office dress code

We spend most of our time at work. But a woman always remains a woman and she cannot afford to look improper within the walls of the office.

business dress code

Office fashion is somewhat conservative. But recently, the rules of the business dress code for women have become more flexible and dynamic. If earlier a trouser suit was considered indecent and frivolous clothing, now such an outfit has received full recognition. Suits with a pencil skirt, complemented by all kinds of blouses, are still relevant. Gray has long been recognized as the most official color in the business world. It demonstrates your location in relation to partners. A suit of this color gives respectability. A favorable impression on work colleagues, office clients, partners will be made by clothes in blue or beige. The dress code rules in the office exclude the use of bright colors in clothes, defiant jewelry, mini skirts, tops with a bare stomach, sportswear. Anything that could distract from the business environment. The dress code for women excludes the appearance in the office with bare legs. Thin stockings or tights are required even in the heat. Shoes must be closed toe only.

Corporate and formal dress code

The first impression about any company is formed, first of all, from the appearance of its employees. Therefore, a corporate dress code works not only for a specific brand, but also shows the level of corporate culture and the state of affairs of the company as a whole. Large companies can put forward quite stringent requirements, up to the description of the composition of the material of the employee’s clothing, the color of tights or the smell of perfume.

On the other hand, representatives of, for example, creative professions can afford some deviations from rigid canons — more extravagant robes, large jewelry, jeans, T-shirts. And also some firms on Fridays will allow not so strictly adhere to the business style. Another kind of, so to speak, dress code is the official dress code. Everything is simple here. Each official event regulates its own type of clothing, for example:

  • Lunch — such a reception is attended in a casual suit;
  • Fulldress — a ball gown is recommended;
  • Casual — jeans, a sweater, a loose skirt with a turtleneck are possible.

Office clothes, of course, will not allow you to demonstrate all the latest fashion. But, nevertheless, it should be convenient, comfortable and stylish.


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