bright crystal elements.

manicure for long nails with sliders

Manicure for long nails with sliders

slider nail design


Manicure ideas with sliders

Many nail art masters like to do manicures with sliders, and sets of decals come in handy when creating the most unusual types of designs:

  1. They can be paired with accessories like rhinestones or used on their own.
  2. New fashion trends in slider decor will appeal to the most fastidious girls, because the range of offered transfer slides is large. The most trendy are 3D images, geometric and stickers with various inscriptions.
  3. Film thin nail sliders with full filling of the nail plate are still in vogue.

slider manicure ideasmanicure with sliders

Manicure ideas with sliders

manicure 2019 sliders


Gentle manicure with sliders

A win-win option to complement any look will be a gentle nail design with sliders:

  1. As a decor for a delicate manicure, vegetable, floral stickers, with soft crystal patterns or monograms, are perfect.
  2. The base coat can be pastel-colored gel polishes, which look best with floral sliders, or white translucent gel polish.
  3. Light pastel shades serve as an excellent backdrop for designs of all kinds. Look great in a delicate manicure 3D stickers depicting beautiful flowers, imitating nail modeling. You can add nothing to them, or you can additionally decorate them with small shimmering rhinestones.

gentle manicure with slidersslider nail design

Red manicure with sliders

Red manicure «sliders» is a special luxury, many fashionistas love this color of nail coating:

  1. Any shade of red looks great on the nail plates, suitable for special occasions for evening dresses, as well as in everyday bustle.
  2. Red manicure looks good on its own, but it will not be superfluous to complement it with different types of decor. Sliders for red nails look especially beautiful.
  3. You can complement the red manicure with both film stickers depicting flowers, geometry, and 3D images with floral, geometric or crystal transfer elements.

red manicure with slidersmanicure sliders

Matte manicure with sliders

Combining matte manicure and nails with sliders is a fashionable and stylish solution:

  1. The matte surface of the nail plates has become popular for a long time, but with each season, the fashion for covering with a matte finish does not weaken. Using a 3D slider or regular film slider combined with a matte finish will draw attention to the hands.
  2. There are two options for creating such a combination. In the first version, a slider is laid out on the nails in a known way, if the base is gel polish, then the nail is dried in a lamp. From above, all nail plates, not excluding decorated ones, are covered with a matte finish.
  3. There is another stylish option: the slider is laid out on the nail, dried in a lamp. The nail plate is covered with the usual glossy finish, and the monochromatic coating of the remaining nails is matte. This is also a stylish and unusual solution, it is perfect for 3D design.

matte manicure with sliders

Black manicure with sliders

Black manicure has become popular with a large mass of fashionistas. It is suitable for both short and long nail plates, especially if you use voluminous nail sliders when decorating it:

  1. If about ten years ago, black manicure belonged to the attributes of youth subcultures, then in modern fashion it is one of the most sought-after and popular color coatings, which is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for special occasions.
  2. A black manicure goes well with a matte finish, decoration with sparkles and rhinestones, combinations with all kinds of slider designs are allowed.
  3. Over a black manicure, voluminous sliders for nails, crystal, transfer prints in a metallic shade will look great.
  4. If the entire nail is covered with a film with a full black image, then it is better to make the background white so that the picture is completely visible.

slider nailsblack manicure with sliders

White manicure with sliders

White manicure becomes popular every time with the arrival of the warm season. Summer is a great opportunity to “try on” stylish white nail art on your nails:

  1. White coating serves as the best backdrop for all kinds of nail designs. Any kind of nail art on white shows all its properties. A white manicure in the summer looks amazingly beautiful in combination with mother-of-pearl rub, foil design and tiny sparkles.
  2. You can complement this design using bold nail sliders. Volumetric 3D images will look surprisingly gentle on a white background. It would be appropriate to decorate with crystal or film stickers that cover the entire surface of the nail.

white manicure with sliders

Types of sliders for nails

On the market of materials for nail design, there are a huge variety of all kinds of elements with which you can create a manicure with 3D sliders:

  1. This decor option greatly simplifies the work of the master, reduces time, plus these advantages, it is easy to work with sliders on your own, and they are available in a large assortment of different types.
  2. The most common are films that completely cover the nail plate and create the effect of a pattern on the nail.
  3. Another look that many girls love is 3D, they create the effect of a three-dimensional image on the nails.
  4. In addition to these common options, there are crystal slides, text, geometric and with a variety of patterns.

types of sliders for nailsmanicure 2019 fashion trends with sliders

Types of sliders for nails

slider manicure ideas


3D nail sliders

Transfer stickers that have convex or voluminous elements are 3D nail sliders:

  1. The design is customarily printed on a thin film, which is separated from the paper base by soaking in water and shearing.
  2. The 3D slider imitates mosaic or sculpting, be it geometric or floral patterns. This design looks interesting and new.
  3. There are many different types on sale, the most popular of them are flower images. Such stickers do not require a white background, they are applied over a slightly dried color coating, dried and covered with a top coat.
  4. After drying the top, you can apply a transparent top again around the volumetric elements of the application and carry out the final drying.

