New Year's jacket - the most fashionable ideas of the season for short and long nails

On the eve of the most long-awaited winter holidays, I want to think over the image to the smallest detail in order to look attractive, stylish and original. Often just small details can add that very zest and stand out from the rest. And one of the topical solutions is a manicure. A win-win choice for any bow was the New Year’s jacket.

New Year French 2019

This season, stylists predict the relevance of bright and catchy solutions in nail design for the New Year. Such a detail in the overall image will add attractiveness and originality. However, the French style can also be kept in a laconic restrained solution, as a stylish addition to the overall look, where the main accents are made on other elements. You are the choice of popular nail-art designers highlighting trendy classic ideas and designs with interesting finishes. Let’s see the most stylish New Year’s jacket on nails 2019:

  1. Classic. The traditional design with a combination of a white smile and a neutral background remains an up-to-date solution for a beautiful festive look. In this design, you can add a Feng Shui finish or use a pearl rub for more attractiveness.
  2. Unusual smile shape. The original choice would be to highlight the edge of the nail plates with a geometric or beveled strip. These ideas include designs with patterns, such as a garland, as a way to accentuate the French style.
  3. with holes. Manicure looks stylish and attractive with highlighting not only the edge, but the crescent of the nail plate. And in this case, you can stop at the traditional colors, as well as bright shades, sparkles, colored foil.
  4. With symbol of the year. The actual addition to accentuate the theme is the paraphernalia in the form of symbols of the coming year. In the coming season, the symbol will be the Yellow Pig, but the animal can also be drawn in pink, in the form of a cartoon or fairy tale character.

New Year’s jacket for long nails

Owners of nails of a beautiful long shape are not limited in choosing a festive design. The style of manicure can be kept in a restrained and concise direction, adhering to the traditional color combination. But a New Year’s jacket on nails with catchy decor will look more expressive and elegant. Here you can apply the technique of artistic painting with interesting plots or images of New Year attributes. A stylish solution would be to use a shiny tool — sequins, rhinestones, glitter, rubbing, liquid and tape foil.

New Year's jacket for long nails

New Year’s jacket for short nails

This season, natural contours remain in trend. However, before a decorative coating, it is important to pay attention to cosmetology. Soft and streamlined borders are in fashion — square, oval, almond. Be sure to treat the cuticles and skin of the hands, as the short length of the nail plates accentuates these areas as well. New Year’s French manicure stylists offer to do in light, discreet colors. The traditional combination of a white smile and a neutral base can be complemented with a beautiful feng shui pattern on one finger. The decor in the form of stretching with sparkles is also considered an actual solution.

New Year's jacket for short nails

New Year’s jacket on sharp nails

The pointed shape of the nail plates remains fashionable this season. Such a refined contour gives grace to the hands as a whole. And in this case, stylists offer to emphasize beautiful borders as much as possible with the help of design. New Year’s French manicure 2019 for sharp nails is presented in bright and rich colors. One of the most relevant is blue lacquer. This shade looks interesting in an ensemble with silver sparkles, which even without decor already corresponds to the festive style. An original idea would be the interpretation of Santa Claus hats on the edges of the nail plates.

New Year's jacket on sharp nails

New Year’s jacket ideas

The advantage of French manicure is that even with the growth of the nail plate, the design looks beautiful and fresh. Therefore, such ideas are relevant for both everyday and holiday bows. When making thematic nail-art, it is worth emphasizing the direction of the idea with the help of decoration — drawing, decor, false decorations. Let’s see the most beautiful New Year’s jacket:

  1. Feng Shui. A stylish solution to complement the traditional combination of a white smile and a neutral background is to highlight one or two fingers with a trim. It can be a drawing, an overlay decor or a combination of colors corresponding to the New Year.
  2. Matte. Fingers always look neat and tidy with a matte top finish. The non-reflective coating looks especially impressive in combination with white varnish and textured patterns in the style of frosty patterns on glass, snowflakes and other things.
  3. Knitted. In winter, textured patterns in the form of knitted braids and aran will be an actual addition to stylish nail-art. This option is considered more casual and will add a touch of comfort to the image.
  4. with sculpting. Additions in the form of acrylic modeling look very interesting and attractive. And such decorations can be directional, as a certain thematic attribute, or be abstract with the effect of frozen glass or snow.

