Pink nail design - 180 photos of fashion ideas for all occasions

Pink nail design has become more relevant than ever in 2019, easily and harmoniously combined with any type of clothing and complementing your look. Pink manicure is very stylish and varied, for every taste, age and occasion.

Pink nail design 2019

Pink nail design is more often associated with tenderness, lightness, girlish outfits and casual looks. But it is important to note that in 2019, stylists focused on manicure options, combined with an office business look. Nail design can be in different versions:

  • delicate and light pink nail design;
  • Pink nail design 2019

  • dark shades of pink;
  • Pink nail design 2019 ideas

  • bright and catchy nail designs in pink.
  • Pink nail design 2019 fashion

Whatever shades of pink manicure you prefer — bright and defiant or, on the contrary, delicate pastel — in any case, it will favorably emphasize the beauty and grooming of women’s hands. An important advantage of this color scheme is its versatility — pink manicure looks beautiful on nails of any length and shape.

Pink nail design 2019 stylepink nail design 2019 design

Pink manicure with design for long nails

Long nails in 2019 faded into the background in fashion trends, but this does not mean that they have lost their relevance. A huge percentage of women prefer an impressive length, visually making the hand more elegant and sophisticated. An important advantage of this idea is the ability to create a stylish nail design of any level of complexity, which is sometimes impossible to do on short nails.

Pink manicure with design for long nailsPink manicure with a design for long nails ideas

Pink nail design for long nails — these are current ideas:

Pink short nails design

Short nails have been a trend for several seasons due to their conciseness and practicality — with this manicure option it is much more convenient to do your usual everyday activities. For nails of small length, pink is an ideal option — this design looks neat and gentle. A lot of controversy raises the question of whether it is worth making hot pink nails of short length — this design looks too catchy. Modern fashion is very liberal, and this option is successfully applied under the condition of a beautiful shape of the nails.

Pink short nails designFashion pink short nails design

Pink design of short nails is best done in the following options:

  • single color design in pink;
  • Pink short nails design

  • pink manicure with decor with rhinestones, sparkles;
  • Rhinestone pink short nail design

  • french and moon manicure;
  • French short pink nail design

  • concise and very neat drawing.
  • Design of pink short nails drawing

Pink nail design

Fashion is constantly changing, offering new diverse ideas and writing off leadership positions. But there are trends that will never lose their relevance, and these include pink nail design in various versions. A variety of shades will allow you to emphasize your individual style — if pastel colors are a universal and win-win option, then dark or catchy tones are the right way to demonstrate your original taste to others.

Pink nail designPink Nail Design Ideas

Despite the relevance of a delicate pink shade, in 2019 it is more relevant in combination with other tones, with decor, but at the same time, the design should be very neat and restrained. These ideas include:

Nail design pink with silver

Such a seemingly simple idea looks very gentle, beautiful and elegant, attracts attention and easily fits into any image. The main advantages of this variant of nail design include:

  1. Effective accent. Regardless of the shade of pink and the length of the nails, silver creates a beautiful festive effect.
  2. Versatility. Calm pale pink nail design with silver is suitable for any outfit.
  3. Festive design. Beautiful shine creates an elegant effect, especially in tandem with silver jewelry.
  4. Nail design pink with silverNail design pink with silver design

The most successful ideas of what a pink nail design with silver can be are the following options:

  • french and moon manicure in pink with silver;
  • Lunar pink and silver nail design

  • graceful and delicate geometry;
  • Nail design pink with silver minimalism

  • simple combination — some nails are covered with plain pink, others — with silver;
  • Nail design pink and silver combination

  • drawings on nails with silver.
  • Nail design pink with silver decor

Pink and black nail design

Contrasting tones give the shades a special effect, emphasizing their softness and tenderness. One of the most successful tandems is the combination of pink and black. Popular ideas are:

  • simple combination — two options for a single-color coating;
  • Pink and black nail design

  • black and pink french manicure;
  • Pink and black french nail design

  • pale pink nail design with a black pattern;
  • Nail design pink with black pattern

  • geometry nail design.
  • Nail design pink with black geometry

pink french nail design

Classic French manicure has been very popular for many years because of its lightness, tenderness and versatility. This is the perfect nail design for every day, which is based on a neutral nude color nail plate and a neat white tip. Fashion is constantly making adjustments to the usual ideas, and one of the options for the classics has become a pink and white nail design in a French style. This version of the manicure looks beautiful and gentle, it can be supplemented with a design in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, a neat pattern.

pink french nail design

Pink French nail design can be done in other variations, one of the most popular ideas is summer. The nail plate remains transparent or covered with a nude shade, while a bright and rich pink is used for the tip. An addition to this design option can be a variety of decor — painting, stickers, rhinestones, sparkles.

Pink french nail design ideas

Pink Glitter Nail Design

Even the simplest dark or light pink nail design can be transformed into an elegant and festive look by decorating it with gold or silver sparkles. A beautiful reflection will attract attention, this version of a manicure is appropriate both in everyday life and for a special occasion. You can either completely cover the nail with sparkles or make a partial design.

