Nude pedicure - the best ideas for discreet nail design

When you want to be in trend, you can turn to a win-win option for nail art — this is a nude pedicure. The palette that this design is presented in is the perfect solution for girls and women of any age. This design conquers with its simplicity and at the same time elegance, makes the image concise and unique.

Nude Pedicure Ideas

Stylists offer all kinds of nude pedicure options that fashionistas can follow:

  1. Nude color is already considered a classic, so it will always be a favorite in the colors used to create nail art. The idea of ​​“color block” looks very nice, when both similar in palette and contrasting colors are folded not into a print, but into peculiar blocks. Options can start from a combination of basic colors to a composition consisting of different shades, which are assembled in blocks.
  2. Fashionable pedicure can be presented in the form of a combination of nude shades along with different splashes of paint. This season, the combination of yellow with a nude addition will be relevant.
  3. Fashionable and modern design is obtained by applying the gradient technique. It can be a modest option similar in color, contrasting and radically different in shades of design. In any performance, you can look bright and irresistible.
  4. You can apply the leopard design on your thumb. It looks advantageous and especially beautiful against a matte background.
  5. Highlight the big toe can be highlighted with luxurious rhinestones. Nude pedicure can be combined with rubbing, sparkling pigment is applied using any shiny translucent varnish.

nude pedicure ideasnude pedicure optionsnude pedicure ideas

Nude manicure and pedicure in one style

The undeniable trend of this season is nude manicure and pedicure, made in the same style:

  1. The combination of painting such nails can be done in the same way, both on the hands and on the legs. For the embodiment of nail art, a classic nude varnish is used, while the nails will look as well-groomed as possible.
  2. To diversify the manicure and nude pedicure a little, you can add decorative elements. You can choose a powdery base for the coating, rhinestones and glitter look beautiful on it, and if the texture is matte, then you can apply the addition of geometry in black.
  3. In the nude version, you can use a common motif, these can be holes, a spectacular pattern made with metallic, a design in the form of a negative space and a mini highlight with rhinestones.

nude manicure and pedicure in one stylenude manicure and pedicurepedicure nude shades

Delicate nude pedicure

Nude gentle pedicure is famous for its versatility, because it is very simple to perform and at the same time can show its originality:

  1. In pastel colors, you can create a beautiful transition between tones, such a gradient turns out to be unique with beige, plum, soft pink and coffee shades.
  2. Nude pedicures are often done in a matte finish, which is associated with velvet luxury. Although such a base is devoid of shine, it has a depth of color.
  3. In the nude style, you can refer to the «cat’s eye» technique. It will be a gentle overflow of color, the hallmark of which will be a diagonal strip passing through the nail plate.
  4. You can print on a nude background, the most popular will be drawings, patterns, lace, various stickers.
  5. Tenderness can also be achieved using the gradient technique, when one light shade smoothly flows into another.

gentle nude pedicurenude pedicure

Nude pedicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones in nail art are an opportunity to completely show individuality. Nude shiny pedicure is represented by such design variations:

  1. The choice of rhinestones is huge, they differ in size, degree of transparency and cut. The simplest option would be a plastic model of the stone, and if you choose richer, these will be Swarovski stones.
  2. Rhinestones can be laid out in a variety of ornament options, the most popular being the floral version. Rhinestones look specific, laid out in the form of abstraction.
  3. Nude pedicure with rhinestones, presented in the form of hearts, squares, droplets and rhombuses, will look unsurpassed.

nude pedicure with rhinestonesnude pedicure with rhinestones

Nude pedicure pink and blue

One-color pedicure is being addressed less and less than design options. A vivid example of trendy nail art is a nude pink pedicure in combination with a blue tint:

  1. A delicate pastel nail design in pink and blue looks extremely beautiful. Varnishes are applied alternately, for example, a large nail is done in blue, and the next two in pink.
  2. Pink color can be applied with a rub, the nails will have a mirror image.
  3. Nude pedicure ideas can also be found in this version: covering the nail plates with a pink base, on top of which there are blue stones.

pink and blue nude pedicure

Matte nude pedicure

The velvety effect on the nails cannot be overlooked, because this is one of the trends of this season. Nude matte pedicure is a clear confirmation of this:

  1. Powder shades will give the nails a soft and pleasant effect.
  2. Matte can be used in your favorite jacket and continue to delight this summer. A shiny “smile”, decor using the “sculpting” technique, rhinestones and prints can be applied to the matte base.

