New Year's dresses

New Year is a joyful holiday. which we wait with bated breath. Since childhood, we have become accustomed to fabulous outfits on this day. Only on New Year’s Eve, each girl turned into the heroine of her favorite fairy tale. Despite your age, you still want to surprise others with fabulous, beautiful New Year’s dresses. The model of a New Year’s dress can be the most unexpected. The choice depends on the place of celebration, conditions, duration of the event. If you are planning a long event, you should think about a comfortable pastime, pay attention to a shorter model, dress material.

Fashionable New Year’s dresses are models that meet all fashion trends. Such outfits are presented in all collections of world brands.

Collections overview

A dress from the New Year’s collection Rosa Clara is a dress for every taste. Stylish, evening New Year’s dresses of various silhouettes, they will impress more than one fashionista. Colors — blue, green, mint and turquoise. The entire collection is imbued with the spirit of the 30s, exquisite evening dresses emphasize femininity and elegance. Embroidery and decor with stones, light airy fabrics give extraordinary softness and tenderness.

Oscar de la Renta offers beautiful dresses made of chiffon and satin, they are emphatically feminine. These are bright, delicate, fabulous robes, as if created for New Year’s Eve.

Gucci invites us not to be afraid of jewelry. Large necklaces made of stones, feathers, metallic fabrics. The designer seems to offer us to turn into a bright bird, sparkling with plumage.

Beautiful models are also presented in the Vera Wang collection. The same emphasized elegance and emphasis on femininity. Soft, fragile looks and interesting colors can be found in the bridal collection.

Carolina Herrera offers dresses decorated with jewelry-like elements.

It should be noted that almost all designers sing of naturalness. Natural fabrics, soothing colors, safe dyes and decor.

Basic styles and styles

A long evening New Year’s dress is perfect for an image in a classic style. It can be a dress with straps, with bare shoulders or a closed neck. Long dresses can be found in almost all collections of this season. The highlight will be the belt or the presence of pockets.

Lush New Year’s dresses will create a defenseless, romantic look. Every man in his heart dreams of becoming a knight and a protector. Undoubtedly, such an image will attract the attention of the stronger half (Victoria Beckham collection).

Owners of beautiful legs can safely choose short New Year’s dresses. Despite the trend towards lengthening skirts, many stylists still offer short models. Especially such dresses are convenient for corporate parties. Silk, satin, velvet dresses are exactly what you need for such an occasion. A straight silhouette, fitted and accentuated by a belt, beautiful shoes and a hairstyle will help you create an irresistible look and spend time in comfort.

In addition to fashionable blue-green shades, one of the leading places when choosing a dress for New Year’s Eve is occupied by golden shades. It can be metallized fabrics of gold, silver color (Michael Kors).

Trying to please capricious fashionistas, stylists also offer a beautiful knitted New Year’s dress with openwork patterns. They resemble sheer lace with matching or contrasting lining. Such dresses can be with bare shoulders and back.

New Year’s dresses for girls, astrologers recommend choosing blue or green. But it is worth noting that other natural colors, such as white, black, brown, gray, are also suitable.

New Year’s models are decorated with rhinestones and sequins, embroidery and metallic elements, it is only important to know when to stop and not cross the line between taste and bad taste. As accessories, be sure to pick up a leather strap. A smart pair of shoes will complete the look.


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