Office manicure - 55 photos of the most relevant ideas for a business woman

Office etiquette implies restraint of the image. But even the strictest dress code will not drown out the girl’s desire to look well-groomed and feminine. Below are the most interesting office manicure ideas that will allow every business woman to look her best.

Office manicure 2020 — fashion trends

Office manicure trends 2020 echo fashion trends. Nail design at work should not be flashy and conspicuous. Long sharp stilettos are also not welcome and only interfere with work. For the office, a short or medium length of a square, oval, almond-shaped nail is ideal. Do not make the color coating bright or black. Office manicure 2020 is mainly a range of light shades:

  • beige;
  • nude;
  • dairy;
  • cream;
  • powdery;
  • peach;
  • pink.

If you want to go a little beyond, other colors are allowed, but choose muted tones. Fashion trends in business nail art will delight you with familiar designs:

  • moon manicure;
  • minimalist style;
  • french (classic and different variations);
  • geometry — lines, shapes color block;
  • negative space;
  • gradient;
  • marble design.

office manicure 2020 fashion trendsoffice manicure 2020

Office manicure for short nails 2020

In the office, nothing should interfere with work, so a short manicure is a must-have here. Moreover, too long nails are irrelevant this year. The square shape allows you to realize more types of beautiful designs that fit perfectly into the office manicure for short nails:

  1. Laconic minimalism — one of the hot trends of 2020 — is the most suitable for business nail art. The main color is discreet, pastel colors, dark elements should be chosen from the drawings: lines, dots, origami, thin twigs.
  2. Single rhinestones, stickers, kamifubuki are used on 1-2 plain nails as an accent, so don’t get carried away with them. The size of these jewelry is 1.5-2 mm.
  3. Isolation of the lunula — no frills. Decorate the crescent moon with a classic semicircle using varnish, and leave the geometric shape and volumetric details for evening design.
  4. The most natural milky ombre is welcomed in office manicure. Due to the soft transition from the white edge of the nail to the cuticle, the illusion of naturalness is created. You can enhance the design with metallic foil.

office manicure for short nails 2020office manicure for short nails

Office manicure for long nails

To emphasize the business style within the dress code, a strict manicure for the office on long nails will help. 3-4 mm — the desired length of the nail plate, on which you can implement stylish and democratic designs:

  1. Monochromatic coating — will not cause attention, but only emphasize the well-groomedness of your hands. Pearlescent color in one layer is a great solution for the office.
  2. French is always a winning classic.
  3. Pearl rubbing — gentle, magical highlights accentuate the shape of the nail.
  4. Designed in white and gold. On a white base, you can highlight the edge of the nail, a hole, a geometric ornament, a small pattern, marble stains with a golden color.
  5. Matte manicure — monochrome or different nails in a nude color range.
  6. Drawings with velvet sand — monograms, flowers, lace.

office manicure for long nails  strict manicure for the office for long nails

Office manicure on square nails

The “soft square” shape is universal and does not violate the business manicure 2020. It is comfortable to wear, has high strength and, moreover, is trendy this year. Square nails are not suitable for girls with short fingers. Since this form is larger in area than others, most of the ideas and techniques that are in harmony with office manicure can be implemented on it:

  • a simple and no-frills jacket with a direct “smile”;
  • geometric decor that repeats the shape of the nail;
  • marble design — gray-light nail art options;
  • dotted dots patterns — over the entire area or along the edge of the nail;
  • matte solid colors with a small decor;
  • multi-colored nails in one color palette;
  • a collage of matte shades — stone, smoky, gray with pink;
  • floristic drawings — flowers, leaves, twigs, buds.

office manicure on square nails  business manicure 2020

Office manicure for oval nails

The office manicure for oval nails 2020 looks very advantageous. This form visually ennobles the nail bed and fingers. Since the oval repeats the shape of the hole, you can beat this feature, for example, combine a jacket and a moon manicure. Negative space will be an excellent pair for them. You can leave the hole or line between it and the base of the nail unpainted. A two-tone manicure looks moderate in a working environment, especially a combination of matte and gloss.

An office nude manicure with watercolor painting will definitely not cause reproach from the authorities, the main thing is to choose discreet colors. Thanks to halftones and spreading, the drawings are translucent and quivering. Floristry, abstraction, stains, feathers are popular images in business nail art.

office manicure for oval nailsoffice manicure for oval nails 2020

Business manicure with design

A discreet and beautiful office manicure will be if you make a design only on the ring finger. Surrounded by a monochromatic coating, this technique does not overload the business image. What design can decorate a single nail:

  • deep design — transparent pattern using a stencil;
  • glitter, sequins, kamifubuki;
  • silver strip — vertical, double, horizontal, intersecting;
  • mirror rubbing to match the main color;
  • highlighting the lunula with small rhinestones;
  • cat’s eye;
  • linear abstraction;
  • color block — can be combined with negative space;
  • small stickers of soothing shades;
  • thin lace patterns;
  • ascetic graphics;
  • a variety of nail art — delicate flowers, silhouettes of birds, feathers, curls.

