Nude makeup - what does it mean, who suits and how to create beautiful images

Nude makeup on the face is barely noticeable, but at the same time it easily and unobtrusively emphasizes the natural beauty of the female face, making the right accents. This version of makeup is universal — in various variations it is suitable for both everyday life and for a bright party.

What does nude makeup mean?

Before proceeding to make-up, it is worth considering in detail what nude face makeup is. Literally translated, this word means naked. When wearing such a make-up, the main task of the makeup artist is to make the cosmetics invisible, the effect of a clean face. Unlike other makeup options, nude does not focus on the eyes or lips, the most important detail is clean skin of an even shade with a barely noticeable blush. At the same time, the use of mascara, eyeliner and shadows is very welcome, special attention is paid to the design of the eyebrows.

What does nude makeup mean?

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of cosmetics for applying nude makeup. It is important to choose a tinting base and a corrective pencil to match the skin tone — they must completely mask all the imperfections and at the same time remain completely invisible on the face. For a good effect, it is important to choose high-quality cosmetics of the highest class.

What does everyday nude makeup mean?

An important feature is that nude makeup makes the face look younger and fresher, which is why it is often preferred by women 40 years and older. There is a golden rule of make-up — the older the woman, the less bright colors should be on her face, and such a make-up fits perfectly into this framework. But despite the fact that only light and natural tones are used in the nude make-up, they should be applied very carefully and efficiently — any negligence can ruin the effect.

What does nude makeup fashion mean

Who suits nude makeup?

Perhaps the main quality that nude makeup has is absolute versatility, thanks to which such an idea is incredibly popular today. Nude make-up can be used by everyone, without exception, regardless of the color of hair, skin and eyes. But it is worth working hard to choose the shades that best match your color type.

Who suits nude makeup

Nude eye makeup

Before applying eye makeup, it is important to pay maximum attention to the choice of cosmetics, and the main criterion is skin tone:

  1. To apply nude makeup on fair skin, you should use cosmetics in a light palette. Shimmery shades of peach or taupe color will help to emphasize the eyes. For eyebrow correction, it is better to use a champagne shade highlighter.
  2. For girls with dark skin, golden and bronze shades are suitable — they will beautifully emphasize the shade of the face, and nude makeup will look as natural as possible.
  3. For owners of dark skin, golden brown shadows applied to the mobile eyelid, lower lash line and crease will be an ideal option.
  4. Nude eye makeupEye makeup nude ideas

Nude makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls are very lucky — most shades of decorative cosmetics suit them, including shades of flesh colors. Some tones look more advantageous, others less so, but there are no shades that cannot be used. However, when applying nude makeup for brown eyes, we want to achieve the maximum effect — an emphasis on naturalness. For this, the following colors of shadows are considered the most successful:

  1. Brown. You can use tones both darker and brighter than the iris. You should not choose matte shadows — they give your look a tired look, it is better to give preference to shimmery ones.
  2. Green. For an elegant look, opt for olive eyeshadow or khaki, while for a fresh and vibrant look, you should prefer shades of grass in combination with yellow-green.
  3. Violet. Brown-eyed girls will suit any color of this range.
  4. Blue. Lovers of experiments can try shadows in blue and blue tones — with their help it is easy to emphasize the depth of the look.
  5. Nude makeup for brown eyesNude makeup ideas for brown eyes

Nude makeup for green eyes

The ideal nude makeup for green eyes is no shadows, but many makeup artists prefer to use light, discreet shades, such as beige, nude, light brown. To increase the incision of the eyes, it is worth applying a white pencil to the inside of the eyelid. Mascara should not be black — it is worth choosing a shade that is as close as possible to the color of the hair. To emphasize the eyebrows, it is worth using special shadows — it is not recommended to use a pencil, it will not create the desired effect of naturalness.

Nude makeup for green eyesNude makeup ideas for green eyes

Nude makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are considered the most seductive due to their depth, and the task of nude makeup is to emphasize them, make them more expressive, and at the same time not disturb the naturalness of the image. To do this, you can use a white pencil, which is applied to the inside of the eyelid. The color scheme of the shadows should be light pastel. Nude eye makeup welcomes the gray-blue eyeshadow color scheme.

Nude makeup for blue eyesnude makeup ideas for blue eyes

Nude makeup for gray eyes

At first glance, gray eye color may seem the simplest and most neutral, but in fact it includes several shades — brown, blue, green and even yellow. Skillfully selected cosmetics help to highlight a favorable color and make a strong accent on it:

  1. To visually highlight the blue tone, you should choose cold pastel shades. Nude makeup for gray-blue eyes is gentle tones, such as silver, light pink, blue, bronze.
  2. To bring the eye color closer to brown or green, warm shades of shadows are used. Good options are peach, olive, copper, beige, brown.
  3. Nude makeup for gray eyesNude makeup for gray eyes options

Nude makeup 2019

This year, designers and stylists have made an incredibly powerful emphasis on naturalness, and nude pastel makeup has become the most popular trend in the makeup world. This technique has become relevant for any occasion — in the office, on a walk, at a party and even at a wedding, nude makeup will be appropriate, it looks beautiful and gentle. In order to make the highest quality make-up, it is important to take into account both the image and the features of the appearance.

