New Year's look - 55 best holiday looks for the New Year

On the eve of the main festive night, each girl carefully thinks over her New Year’s image. To look great at an event dedicated to this celebration, you need to choose a beautiful and elegant outfit, make a spectacular hairstyle, makeup and manicure, and complement it with suitable accessories.

Image for the New Year 2018

New Year’s festive image of a fashionista should be thought out to the smallest detail. Her outfit, hairstyle, makeup — everything should match the situation, take into account the existing flaws in the figure and appearance, be sustained in a single style. In addition, most modern girls are keenly interested in the eastern calendar and try to pick up all the components of the bow in such a way as to please the symbol of the coming year.

The New Year’s image of 2018 obeys the requirements of the yellow earth dog. This animal is favored by yellow and red tones and their numerous shades, rigor and restraint, conciseness and showiness. The dog does not tolerate excessive pretentiousness and vulgarity, so during the celebration it is not recommended to get carried away with too open outfits, high cuts, deep necklines, and so on. With decor, you also need to be careful — it should not be too much.

image for the new year 2018new year image 2018

New Year’s image for a corporate party 2018

Girls and women pay special attention to the selection of a stylish and attractive bow on the eve of a corporate party. Employees in all organizations look forward to this festive event, because it allows you to relax, take a break from work, communicate with colleagues in an informal setting, demonstrate your individuality and the ability to select great outfits.

A fashionable look for the New Year 2018, suitable for a corporate party, usually includes an elegant cocktail dress and elegant high-heeled shoes. It is best to complement such a set with an elegant clutch and spectacular jewelry. Meanwhile, some fashionistas, especially older women, often choose a completely different look for a New Year’s corporate party — an exquisite suit consisting of classic trousers or a pencil skirt and a feminine jacket with decor.

New Year's image for a corporate party 2018fashionable image for the new year 2018

Images for a New Year’s photo shoot

In the past few years, many families have a tradition to take part in a festive photo shoot dedicated to the arrival of the New Year. This event leaves behind an invaluable memory — photographs that allow you to observe with interest how all family members change over time, and with what mood they enter a new milestone in their lives.

As a rule, in each such photo shoot, not one New Year’s look is used, but 2 or 3 at once. Family or corporate group members can change clothes and change their hairstyle to get completely different pictures without leaving the photo studio. There can be a great variety of options for such looks, for example:

  • elegant classic. A traditional image for the New Year, in which women put on luxurious evening dresses, and men put on strict and sophisticated suits;

images for the new year photo shoot

  • irresistible romance. Any photo session dedicated to the arrival of the New Year can be combined with the upcoming Valentine’s Day and filled with an atmosphere of love. In this case, elegant dresses or sets consisting of a top and a skirt are chosen for photographing, demonstrating the unique charm and femininity of their owner, and comfortable jeans with knitted pullovers for men;

image for the new year

  • home atmosphere. In this option, all family members wear stylish but comfortable clothes that are comfortable to be at home. Looking at the photographs resulting from such a session, one can notice with the naked eye that the life of this family is filled with love, tenderness and homeliness;

images for the new year photo shoot

  • original solutions. Another interesting New Year’s image for the corresponding photo shoot, many photographers call «zimushka-winter». To create it, sets of knitted accessories are used;

image for the new year

  • Finally, the most popular option is the well-known family look. New Year’s family look, in which all participants of different ages, regardless of age and social status, are dressed exactly the same, look incredibly stylish and very interesting.

images for the new year photo shoot

Images for a New Year’s family photo shoot

Any images for a New Year’s photo shoot for a family should convey the atmosphere that reigns in it. So, if the center of the family at the moment is a newborn baby or a child under the age of 3 years, in most cases it is depicted at home. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to dress up all family members in bathrobes and pajamas — comfortable jeans and warm jumpers, suitable for celebrating the New Year at home with your family, are also a great option.

