Nautical nail design - 52 photos of fashion ideas for any length

Marine nail design is associated with the summer beach and warm days. But it continues to be relevant in the fall, bringing a piece of summer and sun into the image. With it, any bow can be made brighter and more interesting, to attract the attention of others.

Nautical nail design 2018

Many stylists use marine-themed nail designs. Among the features of nail art characteristic of this season, the following can be identified:

  • manicure can contain a minimum of details and be associated with the sea due to the azure hue and light imitation of waves, foam. There may be laconic stripes made in blue and white colors;
  • another option would be nail art, during the creation of which the stylists fully showed their imagination. It can contain all kinds of decorative elements, which include images of the sun, anchors, steering wheels, ships, footprints;
  • decorations can be applied by drawing them or by gluing certain elements, for example, golden shells;
  • marine nail design can be created using glossy or matte coatings, acrylic powder, which depicts sand especially effectively.

marine nail design 2018

Nautical nail design 2018

marine themed nail design

Nautical design for short nails

Not only the owners of long, but also short nails will be able to afford the “marine theme” nail design. When creating it at a shortened length, it is recommended to consider the following:

  • it is better to give preference to simplicity and conciseness. For example, several stripes can be drawn on the nail plates, made in a blue-white-blue color palette;
  • nails can be painted in the color of delicate turquoise, while imitation of light waves can be present on their surface;
  • marine nail design can be made in the form of a jacket, moon nail art, decorated with rhinestones in small quantities.

marine design for short nailsmarine theme nail design

Nautical nail design for long nails

Stylists will be able to fully express their imagination by creating a marine nail design on elongated nail plates. Common design solutions include:

  • you can make real pictures, using for this such components as images of waves, sand, footprints in the sand, boats, anchors, steering wheels, seagulls, sun, shells;
  • extremely interesting is the “sea pebbles” nail design, which consists of small elements imitating stones and effectively combined with each other;
  • nail plates can be designed as smooth or voluminous, in the latter case they include a variety of decorative details, such as golden shell stickers, images of drops;
  • for longer lengths, rhinestones can be applied in large quantities, they can completely cover one of the fingers.

marine nail design for long nails

Nautical Nail Design Ideas

Fashionistas who prefer stylish and original bows will be able to create a beautiful marine nail design. Among the most relevant and extraordinary variations of its design are the following:

  • the color scheme can vary from light blue to dark blue, a shade of turquoise may be present;
  • the use of such tones as red, white, black or any other colors is also welcome;
  • tones can be muted or extremely bright;
  • design in the form of a jacket or moon nail art is allowed;
  • drawings striking in their diversity, made on the theme of the sea, are used;
  • decoration with rhinestones is widely used;
  • decorative elements such as shells and stripes are common;
  • The image of foam is considered a real fashion trend.

nautical nail design ideasbeautiful sea nail design

Nail design «sea green»

It is extremely easy to create a nautical style nail design that is solid. Its feature is considered to be a saturated shade, which maximally displays the color of the waves. Additional elements may be present, such as white foam on the surface of the waves, the use of several azure shades, smoothly merging into one another.

aqua nail design

Nautical french nail design

Such a stylish variation of nail art as a marine spectacular nail design can be made in the form of a jacket. Among the features of the ideas used to create it, we can identify the following:

  • the main color can be blue, blue or turquoise, and the tip can be made in white or some other color;
  • there is such an option, which is represented by a transparent main part, and the tip can be made very wide, occupying almost half of the nail plate. At the same time, it will be painted in azure shades;
  • Both glossy and matte finishes are available. In addition, azure sequins or rhinestones can be used, with which certain parts are laid out. For example, sequins can cover the tip, and rhinestones can be arranged in the form of a strip separating the main part from the tip;
  • all kinds of images are allowed, for example, it can be a starfish nail design, where there is a corresponding pattern.

marine french nail designmarine themed nail design

Nautical pattern nail design

A catchy and attention-grabbing option is a marine spectacular nail design, which contains all kinds of drawings on the relevant topic. Among the popular variations of images are the following:

