New Year's manicure - a beautiful design in a festive winter style

On the eve of the holidays, I want to transform and bring a unique charm to the image. New Year’s manicure will help to harmoniously complement the outfit and will be able to become a highlight. The symbol of the year tends towards restrained and simple designs, but all sorts of shiny details can be applied.

Manicure New Year’s nail design

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of ideas that present a chic New Year’s manicure:

  1. Light colors with metallic and silver elements will be considered in demand.
  2. You should not turn to a bright red palette, so as not to anger the symbol of the year — the Ox.
  3. It is worth applying a little rhinestones, glitter and confetti on your nails to create a New Year’s mood.
  4. A suitable New Year’s drawing is welcome, these are snowflakes, New Year’s balls and various variants of thematic drawings.
  5. Preference in colors will be given to such shades as white, beige, brown, red, gold, silver, green, pink.
  6. In the trend, the New Year’s manicure, made in a knitted version, is applied to the nails with a coating that has an original relief structure.

manicure new year nail designchic New Year's manicurestylish New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure on the form of «ballerina»

An interesting shape of nails, known as the “ballerina”, is in fashion, which looks like pointed tips with a sharp and blunt cut. A fashionable New Year’s manicure will look unsurpassed on it:

  1. On this form, a light and monochromatic design becomes relevant.
  2. You can refer to the French manicure. When creating it, there will be no familiar rounded lines, so the design has been transformed, strict lines are used.
  3. On this form, the variant of velvet sand is welcome. It will look great in any color. Velvet sand perfectly creates a knitted design.
  4. A green New Year’s manicure will be a great solution, it can be a brilliant option or a deep rich color. It looks especially fantastic if you use a rub with a reflective surface.
  5. To implement the New Year’s idea, you can turn to the golden fragments. The top of the nails can be decorated with gold or their entire surface can be covered.

New Year's manicure on the shape of a ballerinafashionable New Year's manicure

Delicate New Year’s manicure almonds

On a feminine almond-shaped form, you can embody a stylish New Year’s manicure:

  1. The ideal would be an option where drawings are used that are associated with the main winter holidays. It can be Christmas trees, silhouettes of Santa Claus, tangerines, gifts and Christmas decorations. Do not forget about the main symbol of the year.
  2. A manicure with snowflakes will look gentle and beautiful. To create it, you can use a dark base, it is allowed to prepare a jacket.
  3. White monograms and lace patterns on black lacquer look great. This design is perfect for any evening look.
  4. No less relevant will be the option of a New Year’s manicure with a velvety-matte effect.

gentle New Year's manicure almondsstylish New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure on square nails

Owners of a practical square-shaped nails can make both complex and easy New Year’s manicure:

  1. A good option for a square shape would be stamping. It does not require much time in the design, while it looks flawless and bright. This technique consists in the fact that the pattern is imprinted on the nail and covered with a protective layer of varnish. For the New Year, there are their own theme options, these are snowflakes, Christmas trees and thematic drawings.
  2. Black can be applied to a square shape, which will be additionally decorated with glitter and sparkles.
  3. You can also turn to the white color of the varnish, which is perfectly complemented by other beautiful shades. A gradient would be a great option.

New Year's manicure on square nailseasy New Year's manicurewinter New Year's manicure

Silver New Year’s manicure

Incredibly relevant is the New Year’s bright manicure and eye-catching, made in a silver version:

  1. Individual accents can be made using silver sequins. This will help convey the New Year’s atmosphere, give the image of fabulousness and magic.
  2. A discreet option would be a New Year’s silver French manicure. Sequins will be present only on the edge of the nail or reach the middle.
  3. If you create moon nail art, then the sparkles can be located at the base.
  4. In the silver version, you can cover one nail, decorate the others with nude varnish, for symmetry, you can apply one small rhinestone each.
  5. If you create a picture, then snowflakes look great in silver, for a brighter effect they can be decorated with rhinestones.

silver New Year's manicurebright New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure with snowflakes

An invariably relevant holiday trend is a beautiful New Year’s manicure with snowflakes:

  1. A detail can be either drawn or made in a three-dimensional version.
  2. The snowflake is perfectly combined with the ombre design, where two close colors become the base, and small snowflakes are scattered on the sides.
  3. The design with a snowflake and a snowman will look original.
  4. The basis for snowflakes can be white or blue, the color of the elements will depend on this.
  5. For brightness, you can use glitter varnish, and in the middle of the snowflake you can place a rhinestone.
  6. New Year’s French manicure with snowflakes has a bewitching effect, where this decor is located in the middle on a transparent basis.

