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Most of the fair sex simply cannot imagine their life without cosmetics. If not a single person can go out without clothes, then for women, cosmetics become part of the clothes, part of the image, without which it is impossible to appear in society. But not all women think about how to choose the perfect makeup for their type of appearance, and most importantly, how to do it competently and professionally. Let’s take a closer look at what you need for perfect makeup to always look attractive.

Secrets of perfect makeup

The foundation. Often in makeup master classes they say that it is necessary to start with applying a foundation — a foundation, but I must say, it is much more convenient to start makeup from the eyes: in this case, it will be easier for you to remove lumps of mascara or shadows that have fallen in the wrong place, where necessary. Also, do not forget that the cream base is applied before everything loose — powder, blush. Otherwise, you will not get a natural face, but a mask. And most importantly — facial imperfections must be hidden not with the help of foundation, but with the help of a corrector. Properly applied to different areas of the skin, it will hide both redness and bruising under the eyes.

Eyes. Always blend the shadows in an upward direction to give the eyes visual volume. Light shadows make the look more open, and dark ones — deep. To combine the two effects together, you can make a slight transition from dark to light: for example, darken the inner corner of the eye, and brighten the shadows towards the outer. For everyday makeup, it is better to use a pencil than a liquid eyeliner, since the latter gives very bright and “rough” lines, which are more suitable for an evening make-up.

Brows. Never forget to take care of your eyebrows, because if not groomed, they can ruin any, even the most perfect makeup. If you have a naturally beautiful eyebrow shape, then simply correct it by removing excess hairs with tweezers. And if the contour of the eyebrows is not clear and they themselves are not particularly spectacular, then you should seek help from a pencil and shadows that will help you make your eyebrows visually thicker and more expressive, as well as correct their shape.

Lips. Use lip balm as a base for gloss or lipstick to keep your lips looking fuller and dry. Don’t use lip liner if you have naturally beautiful contours, as this will only weigh down your makeup and make it look unnatural.

These are the most basic rules for perfect makeup, which will allow you to always achieve the desired result and use cosmetics correctly.


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