Nude makeup is a beautiful and stylish solution for modern fashionistas

Flawless nude makeup in translation means “bare”, therefore it involves the application of a weightless make-up with a natural effect, and needs correctness and neatness. This method is ideal for creating everyday daytime makeup for a business lady, student or TV star.

What does nude makeup mean?

Light nude makeup creates the effect of rested, fresh skin, as if without a gram of cosmetics at all. All components of cosmetics are applied in a thin layer, without the effect of «plaster». There are a few basic rules for creating the perfect monochrome finish:

  1. cleansing. Before applying the tonal foundation, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin with cleansers for its type. A couple of times a week, gently scrub the roll without abrasive particles so as not to injure the epidermis. Peeling is necessary to get rid of dead cells, so all the nutrients from the cream will better get into the surface layers, the skin will look fresh.
  2. Toning. After washing, it is desirable to complete the cleansing process with a tonic. Its purpose is to restore pH balance and narrow pores.
  3. Moisturizing. This process is an integral part of the daily skin care ritual. On well-moisturized smooth skin, make-up is more evenly applied and a more lasting effect is provided.
  4. Tone cream. For natural light make-up, tonal products are selected with a light texture, medium density. BB and SS creams are ideal for this type of makeup. They have low coverage, they are able to hide minor imperfections and provide additional facial care.
  5. Adjustment. Minor skin imperfections can be hidden with a suitable color corrector. Under the eyes, on the T-zone and the middle of the chin, a light concealer is applied, carefully blending.
  6. Blush. Colors for blush in nude makeup are preferably pinkish, peach with a shimmery effect to avoid additional use of highlighter.
  7. Shadows. The colors of the shadows should be as natural as possible ─ beige, light brown. They need to be applied to the entire moving eyelid and carefully shaded.
  8. Eyelashes. One or two layers of black or dark brown mascara are applied to the eyelashes to slightly emphasize expressiveness and not create the feeling of false eyelashes.
  9. Brows. A very important aspect in an impeccable appearance is the eyebrows, their importance cannot be underestimated. Eyebrows will make the eyes more expressive and brighter. To do this, they are stained with a pencil or special eyebrow shadows, combed with a brush and fixed with a gel.
  10. Lips. A light beige gloss is enough to reproduce nude makeup.


The undeniable superiority of nude makeup is that it is applicable to representatives of all ages, with minor adjustments and additions, to create an evening solemn modification, for ladies of the «Balzac» age. They love it very much in creating a wedding make-up for its simplicity, tenderness, which favorably emphasizes the naturalness and youth of the bride.


nude eye makeup

Nude eye makeup involves the use of beige matte or creamy shimmery shadows, depending on the goals pursued and the desired end result. For special occasions and evening make-up, it is possible to focus on the eyes, highlighting them a little with darker shades or using arrows. Also, the nude palette of cosmetic shadows varies from the color of the skin and eyes of the owner. Knowing your color type, you can easily choose the right, suitable shade of eye shadow.


Nude makeup for brown eyes

Nude makeup for brown eyes involves bringing darker shades of pastel colors into the palette, but they can visually reduce the size of the eyes, while lighter ones have the opposite effect. Brown eyes are initially a bright accent that does not require additional emphasis, just add a drop of light shining shadows to the inner corners and apply a little mascara. To highlight the eyes, the rest of the skin should be as neutral as possible.


Nude makeup for blue eyes

Nude makeup for blue eyes is perfect with terracotta, light brown, soft pink and gray shades. They can be matte or contain some shimmer particles to draw more attention to the eyes. Translucent light gray shadows will further emphasize the piercing depth of the eyes, make them bottomless and attractive. Eyelashes should be painted with voluminous mascara in one layer to preserve naturalness and not disturb the delicate nude makeup.


Makeup nude green eyes

Nude makeup for green eyes is done with warm shades of mustard or peach colors. A more expressive look can be achieved by drawing the lash line with a dark brown pencil, creating a clear line or softly blending it, creating a light smokey-eye effect. Clear arrows will also favorably highlight the beautiful green color of the eyes, make the look charming and bewitching. No wonder all the owners of green eyes were credited with witchcraft abilities.


Nude makeup for gray eyes

Nude makeup for gray eyes is identical to the techniques for blue and green eyes, since gray eyes can change their shade under the influence of various factors. For gray-eyed women, nude makeup is still recommended to be done in a light brown and peach palette, or you can completely abandon the use of shadows, preferring only mascara and highlighting eyebrows more.


