Most likely you have already planned and thought over your vacation and in anticipation of bright, sunny days of complete relaxation, you are starting to pack your suitcase.

What do you put in it? Most likely evening dresses, shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, and one tube of sunscreen. Did everything match? No matter how sorry you are, to upset, but you will not take home with you a beautiful and even tan. If you want to become the owner of luxurious chocolate-colored skin, you will have to significantly expand the arsenal of preparations, go to the beautician in advance and take care not to turn white as long as possible.

Proper tan — one that causes minimal damage to the skin and at the same time looks beautiful and natural.

Perhaps there are no people on earth who would not be pleased with the sun. And this is not surprising. After all, under the influence of its rays, endorphins are produced in the body. They are also called hormones of happiness. Thanks to the sun, we also get vitamin D — it is very important for women. This element promotes the absorption of calcium, which, with the advent of menopause, begins to be washed out of our bones. It turns out that sunlight is useful. But only if we are talking about reasonable doses. The indefatigable passion for tanning is extremely dangerous. First, ultraviolet light can lead to the development of cancer.

Secondly, lovers of roasting for hours on the beach age faster than their white-skinned peers. After all, under the influence of UV rays, the collagen fibers responsible for the elasticity of the skin are destroyed. In the normal state, they look like spirals, and after a solar «stroke» they begin to look like springs in an old sofa. As a result, the oval of the face loses its shape: it sags and becomes covered with a network of wrinkles. We all know about the dangers of the sun, but every year we go south and, despite all the dangers, do not leave the beach until we become like chocolates. And this is understandable, because the bronze shade suits absolutely everyone. However, do not forget that a beautiful tan and health go hand in hand.

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To return from vacation looking like a mulatto, with deliciously smooth chocolate-colored skin, just lying on the beach is not enough. A tan will cover your body with an even and beautiful layer only if you start preparing for sunbathing in advance.

Go to the beautician

In order for the skin to become truly satiny and ready for sunny “kisses”, it is enough to carry out several procedures two weeks before the holiday.

If you don’t want to come home with a face that looks like a shriveled peach or apple, protect yourself from dryness before heading to hot countries. Of course, you can buy an expensive cream and apply tons of it daily, but clogged pores and dead skin particles will not allow it to penetrate deeper than the epidermis. So the first thing you need to do is clean it up. You can do peeling yourself at home, but it’s better to go to a beautician and order a full-fledged moisturizing skin care. Despite the fact that different preparations are used in the salons, the general concept of the procedure is the same.

The first stage is cleaning. It is carried out using professional cosmetics, which differs from the usual high concentration of active substances. Depending on your skin type, they will apply milk (for dry), gel (for oily and mixed) or foam (any one is suitable) on your face. Each of these drugs will penetrate deep into the skin and dissolve the oil that clogs the pores. Then a hot compress with essential oils awaits you, which will remove the remains of the cleanser.

The next procedure is called «gommage». In fact, this is a mechanical peeling, but instead of a regular scrub, in this case, a special gel is used, which very gently and gently exfoliates dead skin particles, making the skin smooth and even. After all these manipulations, the face is ready for total hydration. The cosmetologist will apply a cream mixed with an ampoule concentrate on it, which will increase the effectiveness of the procedure at times.


In order for the tan to evenly cover you from head to toe, not only the face, but also the body should be smooth. Therefore, a week before departure, you need to do a peeling. But only mechanical, not chemical. The latter not only exfoliates dead particles, but removes the top layer of the epidermis. As a result, the skin becomes extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

However, mechanical peeling also has pitfalls. First, you need to choose a scrub with small abrasive particles. Secondly, try not to overdo it: so as not to damage your upper epidermis. Remember that in place of any scratch, an ugly pigment spot may appear.

It is very good in this case to use natural coffee scrubs for the face and body, but also not too zealous.


Although many do not like it, but whatever one may say, a solarium is the only way to seriously prepare the skin for the burning rays of the tropical sun. Several sessions of 5 minutes at intervals of a week will not allow you to burn out on the very first day of your vacation. When choosing a tanning studio, first of all, focus not on the shape of the devices — vertical or horizontal, but on the type of lamps. They are low, high pressure and combined. The first will suit fair-skinned persons prone to rapid redness; the second — moderately swarthy; the third — those whose skin acquires a thick chocolate shade in a couple of days and rarely burns. And also pay attention to the fact that in your solarium there is a special lamp for the face, because it darkens more slowly than the rest of the body.

