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An unusual, multifaceted and incredibly attractive oriental style attracts girls and women with its mystery and mystery. This fashion trend extends not only to clothes, but also to shoes, accessories, makeup and much more. In addition, it is divided into several sub-styles, each of which is interesting in its own way.

Oriental style in clothes

The bright and attractive oriental style of clothing for women is based on the traditional national costumes of girls living in the countries of the East. Usually, wardrobe items related to this fashionable trend simply amaze with their richness, grace and incredibly rich colors. However, stylists and designers offer their fans more concise options that will be appropriate even in a modern business look.

Oriental clothing style is divided into several sub-styles, such as:

  • Indian;
  • Arab;
  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • combination of any direction of the East and European culture.

oriental style in clothes

Dress in oriental style

Modern dresses in oriental style are somewhat different from the national clothes of the inhabitants of China, India and other countries of the East. However, they have properties and characteristics that bring them as close as possible to the traditional outfits of oriental women. So, these magnificent toilets are distinguished by the following features:

  • the absence of a deep neckline, high cuts and other cut elements that may look vulgar;
  • in most cases — the presence of sleeves. However, in summer models, wide straps are allowed in tandem with a closed neck;
  • luxurious and exquisite expensive fabrics, gold threads used for decoration;
  • maxi or midi length. Mini-dresses in this fashionable direction are allowed only in combination with trousers or harem pants made of the same material as the robe;
  • use of exclusively natural materials;
  • beautiful and catchy prints, bright colors, shiny textures.

dress in oriental stylemodern oriental style dresses

Oriental style suit

Beautiful and sophisticated oriental-style trouser suits look simply amazing. Many models of such wardrobe items are made in rich colors and decorated with rich prints that make them unusually bright, festive and solemn. The top of such sets is usually a tunic, shirt or blouse. In some cases, trousers are complemented by a jacket or jacket, which is tied with a silk or satin belt.

In addition, the oriental style involves costumes consisting of other wardrobe items, for example:

  • tunic and skirt;
  • skirt and blouse;
  • shirt and bloomers;
  • top and dressing gown.

costume in oriental style

Tunics in oriental style

A beautiful and sophisticated image in oriental style very often includes a tunic, which is an essential attribute of the national costume. Such products cannot be worn as a dress — they should be combined with skinny trousers, pipes, spacious shalwars or leggings. In some situations, the tunic can be worn with insulated opaque tights, however, in this case, it should completely cover the buttocks.

Tunics favored by the oriental fashion style can be very diverse. As a rule, they have a loose or slightly fitted silhouette, wide sleeves and slits on the sides. In addition, variations are possible without sleeves, with an elongated back and shortened front placket, with a thin belt or a shortened length.

tunics in oriental style

Pants in oriental style

Trousers, which often include an oriental look, look very unusual. As a rule, they are made of natural silk, cotton or chiffon, which hide all the imperfections of the figure. Most of the styles of these pants belong to the unisex direction — they can be worn by both women and men, however, the bright and catchy decor more and more indicates that the product belongs to women’s wardrobe items.

The most popular varieties of pants for women in the East are the following:

  • spacious bloomers with ankle cuffs;
  • wide trousers with a low elephant;
  • afghani trousers;
  • zouave trousers;
  • «ali baba».

oriental pants

Top in oriental style

Women’s oriental style in clothes implies two types of tops — bright, frilly and shiny or as simple and concise as possible. The latter are used to create discreet images and disguise bare parts of the body, for example, in combination with deep-necked dresses or jackets. The former, on the contrary, are an integral and original piece of clothing, which is great for everyday wear, as well as for going out and special occasions.

The top, which can include an oriental style, is distinguished by rich colors and catchy decor. It can be decorated with metal elements that look like coins, or large beads. In addition, bright national prints, tassels and fringes or elegant lace can be attributes of this trend.


Robe in oriental style

Oriental-style home wear is especially popular with beautiful ladies due to its incredible femininity, sophistication and elegance. An exquisite dressing gown belonging to this fashionable trend helps the young ladies to remain graceful, beautiful and sexy even in the family circle. The traditional robe that characterizes the oriental style has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • lack of fasteners;
  • wide or thin belt;
  • flowing natural materials;
  • deep colors, which are presented both in plain models and in richly decorated products;
  • commonly used prints and decorations — Japanese-style embroidery, dragon pattern, print on the theme of cherry blossoms, birds.

robe in oriental style

Evening dresses in oriental style

A beautiful dress in an oriental style, designed for going out and special occasions, should be moderately closed and in no case vulgar. As a rule, such products are made of iridescent flowing materials, decorated with embroidery or a bright and eye-catching print.

