Pink manicure with design - 36 ideas for stylish nail art

Raspberry and red colors once again conquer the fashion world with bright, saturated shades. They have found their application in the nail sphere. Glamorous ladies can pick up a pink manicure with rubbed pearl design for the holidays or dates. Matte finish is suitable for ladies for every day or for work. And classic glossy coatings can be supplemented with a variety of techniques or decorative details.

Pink manicure with design 2020

The upcoming spring and summer season promises to be sunny and hot. Manicurists, leading stylists announced modern trends, current trends and new innovations in the field of nail art. A pink manicure with a design will be in great demand among all women, regardless of occupation and lifestyle. Therefore, if you are in search of newfangled solutions, it’s time for you to consider several options for the execution of beautiful designs for your fingers.

The key to cutting-edge ideas was the use of deep tones, the reproduction of unusual techniques and the use of additional elements with which the design would look more sophisticated and stylish. A perfect example is a pink cat eye manicure with a design. You can dilute delicate reflections with bright or even acidic shades of crimson. With such nails, you will definitely get a lot of attention and enthusiastic compliments.

pink manicure 2020

Pink manicure with design for long nails

Young ladies who prefer long nails made the right choice. The larger the size of the nail plate, the greater the variety of actual designs. Perhaps the embodiment of the most exclusive techniques that are incompatible with short forms. Hot pink glitter manicure is available in many interpretations. Therefore, you can realize the most cherished designs.

Since some ladies believe that the elongated shape and configuration of the nails looks defiant, it can be presented in more restrained variations. Light pink, mother-of-pearl, cream and other light shades will add femininity, elegance, elegance. The classic jacket can also be improved. A matte finish and small rhinestones near the cuticle will emphasize your excellent taste.

for long nails

Pink manicure with a design for short nails

A pink manicure with a design for short nails is best combined with an almond shape or a soft square. Such outlines not only look very elegant, but also conquered the leading positions in the list of the main nail trends of this year. Velvet designs with a gradient in raspberry tones will add a bright accent to your image, make it more colorful, cohesive, spectacular.

If you prefer the use of decorative details, it is better to consider options with 3D modeling, glitter pollen, foil, stickers or drawings. Even more shine can be obtained using the rubbing technique, cat’s eye or a variety of rhinestones. The main thing is not to use large elements, since they can virtually make the nails smaller and shorten the overall length.

for short nails

Pink manicure with design

Stylists and world famous nail masters recommend pink manicure. Sympathy, commitment to such shades is due to the large number of various techniques that can be used to decorate nails. The most popular and fashionable options will be with:

  • ‌silver;
  • ‌gold;
  • ‌drawings;
  • ‌stickers;
  • ‌modelling;
  • ‌rubbed;
  • ‌cat’s eye;
  • ‌foil;
  • ‌geometric ornaments;
  • ‌spider web.

Matte finishes will capture the hearts of many fashionistas due to their unusual, delicate and feminine appearance. Ombre effect with bright tones will appeal to representatives of street fashion. Classic French manicure with ultra-modern accents and additions will suit business women for going to the office, to work, meetings. It will not do without decorative elements, the use of which is permissible for all kinds of designs and for any length.

pink with design

Pink manicure with silver

Fans of graceful bows in light colors will love a pale pink manicure with a design. A feature of this design is a huge selection of diverse decorations. The best interpretations involve the use of silver inserts, images, stickers. Such brilliant drawings can be presented in the form of geometric, animalistic or floral ornaments.

A matte jacket with smiles painted with light shiny pollen will look spectacular. More minimalist designs feature a single ring finger covered in silver lacquer or rubbing. Manicure in a similar style is universal. It is suitable for working days, weekend walks, romantic dates and tear-off parties.

with silver

Pink manicure with gold

Pink manicure with gold will also be at the peak of popularity this year. It adds sophistication and a little seriousness. Stylists recommend using a variety of technologies to create beautiful accents. A common design has become a pink finish in a matte or glossy form with a golden gossamer. The most elegant designs involve the use of shiny decorative elements. Rhinestones with golden highlights or shimmering beads perfectly complement the raspberry lacquer, thereby decorating women’s hands.

with gold

Pink manicure with rubbing

To achieve the desired overflows and fabulous radiance, you can make a pink manicure with a pearl powder. This design has always been in demand in the world of fashion and beauty. In past seasons, it was reproduced in tons of cold shades. But cutting-edge trends have undergone major changes, which has brought updated trends with a rub-in effect to the nail sphere.

Raspberry tones in saturated versions perfectly convey the full depth and quality of color. Therefore, most ladies who want to dilute the image with bright accents prefer this design. And light shades are so delicate and feminine that they will suit any white outfit. Impressive decorations are available with foil, gossamer, rhinestones or volumetric modeling.


Pink manicure with a pattern

Light pink manicure with a design can be complemented with beautiful drawings at your discretion. The spring season provides for ultra-modern images of buds, flowers, petals. Floral motifs are also suitable for the summer season, along with drawing suns, clouds, clouds and sea waves. The autumn period is conducive to the execution of textured twigs, yellowed leaves and other attributes.

All kinds of drawings will be in harmony with delicate pink shades. Do not neglect the techniques of geometry, because a variety of shapes, strokes and dots have become the eternal classics of female nail design. Animalistic influences are also gaining popularity, so it is necessary to consider a few ideas with «wild» tricks with leopard or tiger colors.

with drawing

Pink foil manicure

Bright pink manicure with design broadcasts exquisite combinations with foil. This effect helps to achieve ultra-modern design, which will be especially in demand this year. The use of shiny elements has always been liked by the fashionable public, however, nail masters have improved the classic variations and presented completely new, fashionable interpretations.

