pear-shaped figure

We are one hundred percent sure that if you are the owner of a pear-shaped figure, then you spend a lot of time thinking about how to divert attention from your lower body. Do not bother, because following our recommendations, you will forget about the torment.

Pear shaped girls

The “pear” figure is distinguished by a voluminous lower part of the body, combined with narrow shoulders, a small chest and a pronounced waistline. So what should be worn with a pear body type to highlight the advantages and visually reduce the disadvantages? Let’s find out!

You can balance the “heavy” bottom with the “thin” top using a contrasting combination. Your wardrobe should have more light-colored things, a variety of blouses, t-shirts and tops as a top. But trousers and skirts are better to choose in dark colors.

Horizontal stripes, sequins, polka dots, zippers, large collars, lapels and eye-catching jewelry will help to exaggerate the curves at the top. We hope you have not forgotten about push-up bras, as well as scarves and neckerchiefs. Shapewear will help to downplay the buttocks. As well as vertical clothing details, zippers and visible seams.

Pear figure — how to dress?

You can balance the voluminous bottom with the help of trousers with wide legs, for example, a sharp flare is very fashionable this year. A-line and flared dresses will also help to mask unwanted curves.

Many celebrities, on the contrary, try to shift attention to all the curves of a pear-shaped physique, take, for example, Jennifer Lopez. In this case, it is worth picking up skirts for the pear figure with draperies and seductive cutouts.

The pear-shaped figure welcomes massive jewelry or costume jewelry. And, of course, heels, which are mandatory for this type of figure.

Following the elementary recommendations, you will be able to present your figure in all its beauty!


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