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Stylish ombre manicure is chosen by a huge number of the fair sex. It attracts attention with its unusually beautiful tints and color changes from one color to another, and sometimes these shades can contrast strikingly with each other.

Ombre manicure 2019

In each new season, nail art masters offer their clients many new ideas and variations in the design of nail plates. At the same time, many trends in the world of nail art remain relevant for several years in a row. In 2019, stylists are not only content with the classic gradient technique, which always looks very stylish and attractive, but also offer completely original interpretations that look very unusual and original.

The main trends of the coming season, which are used in the world of manicure along with the gradient technique, are the following:

  • classic ombre manicure, the essence of which is a smooth transition from a darker shade to a lighter one. The choice of colors in this case is not limited — it can be either red and hot pink close in tone, or black and white that are strikingly contrasting with each other;
  • the horizontal gradient is similar to the classical interpretation, however, in this case, the shade does not change on one plate, but from nail to nail;
  • stylish white ombre manicure in 2019 looks fresh and original. To create it, any color of the coating is taken as the basis, however, with each subsequent application, white droplets are gradually added to it, which subsequently begin to prevail on the nail plate;
  • French with a gradient effect is also not losing ground. In the coming season, he won unprecedented popularity among girls and women of different ages;
  • trendy nail art of the coming season this year may consist of the most unexpected color combinations. In particular, neon colors are actively used. So, it can be combinations of blue with hot pink, yellow with green, red with black, white with purple and many others;
  • the novelty of the 2019 season is a geometric or linear gradient;
  • gummy gradient looks magical. This season, it will become especially popular on the eve of the first festive night of the year;
  • in addition, the ombre manicure in the 2019 season can be supplemented with the use of a variety of techniques and variations of nail art. One of the most popular combinations was the combination of a gradient and a mirror polish.

ombre manicure 2019

Ombre manicure for short nails

In the 2019 season, it is absolutely not necessary to grow long nail plates, because at the top of popularity are the most natural and natural length of the claws. This option looks very neat and, in addition, is ideal for creating any image. Meanwhile, it is very important to choose the right design for such plates in order not to visually spoil the shape.

The current ombre manicure for short nails for the 2019 season is a classic variation from dark to light, sustained in a vertical direction. This design will visually lengthen the claws and give them sophistication and sophistication. In addition, when choosing neat short nails, stylists do not advise making sharp transitions — in this case, a soft stretch is much better suited, which will emphasize the neatness and accuracy of the design.

ombre manicure for short nails

Ombre manicure for long nails

Happy owners of long nail plates, which can be both natural and extended, can afford absolutely any options. The most relevant designs for such claws in the 2019 season are as follows:

  • black ombre — manicure for long nails, which is suitable for creating both everyday and evening looks;
  • the classic variation also does not give up its positions;
  • on long claws, the horizontal gradient also looks great;
  • a geometric and linear gradient is also an excellent solution for long nail plates, however, only true professionals can handle this type of design;
  • French-ombre manicure on long nail plates looks very interesting, however, to create it, you need to choose softer forms of claws, for example, almonds or a neat smoothed square;
  • at a sufficient length, contrasting combinations look very interesting;
  • finally, in the presence of long nail plates, an ombre manicure in 2019 can be safely supplemented with voluminous decor — stones, large and small rhinestones, stucco elements, and so on.

ombre manicure for long nails

Ombre Manicure Ideas

In order to create a beautiful and stylish ombre manicure, it is absolutely not necessary to use only two shades from the same color scheme. In recent seasons, nail art masters are actively trying to diversify this technique, complementing it with a variety of types of decor and combining it with other ways of decorating nail plates.