The main feature is the base coat in raspberry shades. It can be dyed in a velvety, gradient look or rubbed. To focus on the charms and color saturation, the manicure is decorated with foil. From it you can form a variety of shapes, silhouettes or outlines. In addition, harmonic combinations with other decorations in the form of rhinestones, shiny pollen, and volumetric modeling are available.

with foil

Pink manicure with stickers

Floral motifs are again at the forefront of the list of fashion trends. Therefore, stylists offer an ultra-modern pink manicure with flowers. From can be drawn by hand, however, innovative technologies have brought stickers to the field of nail art, helping to reduce the time spent on work. With the help of special stickers, you can decorate the nail plate as you like.

The quality of the products is characterized by a special precision and sharpness of the desired image. It can be not only flowers, but also other various pictures. The application scheme is very simple, since the self-adhesives adhere perfectly to the nails. They can be glued on all fingers or only on one ring finger. Combinations with decorations in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, volumetric details are also available.

with stickers

Pink manicure with stripes

For several seasons, minimalism has been considered the main reference point for creating feminine nail art. Pink manicure with a simple design will definitely attract the attention of fashionistas. As a base, you can use any raspberry shade. The coating is also carried out depending on your preferences: matte, glossy, rubbing, cat’s eye or ombre.

The best patterns for a minimalist design will be stripes, strokes, bitmaps. They can be applied with contrasting or glossy varnishes. Stylists do not recommend embodying complex geometric designs and ornaments. For the most simple design, it is better to use the minimum number of additional elements or decorative details.

with stripes

Pink manicure with clouds

If you are looking for your perfect and stylish pink manicure with design, you should pay attention to modern ideas. Newfangled variations offer many interesting and unusual introductions. However, the image of clouds and clouds on the nails will become the most popular. This technique is more suitable for young people or lovers of street style, because it looks flirtatious and very pretty.

This design looks most harmonious on the almond-shaped nails of any length. And the images of the clouds themselves are best performed on some fingers so that there are not too many repetitions. They can be created voluminous using a variety of techniques, sprinkled with shiny pollen, rhinestones. However, the classical interpretation provides for ordinary clouds in white.

with clouds

Pink manicure with cobwebs

Ultra-modern style techniques will help you create a beautiful pink manicure with a design. The gossamer effect looks amazing on any length and shape of the nail plate. Raspberry light and dark shades will be an excellent base for painting in red, white, black and other contrasting tones. The cobweb is depicted anywhere, but it is often used along the finger, obliquely or across. You can add more shimmer and glamorous accents with small rhinestones, sparkles, foil.


Pink manicure with marble

Experienced nail art specialists have long been looking for a universal and practical option for decorating nails. As a result, they presented a trendy pink manicure with a marble design. Previously, in the previous few seasons, such style accents were present in clothing and accessories. However, this year, such prints have found their way into manicure.

You can choose any shade of pink, from nude light shades to bright acid ones. The main attribute of the marble ornament was neat stains, which should look as believable and natural as possible. Although at first glance it is clear that the work is very simple and requires a lot of effort, this is a big mistake. Therefore, if you prefer such a design solution, you should find a good craftsman who knows his business.


Pink manicure with holes

A great alternative to the classic jacket was a manicure with a design of pink tones and holes. A characteristic feature of this variation was the absence of a smile along the edge of the nail plate. However, there was a neat shading of the area of ​​the hole in the lower part. Stylists suggest a wide color palette that can be applied to the moon design.

Supporters of light pink can afford gentle base tones. For a more solemn and festive design, it is better to use a rich raspberry range. Thus, after applying the base layer, it is fashionable to choose the desired contrasting color for the hole. But it is better to choose white, because it is universal and adds more femininity to the manicure.

with holes

Pink ombre manicure

Some young ladies prefer the most simple pink manicure with a design. It can be easily implemented using the ombre technique. It implies smooth color transitions from the lower to the upper edge of the nail plate. Gradient coverage has always been popular, but crimson tones conquered the fashion world just a few seasons ago. To emphasize the peculiarity of the style direction, you can add a vertical cobweb, sequins, strokes, dots or a floral pattern to the ring finger.


Pink French manicure with design

New fashion trends inspired nail masters to create exclusive ideas for the embodiment of a classic jacket. Therefore, a pink manicure with a design and rhinestones deserves your attention. The design in the French style is no different from the generally accepted one, with the exception of additional elements. If you want to add more sparkle, you can decorate each finger of both hands with glitter. But more restrained, feminine and elegant options include miniature rhinestones on only one or two nails.


Matte pink manicure with design

The technique that makes it possible to make a matte finish every year allows for more complex interpretations. This year, stylists are celebrating a pink manicure with a design. Velvet outlines add sophistication to the hands, and compliments from connoisseurs to you. Neat execution will be an excellent base for applying stickers, creating drawings, geometric, floral and animalistic ornaments.

The matte effect is perfectly compatible with other techniques. The best combinations are available with foil, rhinestones, silver or gold details. Gradients, french and marble designs also look great in a velvet look. Pink color primarily indicates femininity and an elegant sense of taste. But a matte manicure for long or short nails of any shape will emphasize the sophistication of nature much more.



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