For a couple without children, you can choose a New Year’s image of a different format. So, for serious, business people, a set of identical suits will suit, and for romantic natures who have recently become a social unit, a cute and delicate dress and a nice pullover for men. To make the atmosphere more festive will help the use of appropriate decor elements — all kinds of Christmas trees, snowmen, candy canes and so on.

images for a new year family photo shootimages for a New Year's photo shoot for the family

Image for a New Year’s photo shoot for lovers

Often, young lovers wish to capture their love story in photographs and keep their love story for a long time. A fashionable image for the New Year for this couple can be created in two traditional ways — absolutely identical or completely opposite outfits in meaning. So, some lovers think over fashionable looks based on such ideas as “yin and yang” or “angel and demon”. You can complement such an interesting photo shoot with all kinds of hearts that have a festive touch.

image for a New Year's photo shoot of loverstrendy look for the new year

Image for a New Year’s photo shoot for a girl

New Year’s images for girls 2018, which can also be used for photo shoots, are very diverse, for example:

  • luxurious classic — a chic evening dress, complemented by appropriate accessories;
  • home comfort — a warm bathrobe or pajamas with New Year’s symbols;
  • funny New Year — jeans and a knitted pullover with a bright print or appliqué on a festive theme.

image for a New Year's photo shoot for a girlNew Year's images for girls 2018

Stylish images for the New Year

A variety of images for the New Year’s party can be evening and elegant, funny and funny, sophisticated and businesslike. To look stylish and attractive, it is important to think through all the details — choose wardrobe items that are in harmony in color and design, complement them with suitable shoes and accessories, set the tone and mood with hair and makeup.

stylish outfits for the new yearimages for new year party

Fashionable New Year’s look with a dress

A festive look for the New Year is very often based on maxi-length evening dresses. Meanwhile, this is far from the only possible option. So, to celebrate this holiday with the family, a knitted or knitted product in combination with a set of accessories is perfect. In most cases, shoes for such a bow are not worn; if desired, they can be replaced with warm socks or cozy high slippers.

For a celebration with friends or colleagues, you can wear a pretty cocktail dress, the hem of which usually does not reach the kneecap. This outfit is almost always complemented with elegant high-heeled shoes and a matching clutch. Finally, in some cases, depending on the theme of the event, a dress in a retro style or an alternative youth direction may come in handy. When creating such a look, be sure to work out the appropriate style elements, for example, high hairstyles are usually made for a retro outfit.

fashionable New Year's image with a dressfestive image for the new year

New Year’s look with a skirt

Many modern fashionistas create an elegant and romantic look for the New Year with a skirt and blouse. This option is great for those girls who do not want to look like everyone else. Today, to compile such an outfit, you can use different styles of skirts, but the tulip skirt, puffy midi or maxi-length sun skirt and elegant pencil skirt look the best. Older women of fashion often give their preference to an exquisite year-length skirt, which allows emphasizing the slimness and femininity of the silhouette.

New Year's look with a skirtimage for the new year with a skirt

New Year’s look with trousers

A festive New Year’s look with trousers is not common, but it can also help a woman showcase her individual style. To look really impressive, for meeting the main night of the year or a corporate event, stylists recommend choosing wardrobe items made of velvet, velor or satin — these materials look expensive and luxurious and will perfectly match the holiday atmosphere. For those who prefer home comfort, you can stop at any model in which a woman feels comfort and convenience.

New Year's look with trousersnew year look with pants

New Year’s images for full

It can be extremely difficult for full ladies to choose a stylish look for a New Year’s corporate party or New Year’s celebration. However, there are plenty of win-win options that will help every woman look great, such as high-waisted dresses, peplum dresses that cover the protruding parts of the body, ruffles and frills that help to make the silhouette more proportionate.

The color of the image for a fashionista with appetizing shapes can be different — cornflower blue, purple, emerald green look good. Although many plump women prefer traditional black, this is fundamentally wrong — other shades are also able to hide extra pounds without making the fashion look too gloomy and mournful. In this case, it is better to refuse light tones, although they also look great on some ladies.

New Year's images for fullStylish look for New Year's corporate party

New Year’s images for pregnant women

Every girl wants to create a beautiful image for the New Year, including the expectant mother. As a rule, young ladies in an “interesting” position choose elegant dresses with a high waist, a wrap or other details to hide the tummy for such an occasion. The main thing is not to wear those outfits that can cause discomfort, because the expectant mother will have to be in it for a long time.

New Year's images for pregnant womenbeautiful image for the new year


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