Pink glitter manicure - 42 photos of the most fashionable design ideas

A pink glitter manicure can be done in a variety of ways: be laid back or show off your passionate side. This color continues to be considered the most feminine. Beautiful nail art can be obtained due to different shades in the chosen palette, which can be complemented by spectacular decoration.

Pink manicure 2019 with sparkles

In 2019, many stylists are opting to create pink glitter manicures. The coming season will please with very original ideas, using which you can create a solemn, business and daily design:

  1. Glitter goes with any foundation tone, so you can choose a color that suits your chosen look and skin tone.
  2. The combination with rhinestones remains fashionable, but it is worth following some recommendations. Sequins and rhinestones should not overlap each other, but if such an overlay is necessary, then they should have the same structure and a similar color scheme.
  3. For every day, options are offered in a concise design, for example, it can be a pink manicure with sparkles at the ends. This technique is very similar to the French, however, the design implies a blurry transition or a shift closer to the hole.
  4. Much depends on the shade of pink, of which there are a considerable number.
  5. The main color and glitter can be combined with decor, for example, you can use rhinestones, gold or silver-colored powder, glitter decoration. Thanks to this, the options for beautiful nail design are increasing.
  6. The monochromatic finish can be selected with a glossy or pearly base and enhances the depth of the color unsurpassed. The delicate design pairs beautifully with gold, black, blue and purple sequins for a casual and sophisticated look. You can use a matte finish.

pink manicure 2019 with sparkles

Pink manicure 2019 with sparkles

pink glitter manicure ideaspink glitter manicure

Pink glitter manicure for short nails

Owners of neat shortened nails will be able to choose for themselves a pink manicure with sparkles for short nails:

  • you can create a classic version of the jacket, while it is better to embellish only the edge of a small thickness, and apply transparent varnish on the nail base itself;
  • the tip, decorated with sparkles, contributes to the visual lengthening of the nail;
  • in this embodiment, curls, dashes or other lines can be made;
  • as a decoration of the edge of the nail, the “broken glass” option can be used;
  • glitter can be applied at the base of the nail, in this way a moon design is created that can be combined with a jacket;
  • a common option for creating an ombre with sparkles. To give the effect of scattering, you need to apply shiny elements until the varnish is completely dry. Due to the glitter, the surface is fixed.

pink glitter manicure for short nails

Pink glitter manicure for long nails

Long nails provide an opportunity to fantasize. Pink manicure with silver sparkles will look extremely impressive on elongated nail plates:

  1. With the help of sparkles, you can create drawings, or you can simply focus attention by highlighting its individual details.
  2. Shiny decoration can be pointy, for example, it is a polka dot pattern, which can be combined with retro-style clothing.
  3. Different variants of the color palette can be combined with pink, it can be beige, peach, raspberry, berry shade.
  4. The main color goes well with white, in this design you can use a variant of the moon design. The nail can be made in pink, and the hole is presented in a white shade, nail art can be complemented by white polka dots or stripes.
  5. On long nails, you can create nail art in a floral style. Flowers can be large or small.
  6. Often there is a variant where the nails are painted in a single color, and the drawings are applied only to the ring fingers.
  7. Pink matte glitter manicure can be decorated with viscous. Matte design will look great in black and pink, this option can be supplemented with rhinestones.
  8. Long nails, decorated with decorations such as foil, look spectacular. In this case, shiny elements can be arranged in random order or completely cover the nail.
  9. Knitted nail art can also be used on long nails, while glitter is applied on top, which can look like velvet sand, starry sky or sugar grains.

pink glitter manicure for long nails

Pink Glitter Manicure Ideas

Stylists apply a variety of pink glitter manicure ideas:

  1. Glitter can be located in different parts of the nail. On the fingertip, pink can be combined with silver, gold and shimmering particles.
  2. Glitter can be on the hole, resulting in an unusual lunar design.
  3. Do not forget about the ombre option. Glitter dissipates like stardust on wet lacquer, if possible, extra details can be removed.
  4. A great idea would be to use a varnish with a metallic effect. It can be taken not for the base, but for creating patterns and drawings.

pink glitter manicure ideaspink glitter manicure ideas

Pink Glitter Manicure Ideas

pink glitter manicure

Pink manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

A pink manicure with rhinestones and sparkles looks truly luxurious; it is perfect for making bright evening bows:

  • it may seem that the combination is too redundant, then with a skillful addition, this option will look gentle and beautiful;
  • a bright accent with rhinestones can be made on several nails, and the rest remain in a single-color version;
  • the ring finger can be completely in brilliance, for this you can choose gold or silver execution, neighboring fingers can be decorated with several rhinestones;
  • pink manicure with sparkles can be complemented with lace, and decorated with rhinestones on top. Beautifully look lace traced in black or white lacquer.

pink manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Hot pink glitter manicure

A bright pink manicure with silver sparkles will help to attract everyone’s attention as much as possible:

