New Year's jacket 2019 - the most fashionable ideas for nails of any length

On the eve of the New Year, each young lady is sure to sign up for her favorite master to make a beautiful festive manicure. Often the choice of fashionistas falls on French nail art, which looks just great. New Year’s jacket 2019 is very diverse, so every girl will be able to choose the right option.

New Year’s French manicure 2019

Stylists and designers insist that the female image, intended for the New Year 2019, be replete with bright colors and catchy decor. The same applies to the design of nail plates — manicure for the New Year 2019, French, looks bold, interesting and original. The most popular version of such nail art this season has become a French manicure with a lot of sparkles, which can be either scattered over all fingers or used to highlight accent claws.

Meanwhile, those women who try to avoid too bright details of the image can give their preference to the classic French manicure, because it will never lose its relevance and will be able to emphasize the good taste of its owner. The New Year’s jacket of the 2019 season is very diverse, so each young lady will be able to choose the option that suits her more than others:

  • classic — a snow-white smile line and the most natural main surface of the nail, which can be covered with both transparent and nude gel polish;
  • New Year’s jacket 2019, combined with a moon manicure. This design, in which the crescent area and the edge of the nail plate are highlighted using the same method, looks very stylish and attractive and is ideal for a holiday and subsequent vacations;
  • original nail art with an unusual smile shape — it can be either geometric shapes or beveled elements, or a festive garland or an imitation of frosty patterns;
  • New Year’s manicure 2019 french with a pattern on a festive theme. The most popular option will be the image of the symbol of the coming year.

New Year's French manicure 2019New Year's manicure 2019 French with a pattern

New Year’s jacket 2019 for short nails

Current fashion trends do not oblige the fair sex to grow or build up long claws. On the contrary, this season the most natural contours and short length with perfectly processed cuticles and hand skin remain in trend. For those girls who have chosen a short length of nails for themselves, the jacket for the New Year 2019 is best done in light, discreet colors that visually lengthen the plates.

The most relevant option this season will remain a classic with a transparent base and a snow-white smile line. To diversify this familiar design and make it more festive and elegant, nail art masters are advised to supplement it with small patterns, for example, snowflakes or Christmas trees, stretching with sparkles or a rhinestone pattern.

New Year's jacket 2019 for short nailsfrench for new year 2019

New Year’s jacket 2019 for long nails

Happy owners of long and strong claws are completely unlimited in choosing a festive design of nail plates. Due to the sufficient area of ​​the claws, any large and small images, voluminous decorative elements and much more can be placed on them. New Year’s jacket on nails 2019 can be made in a variety of color shades — for girls with long nails, stylists recommend opting for bright colors or a «winter» blue-and-blue color scheme.

New Year's jacket 2019 for long nailsNew Year's jacket on nails 2019

Manicure ideas for the New Year 2019 — french

Every woman who wants to look as feminine and attractive as possible can give her preference to exquisite French nail art. Most of the girls choose the classic variation of this design, in which the main part of the nail plate is covered with a transparent gel polish, since with this method of application, overgrown nails remain invisible for a long period of time.

Meanwhile, modern masters of manicure art offer a huge variety of stylish, interesting and original ideas based on a classic jacket. The following options are best for celebrating the New Year:

  • New Year’s white jacket 2019, complemented by any shiny elements — rhinestones, glitter, sequins, rubbing, foil, and so on;
  • a combination of French manicure and knitted design;
  • for owners of long and wide nail plates — nail art with large stucco decorative elements;
  • New Year’s jacket 2019 with a matte top;
  • options with a wide variety of drawings on a festive theme;
  • gradient or ombre design.

manicure ideas for the new year 2019 frenchnew year white french 2019

Manicure ideas for the New Year 2019 — french

Classic New Year French 2019

French manicure for the New Year 2019 in a classic color scheme is perfect in every way. It is perfect for any outfit, it will be appropriate after the holiday, it will emphasize the excellent taste of its owner and make her image as attractive as possible. Even without finishing, this option is fully consistent with the winter season, as it is associated with snow and frosty weather.

In addition, the classic New Year’s jacket 2019 can be supplemented with the following types of decor:

  • thematic drawings;
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • broths;
  • foil;
  • acrylic powder.

classic new year french 2019french manicure for new year 2019

White jacket for the New Year 2019

An exquisite French manicure with a snow-white nail plate first made itself known in 2018 and has not lost its position at all. New Year’s white jacket on nails 2019 looks very simple and concise, but at the same time it fully corresponds to the atmosphere of the holiday and emphasizes the feminine charm of the hostess. The smile line in such a design can be designed in different ways — covered with colored gel polish, highlighted with sparkles, rubbing or rhinestones, decorated with lace, vignettes or frosty patterns, and much more.

white jacket for the new year 2019

Red New Year French 2019

Passionate, courageous and self-confident women are perfect for a red New Year’s manicure-jacket 2019, which will be a bright addition to the festive look. Even in the simplest version — with a red smile line and a neutral or transparent base — this design looks very elegant and solemn, therefore it is perfect for the New Year. In addition, you can add drawings for 1-2 fingers or a small amount of sparkles to such nail art.

red new year jacket 2019red New Year's manicure french 2019

Yellow jacket for the New Year 2019

In each season, nail art becomes especially relevant, for the creation of which the favorite color of the patron of the coming year is used. The yellow earthen pig, which is the symbol of 2019, favors all shades of yellow-brown color scheme, which is why they have become the most preferred in the world of manicure art.

