Original manicure - a fashionable addition to the female image

A beautiful and original manicure is the dream of any girl. Stylists offer unusual nail design options for any occasion, both delicate and sophisticated, and bright, catchy, attracting everyone’s attention. Each fashionista will be able to easily choose a nail art that matches her individual taste.

Original manicure 2019-2020

This season, stylists offer a variety of ideas that represent the manicure of the original design 2019-2020. Any fashionista wants to follow the trends, so you need to constantly monitor the fashion trends that are relevant at the moment. The original manicure this year and next is characterized by uniqueness and delight, allowing any girl to find what suits her. There are so many design options that it’s easy to get lost. The most popular are the following:

  1. foil design. The decor can be different — both discreet matte, and bright and iridescent. Mirror foil is also relevant.
  2. Rubbed nails. This is another good solution for a trendy manicure that allows you to achieve an unusual effect. You can choose a pearl rub, Maybug rub or holographic, mirror.
  3. Design with drawings of girls. Both portraits and silhouettes are relevant. It looks relevant and interesting, attracting attention.
  4. Matte remains relevant for a very long time, and at the same time it is appropriate in any situation. The color scheme can be any, depending on the preferences of the fashionista.
  5. ombre. Unusual solutions look original: with sand, with a stretch of color from finger to finger.
  6. Rhinestones. Here you can create a variety of designs using pebbles of various colors and shapes.
  7. inscriptions. Various letters and gentle words are relevant, complemented by other decorative elements — for example, sparkles.
  8. «Cat’s eye» — an original and irresistible version of the nail design, performed with lacquer with luminous particles.
  9. Negative space designsuggesting leaving part of the nail plate unpainted.

original manicure 2019 2020manicure original designbeautiful original manicure

Original manicure for long nails

Long nails are a real scope for imagination. Even the most daring ideas can be realized on them. It is worth noting that they can also be presented with an original manicure for short nails. It is possible to create both a strict office look, and a romantic one for a date or a calm one for a walk. Good options are offered in such solutions:

  1. Ombre in unusual colors. For example, the transition from yellow to blue looks interesting, while you can highlight one nail with a completely opposite design. Another unusual option is the combination of matte and glossy finishes.
  2. inscriptions. It is desirable to use a monochrome design so that what is written can be read without problems. If desired, you can add nails with sparkles or foil.
  3. Original manicure with kamifubuki. This confetti looks very impressive on long nails, and they can also be combined with inscriptions, a matte finish, and so on.
  4. Unusual drawings. These can be portraits, images of animals, silhouettes, even laconic geometric shapes.

original manicure for long nailsoriginal manicure fashion trendsoriginal stylish manicure

Original manicure for short nails

Short nails can also be decorated with an original design. You can use a variety of stones, drawings, prints, patterns and so on. The most interesting options are:

  1. For very short nails, you can make nail art in rich and even acid colors, for example, it can be an original red manicure. It looks extremely original. Not bad nail design in dark color, complemented by rhinestones of different shades.
  2. To make nail art look even more original, you can use different prints: flowers, butterflies, lace.
  3. Nude or pastel nail art, complemented by laconic patterns with stripes dividing the nail plate into parts, looks truly unsurpassed. You can use negative space or color block techniques.

original manicure for short nailsoriginal manicure 2019 2020original dark manicure

Original manicure for sharp nails

Sharp nails are justifiably considered refined. For this reason, many girls like them. On this form you can make an original manicure:

  1. In turquoise. This shade has been popular for a very long time, as it has both warm and cold tones. You can also combine it with other colors.
  2. Gradient design. A great choice for girls who can’t decide on the color they like. You can use both delicate and catchy shades.
  3. Nail art in rich and bright colors, evoking associations with summer. Suitable for girls who miss summer. You can add nails with thematic drawings or applications.
  4. Design with different patterns: flowers, animals, silhouettes, geometry.
  5. Original black manicure combined with bright colors. Suitable for creating a catchy and extravagant image.
  6. Nail art with a metallic effect. Looks very expensive and impressive.

original manicure for sharp nails

Original manicure for round nails

Round nails invariably remain relevant, although girls are drawn to new options. This is a very practical form, which provides an opportunity to try out many different types of design on it. Possible ideas are:

  1. Dark gloss. This design looks original and appropriate. For more beauty, you can add sequins or rhinestones.
  2. French with bright colors. You can add abstract patterns.
  3. The original white manicure will give the image tenderness and sophistication.
  4. Bright design with geometric shapes. It’s a good idea to try combining them with a gradient.

original manicure for round nails

Original manicure ideas

Nail design masters offer original manicure, the fashion trends of which are extremely diverse. Some of the most popular formatting options include:

  1. Sculpting on nails. This option is best suited for sharp and long nails.
  2. Nail art with rhinestones and spikes.
  3. Original manicure with the addition of granules. You can experiment using granules of different colors.
  4. The atypical shape of the nails is very long or sharp. You can even form something resembling claws.
  5. Fluffy design. A very interesting option, which is created using pieces of fur.
  6. Velvet nail art using flock. Like the previous version, extravagant and unusual.

