Narrow waist wide hips

The owners of a thin waist and wide hips should never, under any circumstances, doubt the exceptional attractiveness of their own figure, because modern fashion designers have used all their imagination and experience to give beauties the opportunity to highlight the merits and either emphasize the enchanting contrast between the roundness of the hips and the diminutiveness of the waist, or make the main lines of the silhouette more uniform. If we take into account the trends of the fashion world, a lady with a narrow waist and wide hips should definitely pay attention to clothes of a certain style, examples of which we will consider.

Clothing for women with wide hips and a narrow waist

When choosing clothes for non-standard proportions, it is important to choose not only a thing that is beautiful, but also that fits perfectly on your body. Modern specialized stores are equipped with many comfortable fitting rooms, in which every customer can see every detail of the product without fuss, so we recommend that you do not rush to the checkout, but first take a good look at how well the item fits you:

  1. Jeans. Finding comfortable, fashionable, appropriate and perfectly fitting jeans for wide hips and a narrow waist is not so easy, even considering the huge number of consumer goods that differ only in color, fabric texture and minimal fit variations. However, if you set a goal, you can pick up an excellent model, one of which can be low-waisted jeans, which, in tandem with a short top, will perfectly highlight the narrow part and hide the excessive contrast with the bulges for those who wish. If your goal is to emphasize an attractive contrast, and not hide it, then a high-waisted product is your option.
  2. Skirt. Choosing a skirt for wide hips and a narrow waist, given the number of modern boutiques, is quite simple, because the variety of fabrics, styles, accessories of skirts cannot but surprise. To draw attention to the narrow waist and wide hips, modern design solutions have prepared an incredible number of models for the owners of such figures, the most attractive of which are: a low-rise drop-down skirt, midi or maxi skirts of any style, or corset skirts. , playing on the contrast of your beautiful figure.
  3. Dress. Stylists recommend choosing dresses for wide hips and a narrow waist so that the waistline is slightly high, this visually aligns the silhouette. Light, flowing, delicate fabrics are suitable, and the product itself should not have a length above the knee, this will make the figure short and squat. Dresses with a corset and a skirt will also look very advantageous on the owners of such forms.
  4. Pants. When choosing trousers for wide hips and a narrow waist, you should immediately pay attention to the cut of the product itself. Breeches and trousers with a low armhole will visually increase the hips, such a contrast will not be appropriate, therefore, girls with a narrow waist and wide hips are recommended to pay attention to the classic styles of trousers, the legs of which smoothly expand from the knee down.

A female figure with wide hips and a narrow waist is the subject of admiration for the entire male half of humanity, who sigh so passionately when magnificent roundness with a miniature waist floats past them, languidly swaying. And if the owner of such happiness is able to correctly and profitably emphasize it, then success and reverent looks are simply guaranteed to her. Fortunately, clothes for wide hips and a narrow waist perfectly fulfill their role.


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