Pedicure at sea - a selection of fashion ideas and trends

Each girl tries to prepare as much as possible for the beach season, thinking through her image to the smallest detail. In addition to a bright swimsuit, a light pareo, it is important to pay attention to the nails. A pedicure by the sea is a light or, on the contrary, bright color scheme with original decor that creates a special mood for rest and relaxation.

Pedicure at sea — fashion trends

There are infinitely many options for what a marine pedicure can be — you should boldly experiment without holding back your imagination. There is an opinion that a nail design for a beach holiday should certainly be calm, in white and blue colors, but this is not entirely true — do not be afraid to be bright and original, because juicy shades emphasize a beautiful tan very favorably.

Pedicure at sea - fashion trendsPedicure at sea - fashion trends ideas

This year, pedicure at sea is popular in the following options:

  1. pastel shades. Having chosen such a solution, it is better to combine two tones at the same time, while maintaining the unity of style. The accent on the thumb looks beautiful — it can be decorated with stones, drawings, kamifubuki or in any other way.
  2. Pedicure at sea - pastel fashion trends

  3. Pink color. For a marine pedicure, a pink color scheme is ideal — from light shades close to white to rich crimson.
  4. Pedicure by the sea - fashion trends pink

  5. Bright and catchy colors. This color scheme looks very advantageous in combination with gold or silver.
  6. Pedicure at sea - fashion trends bright

  7. citrus theme. A bright and rich pedicure in orange or yellow shades, with and without decor, looks very juicy.
  8. Pedicure at sea - fashion trends orange

  9. Saturated tones. Acid shades of pedicure in a variety of design variations will help you draw attention to yourself. But it is important that the color is in harmony with the style of your image.
  10. Pedicure at sea - fashion trends style

  11. Fruit motifs. Juicy realistic drawings and stickers will help create a summer mood and enjoy a beach holiday.
  12. Pedicure at sea - fashion trends fruits

  13. Brilliant pedicure by the sea. Shining nail design using rhinestones, glitter and shimmer varnishes, foil does not lose its leadership position.
  14. Pedicure at sea - fashion trends brilliant

Fashionable colors of pedicure by the sea

Which pedicure at sea to choose, whether to make an original design, or to give preference to a plain coating, depends, first of all, on individual taste preferences. But every year, trends highlight a certain range of colors and shades that are becoming especially popular. To date, pedicure for sea holidays is relevant in the following color options:

Sea pedicure ideas

It would seem that a pedicure is a mere trifle in a female image, but in fact, nail design is of great importance. Therefore, when going on vacation to the beach, each of us tries to think through our bow to the smallest detail, and the question of what kind of pedicure to do at sea is far from the last on the list. The beauty and well-groomed legs give the female image elegance and sophistication.

Sea pedicure ideasIdeas for a pedicure at the seaside fashion

The current trends in marine pedicure for summer holidays are:

  • monophonic nail design;
  • french in various variations;
  • pedicure design with floral and animal prints;
  • pedicure with kamifubuki on the sea;
  • matte pedicure design at sea;
  • abstract drawings and patterns on nails;
  • geometry pedicure design;
  • pedicure on the sea with rhinestones;
  • floral drawings and patterns.
  • Sea style pedicure ideasIdeas for a pedicure at sea ideas

The leading trend was the idea of ​​manicure and pedicure design in the same color theme. Nail art does not have to be the same — it is important that the main shade matches and, if possible, the stylistic direction. Manicure and pedicure in the same design will help create the most harmonious and holistic image for a sea holiday.

Seaside pedicure ideas designSea pedicure ideas options

Pedicure aquamarine

No shade harmonizes with a beach holiday like celadon — a dark shade that combines blue and green. Pedicure, marine design, in this color scheme can be both simple and concise, for example, plain, and in complex interesting variations. A pedicure at the sea looks stylish in shades of a sea wave in a mother-of-pearl version, with a “cat’s eye” effect, with rhinestones, drawings, and much more.

Sea pedicure ideasIdeas for a pedicure at the seaside fashion

Bright pedicure on the sea

Many girls mistakenly believe that a pedicure at the sea should be exceptionally calm and relaxing colors associated with rest and relaxation. This is partly true — light and turquoise tones in a summer look look beautiful and spectacular, but this is far from the only possible option. A bright summer pedicure by the sea looks very stylish, bringing a special zest to your bow.

Bright pedicure on the seaBright pedicure at sea fashion

A bright pedicure by the sea can be both plain and combined, in various design and decor options. Popular bright colors are:

  • red;
  • coral;
  • bright pink and raspberry;
  • rich turquoise;
  • yellow;
  • Orange.
  • Bright pedicure at sea styleBright pedicure at sea design

White pedicure by the sea

One of the most popular options for making a pedicure for a summer holiday is white, while a marine theme can be implemented using decor. The white color of the nails looks very elegant and sophisticated in a monophonic version, it favorably emphasizes a beautiful summer tan. It looks especially stylish in combination with a manicure of the same color, with a white swimsuit, headdress or accessories.

White pedicure by the seaWhite pedicure at sea fashion

Actual ideas of what a white pedicure at sea can be are:

  • nail design with rhinestones;
  • white pedicure with foil on the sea;
  • drawings on a white background;
  • combination of white with blue shades;
  • white pedicure with gold.
  • White pedicure at sea styleWhite pedicure at sea style

Red pedicure at the sea

At first glance, it may seem that a red pedicure for a vacation by the sea is not the best idea, but in fact it is one of the most trendy options, which is very popular. The red color of the nails will complement and emphasize your stylish and bright look. For the integrity of the bow, it is better that the manicure is done in red tones.