As for the recently fashionable auto-bronzates, they will not save you from burns. Creams and sprays simply paint the skin, while after a session in the solarium you will darken due to the fact that the cells produce melanin. It will not only make you swarthy, but at the same time protect you from the dangerous effects of ultraviolet radiation.

So, you have completed all the previous preparation points. But this is just the beginning. Then follow the rules of exposure to the sun, which must be followed unconditionally.

Practice: Tanning Rules

1. Be sure to use sunscreen. The higher the sun protection factor (SPF), the further you can sunbathe. For example, if your “safe” time is 20 minutes, a product with SPF 10 will increase it by 10 times and extend it, respectively, to 3 hours and 20 minutes; with SPF 20 — up to 6 hours 40 minutes, etc. The lighter the skin, the higher the SPF should be.

2. In the first days of the holiday, use products with high protection. Once your skin gets used to the sun, you can switch to a lower SPF.

3. Different areas of the skin have different sensitivity to the sun. For example, on the face, the nose and forehead are most often burned. on the body — chest, abdomen, forearms. Therefore, treat especially sensitive areas with products with a higher SPF.

4. In areas of high intensity of ultraviolet rays (at the equator, in the tropics, highlands), you need to use products with a maximum protection factor. They also need to be applied to the skin of children.

5. Use a product with a texture that suits you. Oils and creams are good for dry skin, milk, lotions and gels are good for oily skin.

6. Apply sunscreen not at the beach, but before going out. First, they begin to act after a while. Secondly, clothes do not completely protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, and on the way to the beach you risk getting burned.

7. Choose a waterproof sunscreen, as UV damages the skin even underwater.

8. Prefer products with filters that protect against type A and type B rays.

9. After bathing, dry yourself well with a towel: water droplets are a kind of lens that attracts the sun’s rays, so the risk of sunburn increases. Be sure to reapply sunscreen.

10. After sunbathing, take a shower and apply an after-sun moisturizer. It will soothe and refresh the skin, help it recover, prevent dehydration and flaking, and prolong the life of a tan. After the beach, make moisturizing masks.

11. Don’t forget your sunglasses. They not only protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, but also prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles.

12. Take care of your hair — the sun and salt water dry it out, making it thin and brittle. Be sure to wear a hat. Use protective shampoos and sprays, strengthening masks and balms.

13. Decorative cosmetics and perfumes containing alcohol can cause age spots. On the beach, use summer versions of fragrances (without alcohol), and from cosmetics — lipstick or lip gloss with sunscreen and waterproof mascara.

14. If you are taking medication, ask your doctor if you can take it while on vacation. Some medications increase the sensitivity of the skin to photosensitivity and, when combined with intense ultraviolet radiation, can cause side effects.

15. Be sure to cover areas of the body with birthmarks. If there are a lot of them, reduce sun exposure as much as possible. Consult a dermatologist if the mole has changed color, grown larger, or other birthmarks have begun to appear next to it.

16. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Vitamins and minerals increase the immunity of the skin and reduce its sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.

17. If you want a more even and lasting tan, it is better not to lie down, but to move more: walk, play volleyball, badminton, etc.

18. The best time for sunbathing is from morning to 10.00 and in the evening from 16.00. At lunchtime, when the intensity of the sun is at its highest, tanning is an absolute taboo.

19. And the last very important point:

If ALL the same, a burn appears, you can not be in the open sun for 2-3 days. Be sure to use products containing Panthenol — they will not only relieve redness, but also help the skin regenerate faster. Once and for all, forget about «grandmother’s» methods for burns in the form of kefir or sour cream — the cold may relieve the pain effect, but nothing more. If the burn is really extensive, the skin has acquired the color of a ripe tomato, and your health condition has worsened, it makes sense to consult a doctor — you may have received a severe heat stroke.

If you have fulfilled all the above instructions, then congratulations — you are guaranteed a perfect tan! You will enjoy your tanned skin color!

Proper preparation of the face and body for tanning is a rather lengthy and painstaking process. But this small drawback fully pays off with the result — perfect bronze skin, without burns and health risks, which will effectively shade you and will delight you for a very long time after the holidays!


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