Pink manicure with silver - a selection of the most fashionable ideas for all occasions

This year, such a combination as a pink manicure with silver will be extremely in demand. For its design, different shades of drawings, textures can be used, which create complex combinations. Such nail art can be called universal, because it easily fits any outfit.

Manicure 2019 pink with silver

Many stylists offer a pink manicure with silver to the attention of fashionistas, which can be performed in a variety of variations:

  1. To create a luxurious evening look, wide shiny plates, decor with stones or rhinestones are relevant.
  2. One of the best options is the combination of these two colors in French design. Often the pink color forms the base, and the silver plating is used in the finishing of the edge of the finger.
  3. Nail art can be slightly transformed and used in the form of a moon application. This option is very sophisticated, the hole is decorated with varnish, sparkles or rhinestones.
  4. Stylish geometry remains a fashionable option. On a matte varnish, you can use glossy stripes that create shapes or are simply scattered on the surface.
  5. The simplest solution with these two shades would be to cover three or four fingers with plain pink, and fill in the remaining nails with silver.
  6. To attract maximum attention, you can make a hot pink manicure with silver. The glitter finish can be applied with foil, mica, glitter varnish, or a scattering of rhinestones.
  7. On a pink background, you can create a pattern with the addition of silver paints. Butterflies, flowers, geometric shapes are common among the images.
  8. A simple design will be suitable for everyday wear, while a more sophisticated version is suitable for a festive event. The effect of silver can be achieved with the help of not only varnish, but also using rhinestones. It is worth choosing a small amount of rhinestones for everyday wear, but for a solemn event, you can choose an amount that will fill all the free space.

manicure 2019 pink with silver

Manicure 2019 pink with silver

beautiful pink and silver manicureoriginal pink manicure with silver

Pink and silver manicure for short nails

Lovers of neatness and conciseness can make a pink and silver manicure for short nails:

  1. Popular combinations in 2019-2020 will be nail art with the addition of yellow, gray, turquoise, blue and other color schemes, these shades help create a more playful option.
  2. On short nails, you can create an extremely delicate design, while you can turn to a gradient that can turn into silver. The most delicate options are lunar nail art and jacket.
  3. A bright pink manicure with silver can be complemented by such elements as sculpting, using glitter, various rubs, adding rhinestones and stripes.
  4. You can turn to minimalist patterns, such as dots, stripes, thin twigs and figures.

pink and silver manicure for short nails

Pink and silver manicure for short nails

pink and silver manicure for short nailsstylish pink manicure with silver

Pink and silver manicure for long nails

To stand out from the crowd, you can make a pink manicure with silver on long nails:

  1. Silver shades are ideal for perception, because it is a neutral color that goes well with various other shades.
  2. On long nails, it is better to apply holographic and pearlescent coatings, which are decorated with silver foil, you can use the negative space technique.
  3. A combination of a rich jacket with silver will be fashionable.
  4. On long nails, you can think of laconic geometry, mysterious abstraction and thematic plots.
  5. Often pink is combined in a vertical or horizontal ombre.
  6. The most spectacular options with silver sequins are created in the form of snowflake patterns, while creating the effect of a snowy-frosty version.

pink and silver manicure for long nailspink manicure with silver for long

Pink and Silver Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer a variety of solutions for creating such a variant of nail art as a pink manicure with silver:

  1. The addition of silver elements should be approached carefully, if they are applied excessively, you can overload the image. Therefore, a laconic design will be a win-win option.
  2. Metal varnishes are popular — they perfectly convey color, but often do not give a mirror effect.
  3. Many stylists are turning to foil designs as they are a great way to apply support material.
  4. Techniques such as rubbing, yucca flakes, and glitter became popular.
  5. Due to small shiny elements, you can create an accent nail. All fingers are painted in pink tones, and the ring finger is covered with glitter. However, the structure of the material may be different, for example, there are small or large sequins with a curly shape.
  6. A holographic pigment is gaining popularity, which can sparkle not only on a transparent base, but also on a dark base.
  7. To make bright evening bows, a bright pink manicure with silver, which can be richly decorated with rhinestones, is perfect.
  8. In some cases, crystals and stones are used, they are multifaceted and have a foil base.
  9. Matte lacquer can also be complemented with shiny elements, for example, in the form of silver foil inserts.

pink and silver manicure ideas

Pink and Silver Manicure Ideas

bright pink manicure with silvermanicure 2019 pink with silver

Manicure pink with white and silver

One of the classic design options that is suitable for both short and long nails is a pink with white and silver manicure:

  1. One of the most popular options for this combination is French. The main part of the nail is covered with pink varnish, and white is applied to the tip. The design is diluted with decorations in the form of rhinestones or small beads with a pearl tint.
  2. You can also apply the opposite of a jacket — this is a pink moon manicure with silver. The hole is made depending on the length of the nails, the shape of the nail plate. An excellent combination would be a silver-white varnish at the base and a matte soft pink on the rest.
  3. Ombre continues to be relevant. The transition can be created using a snow-white to shade, this will be a bright and memorable version of the gradient. You can create an ombre in pastel colors using a transition from creamy white to soft pink with a peach overflow.
  4. One of the most common patterns of drawings are flowers. It can be beautiful roses or lilies that will add tenderness to the image.
  5. You can turn to fantasy drawings in the form of lace patterns or abstract curls.
  6. The silver sparkles look great.