Nude makeup 2019

The main feature of nude makeup is that, unlike other popular techniques, there is no emphasis on the eyes or lips. At the same time, beautiful well-groomed skin plays the main role, and for this it is important to take care of your face — regularly use creams and moisturizing masks. Before applying decorative cosmetics, it is necessary to use a base, then a corrector and a tonal foundation. The work with the skin ends with the application of blush or transparent powder.

Nude makeup 2019 ideas

The most important point is the choice of shades of cosmetics in skin tones, which should be absolutely in harmony with the skin tone. Nude makeup for brunettes is often darker shades of a brown palette that emphasize bright features. Decorative cosmetics in flesh tones for fair-haired girls includes light and delicate shades. Warm tones are preferred, but there are exceptions.

Nude makeup 2019 options

Nude makeup with arrows

The main distinguishing feature of nude makeup is absolute naturalness, giving the impression that there is no cosmetics at all. At first glance, it may seem that such a bright makeup element as graphic arrows is in no way combined with nude makeup, but this is not so — with the right approach, you can create an amazingly beautiful and easy make-up, you just have to follow some rules.

Nude makeup with arrows

First of all, it is worth remembering that in nude makeup, the arrows should not be bright and catchy, and if you decide to combine them with shadows, these should be as light skin tones as possible. Dark-haired girls can try to make shadow transitions from light to darker, but this idea should be applied with great care. Nude makeup for blondes with arrows will be successful only if the line is as thin as possible, and it is better to use brown eyeliner.

Nude makeup with arrows ideas

pink nude makeup

Many, having heard about nude makeup, first of all imagine a brown color scheme without the ability to use other tones, but this is not entirely true — in order to emphasize the natural beauty of a woman’s face, you can use many options for the color spectrum. One of the most popular successful options is light pink nude makeup, which is more suitable for fair-skinned girls. For a successful make-up, it is important to choose delicate pastel colors, in no case bright pink.

pink nude makeuppink nude makeup ideas

Nude lip makeup

Daytime nude makeup requires attention not only to the skin and eyes, but also to the lips, which should look gentle, natural, and at the same time have a beautiful clear contour. For a correct and effective make-up, 10 minutes before applying decorative cosmetics, you should use a nourishing moisturizing lip balm. After it is completely absorbed, you can proceed to further actions.

Nude lip makeup

The shade of cosmetics for the lips is based on the appearance of the girl:

  1. Brunettes tend to have very bright and expressive features, and the best way to enhance the natural beauty of the lips is not to use lipstick, but to use a transparent lip gloss or with a brown tint.
  2. Nude lip makeup fashion

  3. For blondes, the best way to accentuate lips in nude makeup technique is to use soft pink lipstick or gloss.
  4. Nude lip makeup options

Nude evening makeup

Beautiful nude makeup is, first of all, lightness and naturalness, flesh tones with the effect of no make-up. This make-up option looks organic in everyday life, but how does it fit into the evening look? For modern make-up artists, nothing is impossible, and now any idea can be brought to life, correcting it on request.

Nude evening makeupNude evening makeup

A feature of evening makeup are pronounced eyes and lips. This also applies to make-up in nude tones. A huge role is played by the drawing of the eyes — for this a black pencil is used. An obligatory step is to apply blush on the cheekbones, it is recommended to give preference to brown shades. And the most important moment of evening makeup is pronounced lips. If stylists recommend using a light gloss in everyday nude makeup, then for an evening look it is important to choose lipstick in flesh tones, clearly highlight the contour of the lips.

Nude evening makeup ideasNude evening makeup fashion

Nude bridal makeup

This year, naturalness has become a trend, which has made its way into all areas of women’s fashion, including wedding. And if everything is relatively simple with a wedding dress — you just need to choose a dress in a laconic design with an emphasis on the girl’s beautiful appearance, then makeup can be difficult — it’s not so easy to focus on beautiful facial features without resorting to bright unnatural colors. The best solution was the nude make-up of the bride, which this year received particular popularity.


Nude bridal makeup

Nude wedding makeup categorically prohibits the use of black eyeliner, bright lipstick, clear lines. The main rules of make-up are:

  1. The skin of the face should be perfect, transparent and smooth, similar to expensive porcelain. It is better to use BB cream for this, it is better to refuse tonal — even the highest quality betrays itself.
  2. For lips, you can use lipstick or oil-balm with a tinted effect. They should look healthy and natural, not weighed down.
  3. For eyelashes, mascara and a brown pencil are used. An exception may be burning brunettes — if you have black hair and eyelashes, mascara can be black. A white or beige pencil should be drawn along the inside of the eyelid, and the eyes will appear larger.
  4. Suitable shades of shadows for wedding nude makeup are peach, golden, turquoise, gray-blue.
  5. Nude prom makeupNude bridal makeup

Nude prom makeup

The first important gala evening for a young girl is graduation, where you want to look irresistible. The image can be the most diverse — from gentle and light to bold and daring, but, in any case, a make-up in nude tones will be appropriate. Nude eye makeup for prom is worth borrowing from wedding ideas if you want to create a delicate and romantic look. For a bold and extravagant bow, the evening version, more catchy, with pronounced lips, would be more suitable.

Nude prom makeup ideasNude prom makeup


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