Pear figure what to wear

Despite the fact that this type of figure is quite feminine, many girls are puzzled over how to dress in a way that hides the flaws in their appearance and emphasizes its dignity. Nevertheless, it is necessary to learn to be grateful to nature for what it has given. What clothes should girls with a pear body type wear?

Pear body type — what to wear?

First you need to understand what distinguishes this type of figure from the rest:

  • small chest;
  • narrow, sloping shoulders;
  • narrow chest;
  • thin, expressive waist;
  • a noticeable difference between the top and bottom of the figure;
  • bulky bottom (full hips and buttocks);
  • sometimes plump legs.

It follows that the main task is to somewhat balance the figure by hiding the hips and emphasizing the chest. There are many examples of celebrities with a pear body type. Among them are pop divas Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

Pear body type — clothes

Often, in search of the ideal image of a woman with a “pear” figure, they acquire a lot of things, but not always what is really necessary. So:

  1. Pants for pear shape. The best option in this case would be models that are somewhat flared to the bottom. Thus, it is possible to compensate for the fullness of the hips and divert attention from them. But straight trousers can also fit a “pear”. As for jeans for a pear shape, they, like classic trousers, can be flared or straight. At the same time, it is better to avoid unnecessary decorative details and pockets to the maximum. Do not weigh down your legs and hips.
  2. Dresses for pear shape. Undoubtedly, an empire style dress with a high waist will help to hide full hips. Another suitable option is an a-line dress (A-line), reminiscent of retro style. A sheath dress can also be a good alternative, but here you should be careful with the cut. Often the top of the dress can be large, and the bottom is too tight around the hips.
  3. Skirts for pear shape. A pencil skirt against all odds can be the perfect option for such a figure. The waist will be perfectly emphasized, and the hips will be well-hidden. A-line skirt is a classic option for a pear. You should definitely forget about elastic skirts, knitted and pleated models, skirts on the hips and skirts with various decorative elements. Large prints are also excluded.
  4. Coat for pear shape. And again, the shape of the trapezoid comes to the rescue, as well as the high-waisted model in the Empire style. A single or double-breasted coat with decorative epaulettes that flares out at the bottom will balance the silhouette.

If a girl with a pear figure understands what she needs to wear, questions about the shortcomings of the silhouette will disappear by themselves.


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