manicure pink with white and silver

Manicure gray with pink and silver

This kind of nail art as a stylish pink manicure with silver goes well with gray shades. This combination is reasonably recognized as one of the best and can be made in the following variations:

  1. Soft pink tone together with light gray gives unsurpassed lightness. Intense pink can be combined with smoky gray, it will look restrained and at the same time dictate passion.
  2. Colorfulness can add a geometric pattern made of silver elements.
  3. Fuchsia and the color of wet asphalt are able to attract attention. This combination will look harmonious on short or medium nails.

manicure gray with pink and silver

Manicure pink with black and silver

An extremely original combination will be a beautiful pink and silver manicure, acting in combination with black:

  1. Lunar nail art made in this color looks incredibly stylish. Holes filled with black color stand out expressively against the general background.
  2. Black is capable of enhancing a pale pink jacket. Smooth lines on the main background are able to reveal femininity and grace.
  3. Nail art can be complemented by silver blotches that will create a more evening look.
  4. Black or silver sequins can be used as decoration on the ring finger.

Pink and black and silver manicure

Manicure pink with silver and rhinestones

A stylish pink manicure with silver sparkles can be harmoniously complemented with rhinestones:

  1. To create a laconic elegant look, do not be too zealous, a few rhinestones are enough, or decoration of one or two fingers can be used.
  2. You can use a single application, this is the use of shiny rhinestones in the middle, on the edge or at the base of the nail.
  3. With rhinestones, you can embellish the growth line at the base, use the design of the corner of the nail, the arrangement in the form of a pattern.
  4. Shiny elements can be woven into a pattern or pattern. On the main background, flowers that are complemented by pebbles will look great. Rhinestones decorating a flower can resemble a drop of dew.
  5. Bows look beautiful on the main background, they can be emphasized with the help of shiny elements.

pink manicure with silver and rhinestones

Pink manicure with silver stripes

One of the options for a popular geometric design is a beautiful pink and silver manicure containing stripes:

  1. Decorative elements such as stripes can also be created at home. The easiest option is foil strips.
  2. The shiny stripe goes well with the base. Bright stripes can be randomly arranged and drawn very clearly.
  3. Stripes of sequins will help to add a festive effect.
  4. The strip can consist of rhinestones, this option will look very nice in a vertical design.
  5. The strip can be applied with a special tape, this is a great option to give originality to a monochromatic nail art.
  6. The silver strip may consist of small diamonds that fit snugly together.

pink manicure with silver stripes

Matte pink manicure with silver

The hot pink manicure with white and silver remains in trend, which is created using a matte finish:

  1. A mix that combines glossy and matte varnish will look great. This option can be complemented by rhinestones.
  2. Pink matte manicure with silver looks sophisticated in a minimalist version, such a coating in itself has sufficient depth. In this design, the ring finger can be complemented by rhinestones or lace.

matte pink manicure with silver

Manicure pink jacket with silver

An extremely interesting variation of the classic nail art is a pink and silver French manicure:

  • the tip can be decorated using a variety of elements: these are foil strips, and sparkles, and a regular varnish with a metallic effect;
  • the tip may contain either one or two or more stripes;
  • you can make a jacket using stretching with sparkles.

pink french manicure with silver

Manicure pink with silver geometry

One of the most stylish design variations is a beautiful pink and silver manicure containing geometric shapes:

  1. One of the simplest and most popular patterns is the striped addition. The stripes can create a jacket, be arranged in a chaotic manner or be parallel to each other.
  2. The “broken glass” technique involves the use of mirror “shards”. Their color scheme is varied, but you can stop at the gray version.
  3. Textured geometry can be created using glitter, sand or rhinestones, with their help different geometric shapes are drawn.

manicure pink with silver geometry

Pink manicure with a white pattern

For the spring and summer period, a white-pink-silver manicure containing all kinds of drawings will be a great solution. It can be floral or floral motifs, various geometric shapes, openwork lace, ethnic ornaments. Images can be applied both in white and silver.

pink manicure with white pattern

Pink and white manicure with holes

Lunar pink manicure with silver looks very elegant and harmonious. Holes can be filled with different elements, for example, sparkles, rhinestones or regular varnish. The color scheme in which the holes are made out can be absolutely any, the main condition is that the shades are in harmony with the main tone.

pink and white manicure with holes

Pink manicure with silver gradient

Such a design as an original pink manicure with silver, made in the form of a gradient, is considered a fashion hit, while it can be performed in different directions:

  • colors are used in different arrangements and proportions, one of the shades will be slightly larger than the other;
  • the flow of one tone into another can occur in a longitudinal, transverse or diagonal version;
  • pink manicure with silver gradient can be made in a glossy or matte version, complemented by a mirror rub.

pink manicure with silver gradient


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