White New Year’s jacket

The most successful choice is the traditional coating with a white smile and a neutral background. This option, even without finishing, corresponds to the winter season. The New Year’s white jacket 2019 is also presented in an ensemble with a bright addition. For example, on a plain light base, you can make a smile with red or blue sparkles. A fashionable solution would be patterns with acrylic powder and finishing with a matte top. Stylists also offer a white French New Year’s design in the style of Feng Shui. In this case, thematic drawings on one or two fingers are considered the most relevant.

white Christmas jacket

Red New Year’s jacket

The festive theme in the image will be perfectly emphasized by the bright happy coloring of the varnish. Red New Year’s French manicure will become not only a stylish addition, but also a catchy accent. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the care of the skin of the hands and cuticles. In this color, stylists offer several interesting solutions. The simplest is to highlight the edge of the nail with red varnish in combination with a neutral or transparent base. Here you can add sparkles or a pattern on one finger. A jacket with a red base and a green smile looks more saturated and attractive.

red christmas jacket

Blue New Year’s jacket

The blue palette is considered the actual coloring not only for the holiday, but also for the entire winter period. Rich sapphire and cold blue shades have become especially popular. New Year’s French nail design can be done with a colored smile on a neutral or transparent background, adding silver sparkles. An interesting solution would be to highlight the edge with blue and white varnishes, as an interpretation of a snowy night. The Feng Shui style is also in trend. In this case, two fingers can be covered in a dark color and make a thematic drawing, use stickers or sliders.

blue christmas jacket

New Year’s jacket with sparkles

Brilliant decor has become an actual addition to the festive manicure. Sequins are considered the simplest, but very attractive tool. Stylists use varnish, which includes glitter, and loose powder. French with a New Year’s design is popular with the decor of a metallic shade in gold or silver. With the help of a brilliant varnish, you can highlight a smile or make a beautiful stretch. The powder is suitable for creating textured patterns and abstractions on the nails. Other decorations can be added to this addition — rhinestones, foil, art painting.

New Year's jacket with sparkles

New Year’s jacket with snowflakes

One of the most popular solutions is the pattern in the form of ice stars on the nails. This design is suitable not only for a themed holiday look, but also for the entire winter period. New Year’s French manicure with snowflakes can be done both in traditional colors and in bright colors. The actual technique for finishing will be hand-painted. The pattern can be picked up in stickers or transfers. If you want to emphasize your creativity and originality, make a textured drawing with acrylic powder. Rhinestones or stones laid out in the form of an ice star also look interesting.

New Year's jacket with snowflakes

French with a New Year’s pattern

Beautiful images and abstract patterns in the art painting technique always attract attention and accentuate the originality of the image. The trend is bright and rich thematic drawings. The most popular are images of winter characters — a snowman, Santa Claus, a decorated Christmas tree. Christmas balls with shiny ribbons look interesting and stylish. On the nails, you can convey the plot of the last minutes before the chiming clock with the help of a watch. The most suitable background is a New Year’s white jacket with a pattern. For a bright accent in the image, it is better to use rich varnishes.

french with new year pattern

New Year’s jacket with rhinestones

The design with sparkling crystals always looks elegant and spectacular. For a winter holiday theme, both transparent rhinestones and colored stones of different sizes are suitable. The trend is generous abstract scattering and directional images of crystals. A New Year’s French manicure with rhinestones can be done in the Feng Shui style, highlighting one or two fingers with stones. Ideas with snowflakes, Christmas balls, a garland are considered relevant. Rhinestones can be used to complement a pattern, such as eyes or snowman buttons. Stones can lay out a hole in a classic manicure.

New Year's jacket with rhinestones

Colored New Year’s jacket

New Year’s Eve is always fun and noisy. The atmosphere is filled with multi-colored garland lanterns and a decorated Christmas tree. This idea can be transferred to the ideas of festive nail design. A beautiful New Year’s French manicure can be made with varnishes with sparkles of different color shades. And the richer the colors, the more attractive the nail-art will be. A popular solution was the combination of a green smile with a neutral base and a pattern of Christmas decorations. Here you can draw a garland or the whole Christmas tree. Another stylish choice is a gradient smile. Rainbow ombre has become fashionable.

colored New Year's french

Golden New Year French

Always elegant style and a touch of sophistication golden hue in nail design. The easiest way to make such a nail-art is a New Year’s French manicure with sparkles. Glitter can act both as a smile finish and as a base in an ensemble with bright red, blue or green varnish. A spectacular addition will be a drawing on one finger in Feng Shui. Here you can draw a Christmas tree of an unusual shape, a ball, a clock or a festive character. In addition to glitter, you can use tape or liquid foil. But such a tool is more suitable for decoration.

golden christmas jacket

Black New Year’s jacket

Another win-win choice, universal for any outfit, is the design in black. If you are using a dark lacquer to highlight your smile, it is worth remembering that for a short length such a shade will create the effect of dirt under the nails. Therefore, this option is suitable for owners of long nail plates. French in New Year’s style with black lacquer can be done according to Feng Shui, painting two fingers in one color and adding a beautiful thematic pattern. The dark classic color looks great in an ensemble with silver or gold sparkles, foil, rhinestones.

black New Year's jacket


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