3d nail sliders

Crystal nail sliders

Recently, beige nails with sliders or nail plates of a different color with these elements have been extremely popular:

  1. Often, crystal nail sliders are produced as 3D images on a base sheet.
  2. Crystal film slides are much less common, they create only an imitation and a flickering pattern.
  3. Crystal sliders have appeared following the popular 3D stickers with plant and flower motifs.
  4. Crystal decals are three-dimensional images with a beautiful shimmering component, they are often made in the form of monograms, imitate crystal rhinestones and inlay with them.
  5. Many manufacturers experiment with crystal motifs and make the most beautiful stickers in the form of shimmering mosaics or three-dimensional flowers.

crystal nail sliders supply

Sliders for nails «space»

Extremely popular nail slider stickers with space motifs:

  1. They are found in two types: 3D and film. Both types look interesting and original.
  2. Common film stickers with metallized details are applied to the entire nail.
  3. Cosmic motifs are guessed in the image of planets, star clusters, flickering comets, shavings and satellites.
  4. Many images of space motifs on sliders are fractal digital drawings, they fascinate and attract attention.
  5. Space stickers are combined with a large palette of colors of nail coatings, they create a special mood.
  6. 3D space sliders can be made in the form of crystal or interspersed with metallic elements.

space nail sliders

Sliders for nails with inscriptions

One of the most popular types of decals for nails is a manicure with inscription sliders:

  1. Different manufacturers offer stickers with different types and themes of inscriptions. They can be dedicated to your favorite holidays, carry some kind of message, or even be slogans or appeals.
  2. The inscription is the best way to declare your view of the world and yourself. There are inscriptions in popular languages. They are perfectly combined with picture sliders, complement them and emphasize the main mood of the nail decor.
  3. With the popularity of lettering, intricate calligraphy stickers are also becoming popular. They can be either black or metallic.

nail sliders with inscriptions

Sliders for nails «flowers»

Incredibly popular nail design with “flowers” ​​sliders:

  1. The first stickers that came to the range of nail art masters were with floral motifs, depicting beautiful roses, poppies in full bloom and seasonal bouquets with fir cones, rowan tassels and maple leaves. Delicate flower stickers were designed to make it easier for nail designers who are trying to draw all the floral riot by hand.
  2. Flowers on decals can be found in a variety of ways: monochrome, bright, delicate spring, 3D. With this pattern, you can decorate both one and several nails on one hand, and it will look appropriate with any color of the nail cover.

flower nail sliders

Sliders for nails «flowers»

flower slider nail designnail slider stickers

Nail slider «geometry»

Geometric patterns are popular in most manicure cases. They are also used to create fashionable nail sliders:

  1. Many masters master the technique of applying geometry manually, although this is difficult to do. Here a variety of sliders with geometric patterns come to the rescue.
  2. The most popular are the combination of many shapes, the interweaving of geometric shapes, the game with symmetry and asymmetry.
  3. Geometric stickers can be 3D and simple film stickers with an image printed on them.
  4. The geometry on the nails goes well with the matte finish.
  5. You can add such stickers with various metallized elements: foil, sparkles, broths.
  6. Geometric sliders are as easy to use as the other types and are one of the stylish and trendy nail decoration options.

geometry nail slider

Monogram sliders for nails

Monograms on the nail plates can be easily drawn by hand, with minimal skill. But fashionable nail sliders with twisted patterns are very popular among girls of different ages:

  1. This facilitates the process, reduces the time of work on the design. At the same time, the variety of interwoven patterns in the form of decals is so great that you want to decorate the nail plates in different ways.
  2. 3D monogram stickers are popular both on their own and in combination with crystal slides or rhinestones.
  3. 3D monograms for nails are available in several of the most popular types: metallic colors, in black and white. They work well with any tone of coating, and applying these slides to the nail is very simple.

monogram sliders for nails


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