Nude nails - a selection of fashion ideas for all occasions

Nude manicure means using only natural skin tones. This design will by no means be boring, because it can be supplemented with different color accents that will help decorate nude nails and create an interesting option.

Nude nails 2019

Stylists offer a variety of nude nail designs 2019:

  1. Nude manicure for short or long nails gives a feeling of naturalness and naturalness, so muted and calm tones are often used. These are not only flesh and beige colors, but also brown and golden shades of the palette.
  2. Trendy nude nails can be created with both matte and glossy bases, you just need to experiment with the texture of the design, making the surface of the nail plates smooth or rough.
  3. Manicure powder is often used in creating trendy nail art. In addition, nude manicure is presented not only in monochromatic versions, but also in other techniques, such as French, moon, ombre, 3D design, patterns, drawings and modeling on nail plates.
  4. Metallic stripes, stamping, themed stickers look great. To embellish a manicure, you can use different options for decorative details, for example, rhinestones, glitter or microbeads.

nude nails 2019nude nail design 2019

Nude manicure on short nails

An incredibly stylish design can be done on nude short nails:

  1. Varnishes in neutral shades will be a win-win option for short nail plates. Elegance and grooming are presented with the help of soft colors, a discreet version of gloss is preferred.
  2. A classic for a short length is the use of French manicure techniques. With such a length, a jacket and a moon manicure will look great. You can give a more original look with a contrasting tip or a shiny hole.
  3. On a transparent or matte-nude basis, simple drawings in black will look great. The choice is not limited, you can turn to stripes, lines, artistic blots, stars or hearts.
  4. Not only black is great for creating a pattern, you can turn to a trendy ultraviolet version.
  5. Sequins perfectly complement the short length and attract attention. However, they should be in moderation, a brilliant manicure is created using shimmering particles, such as rhinestones or glitter.

Nude manicure on short nails

Nude manicure 2019 on long nails

The length and shape can serve as the main focus when creating a stylish nail art. Nude long nails can be made in the following variations:

  1. In the trend of 2019 are marble, quartz, manicure with translucent veins, with small graphic or large drawings, plain nude nails.
  2. Not only the color can change the nails, but also an unusual coating, for example, a matte finish is complemented by a mother-of-pearl shine with subtle overflows that give a crystal effect.
  3. It will be interesting to look at the glossy finish, complemented by matte horizontal, oblique and vertical stripes.
  4. Nude design can be presented using the gradient technique, when one color gently blends into another. Among the popular shades are pale lilac, pale pink, baked milk, coffee, ashy and milky.

nude manicure 2019 on long nailsnude color nails

Nude pedicure 2019

The fashion industry is moving away from such details as an abundance of glitter, decor and large and bulky designs on the nail plates. These trends also characterize the nude pedicure:

  1. Natural beauty, airiness and lightness are relevant, and nude shades are the perfect reflection of these ideas. You can not use decorative elements, but limit yourself to applying a gentle coating.
  2. As a decoration for a pedicure, rhinestones on one finger or geometric shapes can be used, while the main emphasis is on color.
  3. A nude pedicure can be done in the same style as a manicure or combined with nail plates on the hands covered with varnish of any other color, for example, bright or dark.

nude pedicure 2019nude pedicure

Nude nail designs

Stylists offer an extraordinary variety of ideas, creating nude nails with designs:

  1. Nude consists of a huge number of shades of beige, there are over 1000 of them. Nude manicure is not banal beige nails, it is a delicate design presented in different variations.
  2. You can refer to the stylish matte structure. You can create a contrast with a matte manicure, complemented by glossy elements.
  3. As a decoration, gold or silver may be present, the option of rubbing or applying foil.
  4. When creating a manicure, you can turn to contrast, for example, a combination of flesh and black will be excellent.
  5. When decorating nude nails, you can dwell on the classics; French manicure perfectly emphasizes the romance of young ladies.

nude nail designsnude nails with designs


nude matte nails

The velvety of a matte manicure is incomparable to anything else. Matte nude nail design is truly irresistible. Common variations when creating such nail art are glitter additions, it can be glitter, pieces of foil, kamifubuki. The contrast of the matte finish and brightness can transform the nail art design and make it unsurpassed.

nude matte nailsnude nails with designs

Nude gradient on nails

The technique with which the nude ombre is embodied on the nails is absolutely simple to perform, but helps to get a unique effect:

  1. Such a manicure will be appropriate for both warm and cool seasons.
  2. As a base, you can use a dark beige color, which smoothly turns into a light white shade.
  3. Such nail art can be decorated with a pattern on one finger, for example, it is a simple twig or a geometric figure.

nude gradient on nails

Nude glitter manicure

Such an option as nude nails with sparkles will be suitable not only for a wedding, but also for any other special occasions:

  1. Glitter has many interpretations, it can be glitter, kamifubuki, stardust or rubbing.
  2. Oval nude nails can be complemented with glitter using acrylic powder, experiment with delicate stretching in the ombre style.
  3. Glitter can be present on individual fingers, while the manner of application can also be completely different.

