Pedicure, nail design for any occasion!

The pedicure design of the novelty presented a wide selection of various color shades, decorative elements and newfangled performance techniques. To wear seasonal shoes, you should take care of careful care, the original decoration of your toes. Do not be afraid to use bold stylistic solutions, voluminous modeling, diverse textures.

Pedicure — Design Ideas

This year, designers have provided stunning collections of summer shoes, and world-famous nail artists have provided a universal pedicure fashionable design. You will definitely pick up the right idea, whatever your age, lifestyle. The range broadcasts diverse designs for every taste and color. The most popular shades for today are:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • black;
  • pink;
  • mint;
  • peach.

Exclusive variations with cobwebs, watercolor stains, geometric patterns, floral ornaments are welcome. If you are going on holiday, you are offered interpretations with a nautical theme. Don’t forget the classic French pedicure nail design. The list of techniques was replenished with matte, glossy coatings, ombre, and additional details often appear in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, kamifubi, foil.

pedicure fashion trendsfashion design pedicure

Red pedicure with design

Every day, the coloristic colors of the nail plate are becoming more and more popular. Your legs will sparkle with renewed colors if you decide on bright scarlet expressions. This is a wonderful alternative for everyday work days, meetings with friends, romantic dates and special occasions.

A red pedicure with a design on the thumb will look elegant. The favorite decorative details of the modern public are voluminous beads, shaped iridescent pebbles, and shiny pollen. You can dilute monochromatic options with interesting drawings, minimalist images. It is important to note that any form of nails is acceptable: from square to oval silhouettes.

red pedicurescarlet pedicure

Yellow pedicure design

The hot period makes girls want to be appropriately transformed. Therefore, sunny colors have become widespread this season. Pedicure, a summery design with yellow tints, can be emphasized with a rub-in effect, a cat’s eye or a color gradient. Cutting-edge trends suggest neat velvet, mother-of-pearl, glossy surfaces.

The tonal range broadcasts chic vanilla, apricot, lemon, corn, amber, sand, straw, mustard shades. Bold ladies can afford acid neon colors. Glitter, dot patterns, gossamer techniques or shiny pollen are often present as additional elements.

yellow pedicure designpedicure design yellow

White pedicure with design

The actual pedicure design of the toenails was not complete without neutral white tones. This is the perfect solution for every occasion. You can choose a snow-white design with minimalist stickers for every day. For gatherings with friends or romantic dates, it is worth considering varieties with watercolor stains, foil, and floral drawings. A festive outfit will emphasize nail art with rhinestones, 3D cobwebs.

The shape of the plate allows oval, pointed and square outlines. Welcome exclusive coverage with highlights, pedicure monochromatic design, velvet neat interpretations. An elegant white jacket with multi-colored smiles along the edges of the nails deserves your attention. Especially beautifully chosen performance will look on tanned legs.

white pedicurepedicure design white

Black pedicure with design

Another universal, win-win expression is in black shades. If you’re not into multicolored saturated looks, be sure to check out our selection of popular dark ideas. Representatives of the street trend prefer to highlight monochrome features with unusual abstractions. Pedicure, dark design, can be recreated with elegant burgundy, purple, blue shades.

Applications can be denounced for the diverse silhouettes of the nail plate, however, short oval, almond-shaped or square shapes have received the greatest demand. Do not forget about the newfangled methods of applying varnishes. First of all, velvet, glossy finishes, vtrik, cat’s eye, ombre deserve your attention. Decorative details broadcast kamifubiki, sequins, volume modeling techniques.

black pedicure designtrendy black pedicure

Pink pedicure with design

A bright pink pedicure with a design instantly won ladies’ hearts. This is a terrific option for any girl looking to pick up some flirty nail art. It can be displayed in different ways, decorate one or more fingers with sparkles or a contrasting tone. Original pastel interpretations of the classic jacket with non-traditional aspects are available.