Pink Glitter Nail DesignPink Glitter Nail Design Ideas

Pink rub on nails with design

If you like a delicate shine on your nails, but the use of sequins, rhinestones and glitter varnishes does not appeal to you, you can resort to such an idea as rubbing. The material is loose sequins of a very fine fraction, which are applied to the nail plate and gently rubbed with a sponge. As a result of its use, we can get both a pale pink nail design and bright shades, with a delicate sheen that resembles a pearly surface, playing in the sun. Rubbing can be combined with any decor option.

Pink rub on nails with designPink rubbing on the nails with an idea design

Pink matte nails — design

One of the most trendy ideas of recent seasons has become a matte nail design, a feature of which is the absolute absence of shine. This technique is not difficult — the layers are applied in the same way as in the glossy version, but a special top is used to fix it, creating the desired effect. Nails in a matte design look neat and elegant, the downside of the technique is the fact that even the slightest flaws become noticeable.

Pink matte nails - design

In the matte version, the nail design of pale pink color looks especially beautiful, delicate, light and feminine. It harmoniously fits into any female image, from everyday to strict business or elegant evening. In a matte design, any version of nail art looks beautiful:

  • plain pink nails;
  • Pink matte nails - one color design

  • pink French or moon manicure;
  • Pink matte nails - french design

  • manicure in pink color with a variety of patterns and patterns.
  • Pink matte nails - design drawing

Pink nail design with rhinestones

Another sure-fire way to make a simple pink nail design look festive and dressy is to add a few sparkly gems. In previous seasons, the trend was a dazzling brilliance created by luxurious decor with rhinestones, this year minimalism became a trend, and pebbles are used in small quantities for stylish fashionable decor.

Pink nail design with rhinestones

Pink nail design with rhinestones can be different:

  • one-color design with rhinestones on one or all nails;
  • Fashion pink nail design with rhinestones

  • french or moon design in pink with rhinestones;
  • Pink nail design with rhinestones style

  • pink nail design with pattern and rhinestones.
  • Pink nail design with rhinestones pattern

pink marble nail design

Modern fashion offers girls a lot of interesting and creative nail art ideas, including pink marble nail design. This option is a monophonic background with black thin stains, exactly imitating the texture of natural stone. Delicate shades are good options, nail design is bright pink, unfortunately, marble does not look good in the technique.

pink marble nail designPink Marble Nail Design Ideas

Pink mother-of-pearl nail design

More recently, mother-of-pearl manicure was considered a relic of the past or bad taste, but today’s fashion has offered its updated design and made it popular. Pink mother-of-pearl nail design is the embodiment of tenderness and lightness, it looks beautiful and neat, visually lengthening short nails. The most popular are delicate shades reminiscent of a pearly sheen, but darker or brighter tones with a mother-of-pearl effect look stylish and beautiful.

Pink mother-of-pearl nail design

Pink mother-of-pearl nail design can rightfully be called self-sufficient — nails with a plain coating look gentle, beautiful and do not need additional details. But if you want to complement nail art with your favorite decor, there are all the possibilities for this — this manicure option can be combined with rhinestones, sparkles, broths, combined with other colors. If the shine of mother-of-pearl varnish is not enough for your image, you can apply a pearl powder in white or pink.

Pink pearlescent nail design ideas

pink gradient nail design

Color transitions in nail design are very popular — this is an easy and gentle way to combine two or more tones. The most popular gradient option is the ombre technique, which is a smooth transition from white or pale pink to a dark or bright shade along the nail plate. The pink ombre nail design looks more spectacular on long nails — the color transition will be softer and smoother, but a good master can do it on short ones too.

pink gradient nail designNail design pink gradient ideas

pink cat eye nail design

Trendy mother-of-pearl manicure is available to fashionistas in another version, known as a cat’s eye. Its peculiarity lies in the unusual effect of gloss, which creates visual volume and depth. For cat’s eye manicure, a special mother-of-pearl varnish with metal particles is used. After it is carried, a magnet is brought to the nail plate, forcing the particles to arrange themselves in a certain way.

pink cat eye style nail design

Cat eye nail design is more popular in dark colors, but pink shades are also on trend. Delicate tones do not look as catchy and spectacular as dark ones, but they have another highlight — a beautiful and elegant design that harmoniously fits into a feminine summer, light and casual look. This is perfect for a party, wedding or prom.

pink cat eye nail design fashion

neon pink nail design

Delicate and neutral shades are always more popular, harmonizing with any look and matching with most clothing colors. But fashion offers not only calm ideas, but also a bright pink summer nail design, which is likely to appeal to young creative girls — nail design in catchy neon colors. This option, according to stylists, looks better on long nails, but it is also actively used for short ones.

neon pink nail design ideas

Neon pink nail design is combined with any decor option that allows you to create interesting and bright ideas. The most popular ideas for catchy pink nail art:

  • plain neon pink nails with minimal decor;
  • neon pink nail design

  • combining neon pink with other equally bright or calm colors;
  • Neon pink fashion nail design

  • interesting drawings and patterns on a pink bright background;
  • neon pink nail design

  • neon pink nail design in french or moon manicure technique.
  • neon pink french nail design


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