Nude glitter manicure

Nude manicure with rhinestones

If you want to give the image brightness, nude nails with rhinestones will be a win-win solution:

  • pebbles can be supplemented with monograms and create a truly royal manicure;
  • with the help of rhinestones, a hole can be framed or flowers can be created that shimmer in different shades in the sun.

nude manicure with rhinestonesnude nails with rhinestones

Rubbing on nude nails

The fashionable design of 2019, which harmoniously complements pink nude nails, is rubbed, these are microparticles that are capable of transmitting a shimmering effect:

  1. To give a mirror effect, a pigment in silver or gold is added.
  2. For nude shades, pearl rubbing is more suitable. This option looks stylish and restrained.
  3. Such a manicure can be combined with a matte finish on one or more nails.
  4. Rubbed nail art can be the basis for stamping or beautiful geometric shapes.
  5. A manicure with a rub of chrome will look spectacular. It turns out stylishly if you add a jacket with it.

rubbing on nude nails

nude transparent nails

Transparent varnish can advantageously transform nude-colored nails:

  1. A color pattern on a transparent basis looks self-sufficient and luxurious. It can be an openwork pattern, a lush floral print or an image of some kind of animal.
  2. When choosing a pattern, you need to take into account the trends that small details make the manicure sophisticated and expressive. Large details, on the contrary, add audacity and brightness.
  3. A spectacular addition to decorating nude transparent nails will be monograms, glitter, foil or broken glass.
  4. The base is often applied with a clear lacquer with a slight undertone, it can be a soft pink, light beige shade.
  5. The trend effect will be an «aquarium» when there are colored strokes under the gel layer.
  6. Lunar manicure is considered an excellent design in a transparent variation.
  7. The transparent base can be complemented with sparkles, these are glitter, rhinestones, confetti and pixies on nails.
  8. The most popular application option is the effect of negative space, when a certain place on the nail is not painted over.

nude transparent nails

Nude nails with foil

Nail service specialists often demonstrate a charming design with foil:

  1. Such decor can be applied with different techniques. A tear-off foil is applied with glue, a cut-out whole piece of foil is glued to the nail in the form of a mosaic. It is fixed with a transparent layer of varnish.
  2. There is a thermofoil, such material is first heated, and then applied to nude nails.
  3. Transfer foil is popular, this is the option that will help create a rainbow effect. Foil is applied to the base, then it is distributed using a special stick, and the residues are removed.
  4. Broken glass is considered an actual design; it will perfectly complement the nude shades of nails.
  5. The basis for the foil can be a moon manicure, this design will look great on almond-shaped or sharp nails.

nude nails with foilnude nail colors

Nude nails with gossamer

Incredibly relevant are nude nails with a 2019 design containing a cobweb:

  1. At first, the emphasis is on color, and only then the nail is complemented by a cobweb.
  2. A black cobweb will look great on light colors, and a manicure with a white cobweb will become a more delicate and airy option.
  3. The golden gossamer is able to create a more festive or evening nail art.
  4. Delicate nude manicure can be complemented by a rhinestone decoration or some additional pattern.

nude nails with gossamer

Nude french on nails

A classic that is timeless and goes with any look is nude-colored nails with a French design. Manicure will be especially suitable for almond-shaped nails. Neutral nail art can be diluted with stripes, geometric designs, glitter or acrylic powder in a contrasting shade. In addition, rhinestones can become a decoration for a nude manicure.

nude french nails

Nude manicure and pedicure in one style

Such an option as a nude nail color can be presented in the same performance both on the hands and on the legs:

  1. To make manicure and pedicure become bright details of the image, you can supplement them with decorative elements. You can create a beautiful selection with rhinestones or glitter.
  2. You can turn to a discreet matte structure. To highlight the nude color, you can arrange several fingers in a bright design.

nude manicure and pedicure in one style


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