  • you can use colors of crimson, fuchsia, cyclamen and other bright options;
  • you can apply the ombre technique, sculpting, various types of rubbing;
  • the overall composition can be decorated with rhinestones or traced stripes;
  • pink bright manicure with sparkles can be supplemented with minimalist patterns in the form of dots, stripes, twigs or small figures.

hot pink glitter manicure

Pink matte glitter manicure

Solid deep shade beckons to itself and gives the image luxury and elegance. Matte pale pink manicure with sparkles will be a win-win solution to complement any bow:

  • large shimmering particles, small star dust, bright colored confetti can act as decorative elements;
  • glitter can be applied with a nail rub, it is rubbed into the surface and has a holographic glow. A matte top is used only where there will be no rubbing.

pink matte glitter manicure

Black manicure with pink sparkles

To translate into reality a manicure in pink with sparkles that is relevant for the new season, which is combined with black, you need to follow two rules: find an original design and do the job correctly. The combination of black and pink sequins, as well as the opposite, look good on nails of any length:

  1. The decor is applied to the tip or base. Sequins can be present only on the ring finger of the left or right hand, or you can add a little on each finger. They look best on a matte finish.
  2. Pink sequins are best not applied to the entire surface of the nail. They can be arranged in the form of stripes, curls, geometric shapes or a straight line.

black manicure with pink glitter

White manicure with pink glitter

The design of nails in such an option as a white and pink manicure with sparkles is justifiably popular, because it is universal for every event. It will suit both business women and romantic girls:

  1. A beautiful pink glitter manicure can be obtained using different shades. Glitter can vary in shape and size.
  2. From sequins of pink or silver color, you can lay out any pattern. They will give nail art femininity, regardless of the shape and length of the nails.
  3. Shiny elements look most original on a jacket. They are applied to the wide part of the nail, and the tip is covered with white varnish.
  4. Glitter looks beautiful near the nail hole. In this case, the rest of the part should be painted with white varnish.
  5. On a plain coating, drawings lined with brilliant decor look interesting. It can be a dot cover or an ornament.

white manicure with pink glitterwhite pink glitter manicure

Pink manicure with gold glitter

When creating a pink shiny manicure, it is worth considering the skin tone and combining the shades correctly:

  1. For girls with matte skin, beige with a pink glow is more suitable. With tanned skin, such a shade as pink peach goes well.
  2. Gold glitter is best applied to one ring finger of one hand. Small glitter looks good.
  3. An interesting design is obtained if the glitter is completely applied to the nail of the ring finger and the base of the little finger is slightly highlighted.

pink manicure with gold glitter

Pink manicure with marble and glitter

In the 2019 season, a manicure with pink varnish and sparkles with a natural design is very popular:

  1. On a delicate monochromatic coating, stains imitating the surface and patterns of natural stones look extremely impressive.
  2. Nail art is often done with lacquers in discreet shades, such as beige, gray or black.
  3. Glitter complements the design perfectly. But they should be used to a minimum so that the nail art does not turn out to be vulgar. Glitter can be added to one finger or several.
  4. You can make marbled stains on one or two fingers, and apply shiny elements only on one finger of each hand.

pink manicure with marble and glitterpink glitter manicure

Pink French Glitter Manicure

An ageless classic can be called a light pink manicure with sparkles:

  1. The entire nail is covered with a monochromatic varnish, except for the tip, and sparkles are applied to it, with a thick layer. Any glitter is used — from bright to pastel shades.
  2. Shiny elements can also be located on the side of the nail. If desired, you can combine two options — on several fingers, highlight the tip with sparkles, and on one, apply them on the right or left side of the nail in the form of a comma.

pink manicure french with sparkles

Pink glitter manicure

An extremely popular design variation is a pale pink manicure with sparkles arranged in a streamer:

  1. Glitter perfectly emphasizes the beauty of pink varnish, but in what quantity to use it, each girl decides individually. Nail art with a stretch is easy to perform, so you can do it yourself.
  2. To do this, you need to distribute the glitter on the nail from the bottom up or vice versa. The first option is suitable for short and long square-shaped nails. Shiny elements are smoothly distributed up the nail, and the emphasis is on the tip.
  3. If you distribute shiny details from the base to the tip, you get a more interesting design. This pink glitter manicure is suitable for nails of any length and shape.

pink glitter manicure

Pink glitter manicure

When creating such an option as a pink manicure with sparkles on the tips, it is important to determine with the texture of the varnish whether it will be translucent or rich, dense:

  1. Lacquer can be nude. With an airy, creamy look, but containing a bit of powdery pink, gold or silver sparkles go well.
  2. Small glitter looks spectacular. It will successfully emphasize the rectangular, sharp tips of the nails, while the length does not matter. If you apply glitter on a short nail, they will visually enlarge it.

pink glitter manicure

Transparent pink glitter manicure

Such a design as a pale pink manicure with sparkles and rhinestones can be done in a very original way. The coating can be slightly transparent or the nail is covered with a transparent varnish with a pink tint. Glitter, as in other options, is applied randomly over the entire plate or selectively. Details can be grouped into drawings, patterns or ornaments.

translucent pink glitter manicure


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