The color palette presented shrimp, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, lingonberry, amaranth shades. To add an extra dimension to the pattern, check out the pedicure, a trendy nail design, with an ultra-modern selection of techniques. Favorite additional elements are floral or geometric ornaments, diverse drawings, foil.

pink pedicurepink pedicure

Mint pedicure design

Many girls prefer exquisite stiletto sandals and high-heeled sandals. If you want to wear trendy open shoes this summer, you need to take care of your toes first. Lovers of gentle interpretations will definitely appreciate neat menthol expressions. Pedicure light design can be personified on oval, square nail plates.

For workdays, consider a velvety base coat with glitter dust. Mint décor with floral patterns or geometric patterns will accentuate a casual outfit. Celebrations and tear-off parties involve neat decorations with rhinestones, foil, iridescent beads. Don’t forget about leading reproduction techniques that will look as feminine and stylish as possible.

menthol pedicure designmenthol pedicure

Watercolor design pedicure

Beautiful design pedicure has become an indispensable attribute of the new period. Among the modern fashionable public, you can increasingly meet connoisseurs of art. That’s why watercolor splatters and streaks have become a smash hit this year. They are used to create clothes, accessories, shoes. The world-famous manicure masters could not miss the sought-after artistic trend and decided to offer it as an additional decor for nail art.

The main color, on top of which watercolor ornaments will be applied, can be of any kind. Pedicure, multi-colored design, will look very colorful and rich in the form of a base coat. Combinations of warm shades with cold, colorful with light ones are available. The drawings themselves should be combined on one large or several toes.

watercolor pedicure designwatercolor pedicure

Peach pedicure with design

What could be better than peach elegant nails on the legs. Often girls prefer such fresh tones, because they look very feminine, elegant and restrained. In such designs there is no place for acid reflux, the brightest reflections. However, a light pedicure nail design in a matte, glossy or mother-of-pearl finish is welcome.

Don’t forget about the ultra-modern rubbing effect, cat’s eye, neat color transitions. Those who wish can dilute monochromatic interpretations with contrasting colors of one or more fingers. The assortment of additional decorations was replenished with minimalist floral ornaments, 3D cobwebs, shining elements, sparkling pollen.

peach pedicure trendypeach design pedicure

Pedicure design with rhinestones

Stylists presented a chic shimmering solution for lovers of glamorous trends — a pedicure design with stones. This is a stunning solution that will accentuate any casual or festive look. First of all, you need to choose a base color. The most common variations were all kinds of shades of red, pink, yellow, blue, purple, emerald.

The choice of the shape of the nail plate is up to you. Oval, almond, square silhouettes got the greatest demand. Rhinestones can be scattered randomly, form an independent pattern, or be part of the overall image. Pedicure shining nail design can be combined with a smooth ombre, minimalist trends, watercolor splashes.

pedicure with rhinestonespedicure design with rhinestones

French pedicure design

The design in the French style is considered to be eternally relevant. Classical interpretations broadcast a pastel base, white or black crescents along the edges of the marigold. Ultra-modern trends presented unconventional coloristic performances. Tone cherry, purple, lemon aquamarine, malachite, herbal tones are allowed. The light scale suggests menthol, powdery, vanilla, lilac, heavenly shades.

Pedicure light design will look as elegant as possible with matte features. Do not be afraid to experiment, use the rubbing effect, cat’s eye, chic transitions with pleasure. Double smiles or beveled variations are gaining popularity. Selections of decorative elements include iridescent rhinestones, shiny pollen, diverse stickers or patterns.

french pedicurefrench style pedicure

Marine design pedicure

Now the summer beach season is in full swing, so be sure to check out the trendy applications on the relevant topics. Pedicure at sea design broadcasts an original palette with dark or light colors of the nail plate. First of all, pay attention to aquamarine, blue, azure, hyacinth, turquoise, mint, sapphire, cobalt colors.