Red pedicure at the seaRed pedicure at sea fashion

For relaxing at sea, the following design options for a red pedicure will be suitable:

  • plain red pedicure by the sea;
  • red pedicure with patterns and patterns;
  • pedicure in red with rhinestones, sparkles, broths and other shiny decor;
  • red french and moon pedicure by the sea.
  • Red pedicure at sea designRed pedicure at sea ideas

French pedicure on the sea

A universal option for nail design for all occasions is a jacket, this applies not only to manicure, but also to pedicure. If you don’t know what kind of nail art to make for this or that event, you can safely choose the unchanging classics. True, the modern ideas of the jacket have already gone far from the classic ones — not only classic tones, nude and white, but also many others are used in nail art — from neutral calm to bright and juicy.

French pedicure on the seaFrench pedicure at sea fashion

Marine French pedicure can be performed in any color scheme, but calm, light shades are more relevant. Such ideas of a summer marine French pedicure have become trendy, such as:

  • classic white;
  • delicate blue or turquoise;
  • pink.
  • French pedicure at sea ideasFrench pedicure on the sea style

Monochromatic pedicure by the sea

Girls often prepare thoroughly for a vacation at sea, trying not to miss a single detail, especially such an important detail as nail design. But this does not mean at all that a pedicure for the summer at sea should be very refined and luxurious — conciseness in the image also has its undeniable advantages. One of the simple and beautiful ideas is a summer pedicure by the sea in a plain design.

Monochromatic pedicure by the sea

In order for the nail design to be appropriate on vacation and harmonize well with your image, it is worth making it in the same color scheme as the manicure. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the shades that prevail in your wardrobe — even the most sophisticated deep sea green can seem strange and out of place if your wardrobe is mostly red or pink.

Monochrome pedicure at sea fashion

Win-win options for a monophonic pedicure for a beach holiday are:

  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • white;
  • red;
  • pink.
  • Monochrome pedicure at sea styleMonochrome pedicure at sea design

Black pedicure at the sea

If you want to make an extravagant and very beautiful pedicure by the sea, you can pay attention to such a bold idea as black. But a simple monochromatic version, according to stylists, is too gloomy for the summer season, and for the harmony of the image, you should take the time to choose a design. To make a pedicure in black look more easy and relaxed, you can do it in the following options:

  • black French or moon pedicure;
  • pedicure in black in a brilliant decor — rhinestones, sparkles, etc.;
  • black pedicure with patterns, drawings, inscriptions;
  • black and white pedicure at the sea.
  • Black pedicure at the seaBlack pedicure at sea ideas

Gentle pedicure by the sea

If, looking through the stylish and bright options for a pedicure at sea, you do not find a suitable idea for yourself, you can always turn to a win-win classic. This includes a light and calm pedicure in gentle colors, which is very likely to fit into any image, suitable for any length and shape of nails and will not attract too much attention.

Gentle pedicure by the seaGentle pedicure at the seaside fashion

Delicate shades of pedicure for a seaside holiday include nude, white, blue, turquoise, light pink or lilac, mint, and many others. It is important to remember that a delicate pedicure is not necessarily a monophonic design and absolute minimalism — this category includes a combination of colors, laconic decor with rhinestones, foil, neat laconic drawings and patterns, including geometry that has been popular in recent years.

Gentle pedicure on the sea styleDelicate pedicure by the sea design

Starfish Pedicure

Many girls agree that the best pedicure at sea is exclusively a beach theme that creates a special mood. These ideas include nail design with a starfish, which is associated not only with water and the sea, but also with the beaches of exotic countries. An asterisk can be either in the form of a picture, or a sticker, or a three-dimensional decor. Best of all, the decoration in the form of a starfish is in harmony with the standard colors of this theme — with white, blue, blue, turquoise.

Starfish Pedicure

Sea horse pedicure

Lovers of interesting and creative ideas will appreciate such a nail design option as a marine-style pedicure with a seahorse image. This nail art looks very interesting and unusual, it creates a positive mood and sets you up for relaxation. But it is important that such a creative idea is in harmony with your image — for example, you should not combine a seahorse pedicure with elegant dresses.

Sea horse pedicure

Marine style manicure and pedicure

Modern fashion often combines the incongruous, and sometimes a variety of ideas in tandem look very stylish and harmonious. But at the same time, stylists strongly recommend an idea that ensures the harmony and integrity of the image — this is a manicure and pedicure in one design option. This does not mean that nail art should be identical — you can choose one color scheme or the same stylistic direction.

Marine style manicure and pedicureManicure and pedicure in marine style fashion

Manicure and pedicure by the sea, made in the same style — it can be either a pronounced theme using white and blue tones, drawings on the theme of a beach holiday, or simply neutral shades with or without decor. Neutral ideas for manicures and pedicures, bright or delicate pastels, perfectly harmonize with a summer wardrobe that is relevant on the beach.

Manicure and pedicure in marine style styleManicure and pedicure in marine style fashion

Pedicure at sea for women over 45

The fashion of recent years does not welcome restrictions, especially by age. In addition, it can be extremely difficult for modern women to understand how old they are — many even at 50 manage to look no older than 30. But, nevertheless, there are some limits that you should not go beyond so as not to create an absurd infantile image. In fact, there are not many restrictions at all.

Pedicure at sea for women over 45

Looking through stylish ideas on what kind of pedicure to do at sea, women aged 45 and older should give up options such as:

  • creative cartoon drawings;
  • various inscriptions, especially bright and comic;
  • very bright acid tones;
  • too catchy decor — for example, kamifubuki may be out of place.

The ideal summer marine pedicure for a woman aged 45 and over is elegant restraint, which is associated with the sea and relaxation. Such ideas include a calm monophonic design, a combination of colors in blue-white-blue shades, laconic drawings and patterns, neat decor with rhinestones or other decorations.

Pedicure at sea for women over 45 fashion


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