matte nude pedicure

Nude pedicure with stripes

Options with stripes are conquering fashion catwalks, because there are an unprecedented number of them:

  1. A nude pedicure can have a design in which there is one strip or several, which can be parallel to each other or intersect.
  2. The beige base of the nail goes well with cold silver and warm gold stripes.
  3. A nude pedicure with a design may contain a combination of vertical and oblique stripes of different widths.
  4. To make nail art look chic, you can make strips from different materials.

nude pedicure with stripesnude pedicure

Nude foil pedicure

In 2020, a nude pedicure with foil will be recognized as a trend, this decor looks stylish and original:

  1. The foil base can be applied as a glossy finish which is used in combination with a matte effect.
  2. Foil can be used in a variety of colors, such as a brilliant version of pink, blue or yellow.
  3. The easiest way to apply will be the image of shiny stripes, but a randomly located option is also allowed.

foil nude pedicurefoil nude pedicure

Nude glitter pedicure

Both for an evening out and for everyday wear, nude pedicure with sparkles is great:

  1. Nails look beautiful, completely covered with sparkles, a great option is obtained in the form of nail art with stripes of sparkles.
  2. From sequins, you can create different versions of prints, it can be geometry, funny bunny ears and any other images.
  3. You can embody a pedicure, the nude shades of which are complemented by glitters of gold and silver, crystals or rubbing.

Nude glitter pedicureglitter nude pedicure

Nude pedicure with rubbing

A beautiful nude pedicure will acquire a unique shine if you add it with a rub:

  1. The mirror rub looks extravagant and bold, it gives an incredible chrome effect to the nails.
  2. Color overflows can bring a holographic rubbing. Among its varieties you can find «chameleon», «Maybeetle», diamond version.
  3. A creamy effect can be given by a pearl rub, as a result, gentle overflows and an unsurpassed soft sheen will appear.

nude pedicure with rubbing

Black and nude pedicure

The nude design pedicure, complemented by black color, will look incredibly elegant:

  1. When implementing stylish nail art, you can make a separate emphasis on the thumb. This will be an addition in the form of a black drawing. Among the popular options, abstraction, black stripes, lace patterns stand out.
  2. You can add glitter, then the pedicure will turn out more bright. The combination of black with golden elements looks especially good.

black and nude pedicure

Nude pedicure with red

In the case when a pedicure design is created, nude shades look great in combination with red:

  1. It can be a red stripe applied to a nude base, and floral motifs can also be embodied.
  2. For a solemn event, a pedicure with gold and red tints is perfect.
  3. A more relaxed option would be a smooth transition from red to pink nude.

red nude pedicure

French nude pedicure

A classic, not influenced by fashion, can be called a beautiful nude pedicure, made in the form of a jacket:

  1. When creating it, you can experiment with the color of the base. To make the overall composition look fresh and attractive, you need to turn to nude shades. In this case, a “smile” can be depicted in traditional white or some other shade.
  2. Nude jacket can be slightly transformed with the help of neat drawings and patterns.
  3. A pedicure decorated with pearls and rhinestones will be fashionable. Large and small decorations can be sold together. This decor is glued with a special glue.
  4. In the jacket, you can use the design of the «smile» line using foil.
  5. In a pedicure, you can create a jacket only on a large nail, and decorate the rest of the nails in a different style or even color.
  6. A geometric jacket will look interesting on the nails; it can also be perfectly complemented by a brilliant decor.

French nude pedicurenice nude pedicure

Nude orange pedicure

At the mention of orange, an acid-neon nail design immediately appears, but this is not so. This color can be gentle and romantic if it is used to embody a nude summer pedicure:

  1. The most popular shades will be apricot, amber, carrot, and orange-mustard.
  2. In a pedicure, you can apply a combination of a delicate orange color along with a pink tone, the thumb can be highlighted using geometric shapes.
  3. In combination with a soft orange color, you can use an animal print on the thumb. Simple geometric shapes in the form of stripes, circles are also welcome, rhinestones can be an addition.

nude orange pedicure

Nude pedicure with kamifubiki

If you want to move away from the classics a little, then you can turn to stylish ideas that present nude pedicure colors in combination with kamifubuki:

  1. Round and shiny kamifubuki remain a favorite among decorative elements. They have both luxury and simplicity, they can be applied both on the thumb and on any other.
  2. From round kamifubuki you can create a diagonal strip that is laid out on the thumb, they can completely cover one nail.
  3. Kamifubuki differ in colors, they can be made in gold, silver and any other shade.

nude pedicure with kamifubiki


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