In addition, today not two, but many more color shades can be used in a gradient, which can contrast strikingly with each other. A professional manicure specialist, who has a remarkable share of imagination, is able to offer his clients many interesting options and ideas.

ombre manicure ideas

Glitter ombre manicure

A beautiful ombre manicure, complemented by sparkles, looks festive and incredibly luxurious. This design is ideal for formal occasions, however, it can be appropriate in everyday life as long as not too many shiny elements were used to create it. So, a delicate white-pink variation is suitable for each image, in which ring accent fingers are highlighted with the help of sparkles. In addition, a French ombre manicure looks very stylish, in which the smile line is covered with sparkles.

glitter ombre manicure

French ombre manicure

French ombre manicure can be appropriate in both everyday bows and evening looks. At the same time, its variations in modern manicure art are extremely diverse. The most restrained and concise design from this area is a gradient jacket in nude shades, gradually turning into snow-white, which decorates the smile line. Winter ombre manicure, made using the French technique, is usually created using shades from the blue-blue range, while its summer variations affect brighter and more saturated shades.

french ombre manicure

Ombre manicure with a pattern

All kinds of drawings are widely used in the design of nail plates. They can not only decorate a fashionable ombre manicure and make it more interesting and original, but also demonstrate to others the mood of their owner or her attitude to a particular event. In order for the image not to be lost on a gradient background, it is better to use light and pastel shades to create it.

The transition in this case can act as a base or decorate individual accent fingers. Floral and geometric designs remain the most relevant in each season, however, girls who want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate their originality can give their preference to original abstract or ethnic motifs.

ombre manicure with a pattern

Ombre manicure with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals in the design of the nail plates always add sophistication and elegance to the image. Gradient nail art looks incredibly stylish with both transparent rhinestones and colored stones, and they can be arranged not only in a chaotic manner, but also in the form of certain shapes.

To create evening and solemn images, experts advise choosing cold saturated shades, for example, a blue ombre manicure with a rhinestone crown will look great. For a romantic date with a lover, on the contrary, it is better to give preference to pink colors or nude shades, and in this case it is very important not to overdo it with sparkling elements.

ombre manicure with rhinestones

Matte ombre manicure

Matte non-reflective coating is especially popular with modern fashionistas. This season, stylists offer to make similar nail art in catchy and rich colors. For example, a red ombre manicure looks great, covered with a matte top, which, if desired, can be supplemented with rhinestones, foil or stones. Light colors in the creation of such a design are rarely used by nail art masters, as they quickly get dirty and become untidy.

matte ombre manicure

Lunar ombre manicure

A beautiful ombre manicure with holes is one of the variations of the well-known French nail art. As a rule, when creating such a design, the well is left unpainted, while the main surface is covered with different colors using a gradient technique. In addition, it is possible to stretch with color and using the lunar region.

ombre moon manicure

Rubbing ombre manicure

One of the main trends of the upcoming 2019 season has become an incredibly stylish ombre manicure with a rub. Among all types of pigment, the most popular is the pearl rub, which is complemented by gentle and smooth transitions. Depending on the situation and individual preferences, the rub can be placed on the nail plates as follows:

  • on accent fingers;
  • in the form of a strip in the center;
  • in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe smile or hole.

ombre manicure with rubbing

Golden ombre manicure

Since modern manicure art involves a variety of combinations of color shades and techniques for decorating nail plates, a stylish ombre manicure with gold has become very popular with many women. This design looks very elegant and solemn, so in most cases it is chosen for holidays and official events. Among the wide range of color variations, the combination of golden gloss with red and black coating is the most relevant.

golden ombre manicure

Black ombre manicure

The universal black shade has become one of the most popular solutions in gradient nail design. In such nail art, black can be both the main color and the secondary color used to complement the transitions. The most stylish and interesting is the ombre gradient manicure, in which black is combined with bright and deep colors — red, green, purple and others.

black ombre manicure

Ombre manicure in pastel colors

For everyday life, it is best to choose a delicate design that looks as concise and restrained as possible. Such nail art will not attract undue attention to itself and will easily fit into any image for every day or for a romantic date. So, for example, a beige ombre manicure, complemented by a small amount of rhinestones or thin strips of rubbing, will be appropriate even at work, so it can be considered absolutely universal.

pastel ombre manicure

Ombre wedding manicure

Every girl who plans to get married pays special attention to her appearance and, among other things, thinks over the design of the nail plates in advance. Often the choice of young brides falls on a charming nail art made using a gradient technique. Depending on the style of the wedding ceremony, the chosen wedding dress, the individual preferences of the young lady, her age and many other factors, the newlywed may turn her attention to the following options:

  • white and pink ombre manicure. This delicate design will suit both snow-white and colored dresses;
  • classic French ombre manicure, made using white and nude shades;
  • Gorgeous gradient design, complete with rhinestones or sequins.

wedding manicure ombre


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