Depending on the features of the silhouette, age and individual preferences, young ladies can choose evening gowns of any length, however, their cut is always as comfortable and free as possible. In addition, very often such products are complemented by a lot of soft draperies or a smell, thanks to which the girl’s figure appears in the most favorable light.

evening dresses in oriental stylebeautiful dress in oriental style

Wedding dresses in oriental style

The refined and mysterious oriental fashion style could not help but penetrate into the wedding sphere. Young brides who want to emphasize their feminine charm and look like a young Arab princess or the heroine of the Thousand and One Nights fairy tales can choose an incredibly beautiful and luxurious wedding dress that should emphasize oriental-style wedding makeup.

Exquisite bridal robes, made in the style of the mysterious and attractive East, attract a huge number of girls and women. Stylists and designers, taking as a basis the national costumes of beauties from India, Japan and other countries, develop unusually beautiful decorations in which every young lady can feel like a real queen. As a rule, such products are characterized by the following properties:

  • layering;
  • rich and heavy fabrics;
  • gold embroidery;
  • an abundance of jewelry and decorative elements;
  • the presence of a veil or a special cape on the head;
  • the presence of sleeves, mostly long;
  • long skirt, which can be both puffy and straight;
  • closed neckline, often a high collar;
  • varied color range.

wedding dresses in oriental style

Headdress in oriental style

An original oriental-style hat, which in appearance resembles a turban or turban, is not at all uncommon today. This stylish accessory is present in the collections of most women’s clothing manufacturers, and it can be both insulated and light and designed for cool summer days.

The headdresses that came to us from the East are very specific, so many young ladies do not know what to combine them with correctly. Meanwhile, fans of this fashionable trend always accurately guess what things are best suited to such accessories. Depending on weather conditions and personal preferences, each fashionista can choose a classic turban that completely covers the head of its owner, or a turban bandage that leaves the back of the head open.

headdress in oriental stylehat in oriental style

Oriental style jewelry

Accessories in oriental style always attract attention. They are distinguished by massiveness, large size, a large number of intricacies and so on. Nevertheless, all facets in such jewelry are fully verified, so that they have ideal proportions and do not look at all vulgar.

Oriental style jewelry

Earrings in oriental style

When creating their image, beauties from the East pay special attention to the area of ​​​​the ears, because the jewelry that is located in this area emphasizes the beauty of the eyes and charming face. In order for such accessories not to be lost against the general background, they must be large and massive, often multi-row or unusually long.

Oriental-style earrings are also very popular among modern fashionistas who do not like too simple products with a minimalist design. These products fall into the following categories:

  • candelabra earrings with a large number of coins or stones;
  • three- and four-tier;
  • all kinds of chains.

earrings in oriental style

Rings in oriental style

Fashionable oriental style involves the use of a large number of various jewelry, among which rings occupy a special place. They are made of gold or silver, base metals, beads and other materials. One of the most popular types of rings are miniature bracelets without decor, the thickness of which can reach several centimeters. To create such products, only red or yellow gold is used, while white in the countries of the East is diligently avoided.

In addition, rings are very popular with oriental beauties, combined with a bracelet that is worn on the wrist. The ring in this case is located on the middle or ring finger and is connected to the bracelet with a chain. Rings from this fashion trend are very often decorated with pearls or stones, which must be large. When choosing accessories, it is worth considering that the massive elements in them indicate the high status of their owner.

rings in oriental style

Makeup in oriental style

In order to look like a real beauty from the East, you need to properly use decorative cosmetics. The make-up of girls from India, Japan and other countries is distinguished by rich colors and extraordinary brightness, however, its main characteristic is the use of any cosmetics in moderation, since excessive vulgarity and vulgarity in the East are categorically avoided.

To make a make-up, like these charming beauties, the following tips from makeup artists will help:

  • when choosing a palette, it is necessary to give preference to the most bright, juicy and saturated shades;
  • the main focus is on the eyes, which are not only a “mirror of the soul”, but also a weapon of seduction;
  • in such a make-up, the presence of arrows is mandatory, and not only the upper eyelid, but also the lower eyelid is drawn;
  • Eastern-style makeup for green eyes should be done using shades such as turquoise and blue. Brown-eyed young ladies are best suited peach, olive and dark gray.

makeup in oriental styleoriental makeup for green eyes

Manicure in oriental style

In order for the image to fully correspond to the chosen fashion direction, it is important to foresee everything, even the smallest nuances. So, special attention should be paid to manicure, which is sure to catch your eye and can hopelessly ruin a fashionable look. Decorating nails in an oriental style is not at all difficult, for this you can choose one of the following design options:

  • Arabic, which is characterized by the presence of straight lines, ornate patterns and floral ornaments;
  • girih — plexus of geometric patterns of different shapes;
  • islimi — curly flower branches and curls;
  • arabesques — a combination of giriha and islimi;
  • Indian nail art, or mehendi.

manicure in oriental styleoriental style nails


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