business manicure with designbeautiful office manicure

Red office manicure

If business etiquette at work is not too strict, you can do a red business manicure. But do not use too saturated shades — scarlet and red, it is better to give preference to dark ones: burgundy, carmine, sangria, burgundy, marsala. To add a bright note to the business style and not go beyond, will help on such ideas:

  1. French manicure, in which the edge of the nail is decorated in red.
  2. Fans of monochrome should prefer matte nails.
  3. The bright color of the manicure can be muted with geometric shapes or horizontal lines.
  4. Red looks very stylish against the background of nude shades in a minimalist manicure.
  5. White-red is a very advantageous combination of shades, especially in a combined moon manicure with a jacket.

red office manicurered business manicure

Nude business manicure

Delicate office manicure in shades of nude is the most popular in a business look. It is in harmony with all female images, suitable for any shape and length of the nail. Modern business women choose skin tones to emphasize naturalness and naturalness — one of the trends in 2020. Nude is able to visually lengthen the shape if you prefer an office manicure for short nails. In monochrome, it looks incomparable, but if you play with the types of design, the result will be luxurious and discreet at the same time:

  • French manicure;
  • beige gradient;
  • nail art in white and silver;
  • delicate floral prints in the air flowers technique;
  • gold foil, lines;
  • rhinestones or sparkles on the accent nail;
  • decoration of the “crescent” with silver glitter.

  nude business manicuregentle office manicureoffice nude manicure

Matt business manicure

A matte finish adds rigor and conciseness to a business manicure. If that’s what you’re looking for, use a deep velvet color palette. Matte colors appropriate in a business setting — pink, beige, burgundy, milky, gray. Combination with glossy elements is allowed — geometric ornament, ornate patterns, “smile” jacket, holes.

A monochromatic color coating can be diluted with small pearls, pebbles, beautiful patterns. The ombre technique looks very impressive in a matte finish. You should choose 3-4 tones of the palette to make the transition as soft as possible. The negative space technique on velor nails is a beautiful technique that gives lightness and elegance to the design.

matte business manicurebusiness manicurebusiness manicure for the office

French office manicure

Charming French manicure has firmly taken its top positions in nail art and is not going to leave them. Even a strict manicure for the office is not complete without a jacket. If your hands are always visible at the workplace, the classic pink design with a white edge of the nail is perfect for you. The best shapes for embodiment are oval, square, almond-shaped. The reverse jacket is popular in office manicure — not only the edge of the nail, but also the hole stands out in white.

The usual “smile” of French manicure can be varied:

  • reddish-copper shade of gold, which looks noble;
  • gradient technique;
  • unusual shape;
  • lay out with glitter, shimmer, confetti;
  • draw the edge of the nail not with white, but with a different color, avoiding neon shades;
  • dots using dots;
  • draw 2 parallel lines in place of the “smile”.

french office manicure

Bright office manicure

Too bright colors are not welcome in office manicure, as they will distract colleagues and clients from their tasks. But if you want to add “peppercorns” to a business manicure for the office and not cause disapproval from the authorities, you can make it bright colors:

  • edges of nails in french manicure;
  • dotted ornament on the nail bed;
  • subtle geometric patterns;
  • stencil drawing on 1-2 fingers;
  • bright but delicate flower.

  bright office manicure

Office manicure — rubbing

Fashionable design with rubbing is extremely relevant among office workers. Thanks to the charming brilliance and soft tints, a conservative and beautiful business manicure is obtained. There are several types of rubbing, which give a different effect: pearl, holographic, mirror, mother-of-pearl. The mirror rub looks very impressive, it is not for nothing that celebrities choose it to enter the red carpet. The chrome look adds some edginess to the nails, so moderation is important here. For an office manicure, accentuate one or two nails with a mirror polish.

office manicure rubbing

Monochromatic office manicure

A monophonic stylish office manicure is mostly discreet colors of a matte or glossy texture. If you choose the right shade, such a manicure will suit any business bow. The universal flesh color holds the palm in monochrome. In a working environment, gray, burgundy, pink, light copper shades will be appropriate. Add novelties or familiar decorative elements of nail art to a plain office manicure 2020: beads, watercolor drawings, acrylic powder, microshine, foil patterns.

plain office manicure

Office manicure with rhinestones

Shiny stones will not break the business code if moderately introduced into a classic office manicure. Rhinestone inlay should continue the idea of ​​nail art, for example, decorate the center of a flower or accentuate some part of the nail. You can arrange them alone, lay out strokes or shade part of the painting. Rhinestones may not be combined with other decorative decorations of the nail plate, so do not make office manicure too bulky. Masters also do not advise covering large areas of nails with small rhinestones — this is already unfashionable and even more inappropriate at work.

office manicure with rhinestonesclassic office manicure

Office manicure with a pattern

Drawings on a nude coating give both a festive and everyday look, so they fit perfectly into a calm office manicure. Delicate floral arrangements, branches, leaves will decorate business nail art and add femininity and elegance. For floral patterns, choose watercolor painting and translucent water way technique. Office art manicure with a pattern is easy to do at home, even without special skills. This will help beautiful stickers on the nails, which visually can not be distinguished from the skillful work of the master.

Images that are welcome in a business manicure:

  • stars;
  • roses, lilacs, peonies, violets;
  • feathers;
  • abstract strokes.


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