pear body type

This type of figure most often becomes a real tragedy for women, so they try to make anything out of their figure, but not what it really is. Very often, girls with a «pear» figure are quite worried about their appearance and try to lose weight. But the biggest misconception is that if women lose weight, then their figure will no longer be pear-shaped. In fact, this type of figure mainly depends on the physiological structure of the skeleton, so even if you lose ten kilograms, the bottom can still be heavy. We are not allowed to change the features of the skeleton and bones, but we are able to choose the right clothes for the type of pear figure, which will bring it closer to a more harmonious one.

Pear Shape Options

It is necessary to get to know the female pear figure better, which is distinguished by the following parameters:

  • wasp, thin waist;
  • medium or small breasts;
  • narrow shoulders and chest;
  • a significant difference between the waist and hips (most often it can be about 30 cm);
  • full buttocks and thighs;
  • the hips, in turn, are much wider than the shoulders;
  • sometimes girls can have plump legs, but this is not necessary.

The main thing to remember is that the main purpose of clothing for the pear figure is to balance it in such a way that the end result is a beautiful harmonious silhouette. This result can be achieved only with the help of a properly and well-chosen wardrobe. Girls with such a figure have only one problem — a rather heavy bottom with a small and fragile top. Despite this, they have excellent virtues — narrow feminine shoulders and a thin waist. The main thing is to make a bright accent on the upper part in order to divert attention from the lower part.

What should pear shaped girls wear?

The best pants for this figure are curvy cut and boot cut, which emphasize the femininity of the figure — mouth-watering hips and a thin waist. Such models can be slightly flared down, which compensates for the width of the hips and visually harmonizes the entire silhouette. It is thanks to these trousers that the silhouette of the figure turns out to be feminine and beautiful, and the hips do not seem so heavy. For this figure, a straight cut of pants is also suitable. Avoid excessive detail on models, complex cuts, folds and patch pockets.

Dresses and skirts for a pear figure also have their own characteristics. They should hide flaws and emphasize the elegance of the upper body. The following options are great:

  • empire models;
  • dresses with a trapeze silhouette;
  • semi-fitted models.

In turn, sheath dresses are a real headache for girls with this figure, because usually the bottom is too tight and the top dangles. In this case, it is best to choose a suitable brand for yourself, whose clothes will fit you perfectly. Forget about knitted dresses, tight and tight models, options with a sun skirt or pleated bottoms.

As for swimwear for a pear figure, it is necessary to visually balance the chest with the hips. You can increase the top part with a push-up cup swimsuit, with or without ties. It is also worth considering that the top of the swimsuit should be brighter than the bottom. Panties should be solid, with high enough cutouts that visually lengthen the legs. A one-piece swimsuit is a great option for a pear-shaped figure. But these models must necessarily have voluminous details at the top or a division into two different shades — the upper one with a bright color, and the lower one with a plain and muted one.


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