original manicure ideasoriginal manicure fashion trendsmanicure original design

Original French manicure

You can make an incredibly original French manicure, the most interesting ideas of which are as follows:

  1. French with ombre is an unbeatable combination.
  2. «Naked» jacket in the technique of negative space. It is not necessary to correct this design for a very long time.
  3. Matte jacket, which gives the image a very luxurious look.
  4. French with holes traced with a contrasting gel.
  5. Minimalistic jacket with drawings exclusively on one nail.

original french manicureoriginal french manicure

Original monophonic manicure

A simple original manicure, created in a single-color version, can also look extremely impressive. It can be formatted in the following ways:

  1. Nail art in bright or acid colors, especially interesting looking on short nails.
  2. Nail design using nail polish with luminous particles.
  3. Original monophonic manicure with the addition of special powder or flock.
  4. Nail art, complemented by glitter or beads, rhinestones.

original monochromatic manicure

Original nude manicure

Nude delicate original manicure looks very beautiful and elegant. It complements any look — from everyday to festive. The best design ideas are:

  1. Nude nail art, complemented by drawings or prints on a natural theme. Very feminine and attractive.
  2. Color jacket with a nude base.
  3. Sophisticated graphics with a nude base.
  4. Nude nail art with mini flowers.
  5. Original nude manicure, complemented by abstract patterns.
  6. Stamping design with nude finish.
  7. Nude nail art with glitter or foil.

original nude manicuregentle original manicuresimple original manicure

Original manicure with inscriptions

Many stylists prefer to create a manicure, the original nail design of which includes all kinds of inscriptions. They are original in themselves. You can write anything both in Russian and in English. Ideas for performing nail art are as follows:

  1. A variant with humorous inscriptions (for example, «oh, everything»).
  2. Various inscriptions about happiness.
  3. Inscriptions that motivate for any action.
  4. Nail art with cartoon characters and inscriptions.
  5. Lettering love or dream.

original manicure with inscriptions

Original matte manicure

Matte manicure has already become a classic, but it can be diversified. To do this, it is recommended to use the following ideas:

  1. Textured manicure in a matte design.
  2. Red design with black or silver stripes.
  3. Matte with transparent holes and inscriptions.
  4. Option with drawings of pandas.
  5. Matte French nail art.
  6. Different colors of lacquer on both hands.
  7. The original dark manicure, which is presented in a plain version or complemented by prints.
  8. Bright gradient matte finish.
  9. Unicorn tears design.
  10. Matte nail art, complemented by foil.
  11. Matte gossamer design.
  12. Matte nail art with splashes.

original matte manicurebright original manicureoriginal manicure ideas

Manicure with an original pattern

Drawings on the nails invariably attract attention and distinguish the girl from the crowd. The base must be solid in order for the image to become an accent. Best of all, the drawings look on the nails of a square, oval and almond-shaped. The most original solutions that present the original stylish manicure are as follows:

  1. Geometric patterns that are relevant for many seasons in a row. You can make regular lines or clear shapes, draw stripes, and so on. Complex geometric patterns look interesting.
  2. The French version with a pattern is also a good solution. Delicate and feminine patterns are especially relevant.
  3. Positive drawings: men, silhouettes, cats and other animals, cat paws, hearts. On the eve of any holiday, you can make a thematic drawing. For example, snowmen and Christmas trees are appropriate for the New Year.
  4. Interesting drawings in the form of feathers, various sights, abstractions.

manicure with original patternoriginal stylish manicuremanicure original design

Original manicure with rubbing

Rubbing makes any nail design interesting and unusual. The most original manicure can be presented in the following variations:

  1. Mirror rubbing, which looks bold and original.
  2. Holographic rubbing that looks like a kaleidoscope. It provides an opportunity to see the real play of colors on the nails.
  3. Pearl rub that makes the nails iridescent.
  4. Rubbing with a moon nail design.
  5. Rubbing + geometric patterns on the nails.

original manicure with rubbingthe most original manicure

Bright original manicure

Bright nails are charming and make the original autumn manicure very memorable. The most unusual and eye-catching options are:

  1. Bright nail art with beautiful drawings on different topics.
  2. Bright design with catchy inscriptions.
  3. Nail design in bright colors, complemented by rhinestones and stones, especially if these decor elements are contrasting.
  4. French version with bright holes or nail tips.
  5. Bright nail art in abstract motifs.

bright original manicureoriginal autumn manicureoriginal manicure fashion trends

Original wedding manicure

A wedding is an important event in the life of any girl. This event will harmoniously complement the beautiful original manicure, presented by such design ideas:

  1. Bright nail art with delicate lace.
  2. Wedding jacket, complemented by abstract patterns or thematic images.
  1. Wedding design with stucco.
  2. Wedding design with patterns lined with rhinestones.
  3. Nail art with red or blue elements.
  4. Wedding nail art with gold to emphasize the sophistication of the bride.

original wedding manicuregentle original manicure


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