New Year's manicure with snowflakesNew Year's modern manicure

New Year’s manicure with deer

New Year’s manicure for youth, containing images of deer, is capable of bringing perky notes to the image:

  1. Often a deer pattern is applied to the ring finger so that the nail art is not too sticky.
  2. A bright New Year’s manicure can be made in pink, as a decoration, in addition to deer, snowflakes and circles will be drawn.
  3. An excellent combination would be a deer depicted on a manicure and a similar sweater design, an unsurpassed New Year’s look will come out.
  4. A gentle nude manicure can also be created with a deer, the animal is drawn on one of the fingers.
  5. The deer does not have to be completely drawn, you can only create a silhouette in the form of a head with horns.
  6. The deer head can be created using geometry. The black base will look expressive, on which the drawing is applied in bright pink and blue tones.

New Year's manicure with deerNew Year's youth manicure

New Year’s manicure with a Christmas tree

Many girls want to see a Christmas tree not only at home, but also on their nails. In this case, the appropriate winter New Year’s manicure will come to the rescue:

  1. On the nails, the Christmas tree may not be completely drawn, in the form of a wavy line, and a star is depicted at the top.
  2. A whole New Year’s plot can be created on the nails, this is a Christmas tree with kamifubuki on one finger, and New Year’s balls on the other.
  3. The green color of the Christmas tree is often combined with gold, it comes out really magical. In addition, the Christmas tree can be not only gold, but in any other color, such as blue or black.
  4. The minimalist design with the Christmas tree looks great on a matte background to give brightness, the Christmas tree can be depicted in a snowy version.
  5. New Year’s beauty can be made in geometric form.

New Year's manicure with a Christmas treewinter New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure «sweater»

In the cold season, a warming New Year’s knitted manicure looks like:

  1. This design is accompanied by beautiful three-dimensional patterns or flat knitted patterns.
  2. Knitted design can be created in different ways, these are plain “sweater” nails, two or three color options, voluminous braids on nails, transparent knitted patterns and the use of golden foil.
  3. The simplest version of a sweater is created using stamping. The volume version is created using gel and acrylic powder. Let’s also say nail art that looks like a 3D braid.
  4. For New Year’s design, you can turn to chocolate manicure, where white and metallic varnishes are used to apply the pattern.
  5. An excellent option would be the coloring in beige-nude colors, where there will be a sweater and snowflakes.
  6. Knitted design looks beautiful in pink and blue, purple and white and gray and white.

new year manicure sweaterNew Year's knitted manicure

Manicure with Christmas balls

Another stylish holiday trend is the Christmas ball manicure:

  1. Christmas balls are the brightest option in the New Year theme, because you can use absolutely any color when creating.
  2. A gentle option can be a nude manicure with a voluminous transparent Christmas tree toy.
  3. On a white background, you can create a blue combination of balls.
  4. The basis for bright balls can be a matte manicure, complemented by a bright Christmas tree toy.
  5. Balls can be made fluffy, which will add a special charm to them.
  6. This design often uses «broken glass» material or the balls are made up of sequins or rhinestones.

manicure with Christmas ballsNew Year's ball manicure

New Year’s manicure with a clock

A New Year’s manicure with a clock on the nails has a truly bewitching effect:

  1. Clocks are often made on a black background, and sparkles or snowflakes can be used as an addition.
  2. For tenderness, you can turn to a white background, as an additional decor, glitter or foil can be used.
  3. Often, Roman numerals are used to depict the watch dial, which is most reminiscent of the New Year.
  4. The watch pattern can be combined with a knitted design.
  5. The dial can be depicted not on one, but on two nails, then every detail will be colorfully drawn.