  • applying acrylic powder imitating velvet sand, on the surface of which there are footprints;
  • shells, which are drawn with varnish or applied in the form of bulk stickers;
  • voluminous drops may be present, which are associated with wave spray;
  • nails “marine boat design” are very popular, where a snow-white sailboat is depicted on a blue background;
  • actual drawing of anchors and helms, which look incredibly picturesque.

sea ​​pattern nail designmarine theme nail design

Nautical nail design with rhinestones

Fashionistas who strive to create catchy and attention-grabbing bows can use a summer marine nail design containing rhinestones to complement them. These decorative elements can be placed on the surface using the following application methods:

  • rhinestones can completely cover a certain finger, often the ring finger;
  • there may be a simple and concise design, which is expressed in the use of one or more rhinestones on each finger;
  • with the help of rhinestones, certain patterns can be laid out, these can be openwork curls, zigzags or stripes located horizontally, vertically or diagonally;
  • rhinestones can act as a line separating one part of the nail plate from another, for example, the most popular solution is a strip that separates the main part from the tip when creating a jacket or from the hole when applying moon nail art.

marine nail design with rhinestonessummer nautical nail design

Bright marine nail design

You can make a simple marine nail design, which at the same time will be extremely bright. This effect is achieved through the use of saturated colors, for example, deep blue or turquoise are relevant. Another solution would be to use catchy color combinations, these can be red, yellow, green shades that are in perfect harmony with the main tone. Brightness is also given by certain images that are drawn in saturated colors.

bright sea nail designmarine style nail design

Marine nail design with holes

Such an option as nail design with marine motifs can also be made in the form of moon nail art. The following methods are relevant:

  • the hole can be classic transparent, white, pastel or made in bright colors;
  • the hole lined with rhinestones looks spectacular;
  • the holes can be clearly drawn on all or only a few fingers;
  • the theme of the sea is manifested in the saturated azure color of the main part or in the use of appropriate images located on it.

sea ​​nail design with holes

Sea foam nail design

A real fashion trend can be called a stylish marine nail design containing an image of foam. It is applied in snow-white color on an azure background and can be designed in the following variations:

  • drawn with varnish;
  • lined with volumetric details, while the surface of the nail plate becomes uneven.

sea ​​foam nail design

Nautical nail design with shells

One of the fashion trends of this season is justifiably considered a nail design with shells and starfish, which looks incredibly catchy and original. Among the stylistic techniques that are used in the design of such nail art, the following can be identified:

  • shells and stars can be artistically drawn on the surface of the nail plate, while it retains its smooth structure;
  • an original and interesting solution is the application of voluminous shells, which can be made in white, yellow, golden colors;
  • shells can be combined with any other decorative elements: anchors, images of footprints in the sand and others.

marine nail design with shells

Nautical nail design with shells

Marine nail design with stripes

For several consecutive seasons, both warm and cold, the original marine-style nail design containing stripes has not lost its relevance. Among the variations of its design can be identified:

  • the strips may be the same or different sizes;
  • a variety of colors are used, often blue, turquoise, blue, white tones. However, other solutions may be used, such as bright red stripes;
  • traditional in this type of nail art is the horizontal arrangement of stripes, but they can also be drawn in a vertical or diagonal form;
  • stripes can be combined with all sorts of patterns, for example, an anchor or any other element can be placed on top of them.

sea ​​nail design with stripes

Marine nail design with stripes

original nail design in marine stylenautical nail design ideas

Red nail design in a marine style

Popular nail art can be made not only in traditional azure tones, but also in bright red. This tone can be combined with blue-blue and white colors. Certain elements can also be drawn in scarlet, for example, this is what characterizes the “seahorse” nail design, where its image is made in red shades, it can be located against the background of the sea or blue-white stripes.

red nautical nail designbeautiful sea nail design

Nautical toe nail design

A similar theme is used not only when creating a manicure, it can also be a beautiful marine design on the legs. Among the stylistic techniques used for its design, we can identify:

  • monophonic nail art, made in deep and rich colors;
  • a pedicure can completely coincide with a manicure or contain any distinctive details;
  • pedicure is characterized by the presence of images made on the relevant topics: these are shells, stars, anchors, steering wheels, seagulls, boats, footprints in the sand;
  • decoration with rhinestones, drawing stripes and other stylistic devices may be present.

marine toe nail designbeautiful nautical design on the legs


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