Nude makeup 2019

Creating nude makeup 2019, fashion trends do not have clear rules and restrictions. Fashionable techniques of past years remain relevant with minor additions and adjustments:

  1. The effect of «bitten» lips. This technique of applying lipstick is very popular and gives the impression that the owner of such lips has just come from a kissing contest. With this method, lipstick is used a few tones darker than the tone of the lips and its contour is carelessly shaded, leaving no clear border.
  2. matte shadows. Their indisputable advantage is that they are ideal for «naked» makeup. Using matte shadows creates the most natural look.
  3. Shimmer. Perfect for an evening nude look. Allows you to add a little shine and radiance to a delicate nude makeup.
  4. Pale pink shadows. The undisputed leader in choice for creating a soft natural make-up. Its shades are suitable for gray, green and blue eyes.
  5. Wet makeup. A very fashionable variation of the delicate nude makeup is achieved using creamy liquid eyeshadows, a highlighter and a foundation with reflective particles. With this technique, a healthy glow appears on the face, the skin shines and glows.
  6. Inter-eyelash drawing. A more delicate look of the arrow implies staining the space between the eyelashes, while it is not noticeable and produces the effect of thick eyelashes.


Nude makeup for brunettes

Nude makeup for brunettes encourages the use of more saturated shades to make the face brighter, and it does not remain faded against the background of a dark shade of hair. All makeup details should be emphasized as much as possible: the lips are darker than the natural shade, the eyes are highlighted with eyeliner or a clear arrow. Eyebrows should be perfectly shaped, with clear boundaries, without empty areas and neatly styled with a special gel. Depending on the skin tone, the shadows are chosen in light brown pastel tones or pale peach.


Nude makeup for blondes

Nude makeup for blondes is a very insidious thing, if done incorrectly, it can age the appearance, adding visually a few extra years to age. Shadows should be light gray or light brown shades with obligatory thorough shading, without clear lines and borders. It is also necessary to create contouring on the face with the highlighting of the zygomatic bone and denoting the contour of the face so that it stands out against the background of blond hair. The middle of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and the chin are highlighted with a highlighter to eliminate monotony and give relief.


Nude makeup for redheads

Nude makeup for redheads is required using a tone in accordance with the natural skin color. Peach tonal fluids are suitable for owners of warm skin tones. Beige neutral tones are suitable for owners of cool skin tones. Bright pink colors of tonal products are best avoided so as not to get the effect of reddened, unhealthy skin. Bright red girls should opt for golden or yellowish tones, they always look advantageous with this hair color.


Nude lip makeup

Delicate nude lip makeup is created using a contour pencil and lipstick or gloss. Matte nude finishes are more durable and will last most of the day. To implement them, you need to apply a little foundation on the lips, so the coating will provide additional durability and alignment. After that, it is necessary to clearly draw the contour of the lips with a pencil to match the lipstick and apply it. To create a light, airy, delicate look, you can resort to colorless glosses with shining particles, or glitter of nude pastel tones.


age nude makeup

Nude makeup for brown eyes for older women needs to be done given some features. Moisturizing is a must for older women whose skin is more in need of nutrients. For women, it is better to ditch the powder in favor of a light tonal fluid. The concealer will help to «highlight» the necessary areas and refresh the skin. Blush in age makeup is also preferable to use a creamy consistency, they lie softly without emphasizing wrinkles. Shadows and lipsticks are only matte, mother-of-pearl is best left to younger girls.


Nude bridal makeup

Wedding nude make-up is very fond of brides for its tenderness, weightlessness, radiance, so necessary on the most important day in life. This inconspicuous makeup will help emphasize youth and natural beauty. Make-up for such a solemn event is performed with an emphasis on the eyes, adding brilliant glitter and drawing the lash line well with a black pencil, scrupulously shading it. Lips are covered with gloss or lipstick under a natural shade, without creating an additional accent.


beautiful nude makeup

Light nude makeup, complemented by accent details, can create an option for an evening out. A beautiful option involves the use of more bright details, so you can emphasize the eyes and lips at the same time. For an expressive languid look, draw clear arrows with cream eyeliner or add glitter to matte shadows. Blush peach or pink shades are covered with a shimmer for a festive shine.


Nude glitter makeup

Pink nude makeup diversifies the addition of sparkling shadows. The abundance of sparkles is permissible in creating a solemn evening make-up. In the daytime version, they can cover the inner corner of the eye ─ visually increasing them, and delineate the lower lash line, this will add depth to the look. The main thing is to observe the measure ─ too many shiny particles can turn a graceful sweet girl into a travesty diva.


Nude makeup with arrows

Nude makeup with arrows is a beautiful solution for evening and daytime make-up. Thin, miniature arrows will produce the effect of thick eyelashes and make the look more open. Wider noticeable arrows will add volume and expressiveness to the eyes. A prerequisite for perfect arrows is the presence of a base for makeup and shadows, thanks to which the arrows will be securely fixed and not smeared.



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