New Year's manicure with a clockNew Year's manicure with a clock on the nails

New Year’s manicure with a glass

New Year is associated with a certain alcoholic drink, it can be a glass of sparkling champagne or red wine. The image of such an element can serve as a kind of decor that will decorate the New Year’s modern manicure:

  1. The glass can be drawn in the usual way or made in a three-dimensional version.
  2. Alcoholic nail art is often complemented by such popular techniques as rubbing, gradient, decoration of individual nails with small sparkles is used. The result is an unsurpassed brilliant New Year’s manicure.
  3. One or two nails should be singled out with this decoration, it is recommended to leave the rest in a monophonic design.
  4. The image of a glass and a masquerade mask looks unique; a dark color will be a suitable background for them.
  5. The nail plate, designed in the form of a glass of champagne, will look creative. A suitable form for such a pattern would be a «ballerina».

New Year's manicure with a glassNew Year's modern manicure

New Year’s manicure with tangerines

In winter, tangerine will become an actual fruit on the nail plates. Such a manicure in the New Year’s style will attract everyone’s attention:

  1. For tangerines to really look bright, their base should be white.
  2. The delicate pastel color of the varnish can also be complemented with tangerine slices.
  3. In addition to the main pattern, you can add rhinestones or beads.

New Year's manicure with tangerinesNew Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure with a snowman

To plunge into a winter fairy tale, you can use this kind of nail art as a New Year’s snowman manicure:

  1. A snowman figurine, depicted on one of the fingers, will attract attention, and for the rest of the nails, you can choose a plain blue, transparent or blue varnish.
  2. The snowman can be complemented by other symbols of the frosty season, these are snowflakes, snowdrifts and Christmas trees.
  3. The application of silver sparkles, metallic foil is welcome, such elements are the favorites of the symbol of the year.

New Year's manicureNew Year's manicure snowman

New Year’s manicure «Lollipop»

On the eve of the New Year, one often wants to return to childhood for a moment and believe in miracles. A vivid example of the embodiment of such an idea will be a manicure with a New Year’s theme «lollipop»:

  1. On the nails, you can create a candy presentation in the form of a multi-colored candy cane.
  2. The ideal option would be to create round red and white lollipops.
  3. Such a manicure can be drawn with ordinary colors or a variant of glitter varnish.

manicure New Year's lollipopChristmas themed manicure

New Year’s manicure with Santa Claus

New Year’s manicure with a picture depicting Santa Claus continues to be invariably relevant:

  1. Since the Bull, the symbol of the year, does not welcome the color red, the traditional red and white outfit of Santa Claus can be depicted in other tones, for example, take white and blue as the basis.
  2. The figure of Santa Claus can be drawn in its entirety or only his face can be depicted.
  3. On the nail plates, you can create whole compositions, including not only Santa Claus, but also a snowman, a Christmas tree, a sleigh, and deer.

New Year's manicure with Santa ClausNew Year's manicure with a pattern

New Year’s manicure with bullfinches

Another stylish trend that has enjoyed well-deserved popularity for many seasons in a row is the New Year’s manicure «bullfinches»:

  • in order not to overload the nail art, not everything can be selected for the picture, but only one or more fingers;
  • the composition includes bright birds that are drawn or made voluminous. Snow-covered branches on which bullfinches sit will become a harmonious component.

New Year's manicure with bullfinchesNew Year's manicure bullfinches

New Year’s manicure with a penguin

Young fashionistas will appreciate the cute New Year’s manicure containing the image of a penguin:

  • the drawing can be placed simply on a white or light blue background or include such details as a snow-covered snowdrift or ice floes in the composition;
  • the image of a penguin can be as realistic or cartoonish as possible, the design will depend on the individual preferences of the girl.

New Year's manicure with a penguincute new year manicure


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