Over a plain surface of a square or oval shape, stylists recommend using splashes, watercolor stains. Favorite additional elements are the techniques of volumetric modeling, beads, geometric patterns. Not without thematic seasonal drawings in the form of starfish, waves, anchors, palm fish and much more.

marine pedicuremarine design pedicure

Pedicure design with kamifubiki

Pedicure design with sparkles will also appeal to glamorous young ladies. Shining nail art will suit any girl, regardless of lifestyle, taste preferences and age category. Nude, bright and neutral base colors are the most widespread. Kamifubiki can be applied to each toe, or to several. They can serve as part of a full-fledged pattern or pattern.

For everyday life, it is better to use white, beige varnishes with a small amount of shiny decorations. Strict sandals for the office will emphasize the pedicure with dark tints and sparkles on the thumb. Romantic dates or holidays provide neat bright colorful tones with additional textures, figured kamifubiki.

pedicure design with kamifubikipedicure with kamifubiki

Matte pedicure design

The technique that provides velvet performances is in great demand among modern fashionistas. This is a universal stylistic solution that will fit perfectly on oval, almond-shaped and square nail plates. It can be combined with a chic rubbing effect, cat eye and color gradient. Summer pedicure light design can combine tones of the same color or contrasting colors.

If you prefer one-color minimalist solutions, you should consider bright raspberry, lemon, coral, violet, blue, blue shades. Applications with floral, animalistic, geometric images have been waiting for your approval. Fans of shimmery reproductions will definitely like additional rhinestones, sparkles, voluminous pebbles, textures and beads.


matte pedicure with design

Pedicure design with foil

New-fangled stylistic trends never cease to amaze. Pedicure brilliant design will perfectly decorate your toes. You can confidently wear shoes with an open toe if you use decorative foil. It often involves golden or silver reflections, but other examples of this beautiful addition are provided. The base layer can be a matte, glossy or pearlescent coating.

Choosing the color of the base, you should give preference to colorful or delicate palettes. Among the bright designs, consider coral, strawberry, lemon, apricot, purple, azure, ultramarine, emerald tones. Combinations are available with vanilla, sky blue, peach, menthol, peach varnishes. Additional elements include shiny pollen, rhinestones.

foil pedicurefoil pedicure design

Pedicure design geometry

No one is surprised that minimalistic expressions on the nails have been stunningly popular for several years now. If you don’t know what nail art to choose this season, pay attention to exclusive geometric ornaments and patterns. They fit perfectly and emphasize monochromatic specimens. The striped pedicure design is the most sought after as it is suitable for any occasion.

However, do not lose sight of the current interpretations with geometric shapes. Your favorite master will help you beautifully combine small drawings of triangles, circles, rectangles, rhombuses and squares. Beige, pastel, mint, light green, cloudy, glycerin, lavender tones can be the main colors. Consider neutral blacks, whites, rich color options.

geometry pedicurepedicure design with geometric shapes

Pedicure design ombre

The ombre technique has found its application not only in hair coloring, but also in the field of manicure. The technique involves a smooth or sharp transition from one color to another. As a result, you can get an impressive result with a contrast gradient. Summer trends offer interesting ways to create the desired performance. It can be denounced on square or oval forms of the nail plate.

Combinations of two or three nude shades are considered more popular. A bright design with spectacular coloristic tones is also welcome. If you want to give your fingers an extraordinary shape, you will love the feminine matte, impressive glossy or shiny mother-of-pearl outlines. You can add more shine with the rubbing effect, cat’s eye.

pedicure ombre designpedicure with ombre

Pedicure design gossamer

World-famous stylists have pleasantly pleased the modern fashion audience with chic novelties. The reception of 3D cobwebs is very diverse, so it will allow for original minimalist designs. The most sophisticated ideas include the use of black, white and nude varnishes, as this will give the most versatile and practical solutions.

Enlisting the help of your favorite craftsman, you can get chaotic bindings that resemble a real spider web or clear graphic lines more befitting of geometric ornaments. In most cases, young ladies prefer a pedicure design of a large nail with an actual pattern. The color palette broadcasts colorful shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, purple and blue. Additional details include shaped rhinestones, miniature sparkles, foil.

spider web pedicurepedicure design with gossamer


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