New Year’s French manicure 2019, made in yellow shades, looks very attractive, but at the same time original. The choice of such a design obliges to carefully select all the components of a fashionable image, since it is far from being combined with any outfit and in some situations may be inappropriate. However, the right details of a fashionable look’ f will make it very interesting, warm and positive, which will add a touch of good mood to the young lady herself and to everyone around her.

Like all other types of design, the New Year’s yellow jacket 2019 can be supplemented with rhinestones or broths, foil ribbons, thematic drawings and other decorative elements. In addition, such nail art looks charming in a matte finish, which can be located on all or accent fingers.

yellow jacket for new year 2019new year french manicure 2019

New Year’s French manicure 2019 — gradient

Beautiful New Year’s nail design 2019, French with a gradient, looks very bright, festive and extraordinary, so it is ideal for celebrating the New Year in any conditions — at home, in a restaurant, in the countryside and in other places. This design looks best in cold «snowy» shades — blue, blue, purple, azure, green and others. In addition, young ladies can choose a New Year’s jacket 2019 in pink and red shades, for example, the transition from hot pink Barbie to deep wine will look very attractive.

new year manicure french 2019 gradient

New Year’s jacket 2019 with sparkles

One of the best holiday options are New Year’s French and Glitter Nails 2019, which look very impressive. Creating such nail art is incredibly simple, and any young lady will cope with this task, however, the result is able to exceed all possible expectations. As a rule, in such a design, with the help of sparkles, the smile line is highlighted, but with them you can also make all kinds of stretches or apply original patterns.

New Year's jacket 2019 with sparklesNew Year's nails with French and sparkles 2019

New Year’s manicure 2019 with snowflakes

Nail design for the New Year 2019, French, can be supplemented with one of the most popular winter patterns — cute snowflakes. You can draw them yourself using acrylic paint or gel polish, or you can use special stickers or stencils, which are presented in an incredibly wide range. In addition, such a pattern looks very textured and interesting, complemented by rhinestones or stones or sprinkled with acrylic powder.

New Year's manicure 2019 with snowflakesnail design for new year 2019 french

New Year’s jacket with bears 2019

Fashionable New Year’s manicure 2019, French, can be complemented by a variety of thematic patterns. One of the most popular motifs on the eve of the New Year is the charming Teddy bears, which in most cases are depicted on the nails in knitted hats with a pompon. Drawing such an animal is not easy, so it is best to turn to a professional for help. In addition, there should not be many funny bears — stylists recommend decorating only 1-2 accent fingers with them.

new year jacket with bears 2019fashionable New Year's manicure 2019 french

French New Year’s manicure 2019 with rhinestones

The current New Year’s jacket 2018-2019 can be complemented by bright sparkling crystals or rhinestones, which can be colored or transparent. At the same time, both abstract scattering and symbolic images created from rhinestones are at the top of popularity. So, with the help of these shiny elements, you can put Christmas balls, snowflakes or garlands on the nail plates. The design looks very stylish and interesting when, with the help of rhinestones, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole is highlighted or the edge of the nail is separated from the main surface.

french new year manicure 2019 with rhinestonesnew year french 2018 2019

Bright New Year French 2019

A beautiful New Year’s jacket 2019 can be made with coatings of a variety of color shades, combining them in different ways and combining several in one design. Since the New Year is a very fun and noisy holiday that most people celebrate in companies, bright colored nail art will suit it perfectly. To achieve an impressive result, masters of manicure art are advised to choose the brightest and most saturated color shades.

bright New Year's jacket 2019beautiful new year french 2019

Black New Year’s jacket 2019

The stylish New Year’s jacket 2019, made in black, is considered universal, as it goes well with any outfit. Meanwhile, it is worth considering that the black coating applied to the smile line is suitable only for owners of long claws, while on short ones it will create the effect of dirt under the nails and make the manicure sloppy and sloppy.

The design, in which black gel polish was used to cover the main surface of the plates, looks good on any length of nails, especially when complemented with gold or silver sparkles. In addition, the option with horizontal foil strips that are glued along the smile line looks very stylish.

black new year jacket 2019stylish New Year's jacket 2019


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