Pixie haircut for short hair - beautiful, stylish and bold images

The original pixie haircut for short hair fell in love with fashionistas and celebrities for style and convenience. Her numerous versions provide an opportunity to choose the perfect option for her to any lady. At the same time, in each case, the image will be individual and unique.

Women’s pixie haircut for short hair

Many women of fashion, when creating stylish images, prefer to use such a type of hairstyle as a pixie for short hair:

  1. The pixie is distinguished by its asymmetrical and highly structured shape. The length of the hair is noticeably different around the ears and in the back of the head. With it, the face and neck are fully opened to the eye.
  2. Any variation of the haircut will suit the lucky owners of an oval shape. Making pixies for short hair means not being afraid to stand out from the crowd. All its advantages are revealed if the oval is correct.
  3. Due to the chaotic strands, a pixie haircut for short hair smooths out sharp corners. It is easy to model it according to your wishes. For example, it is allowed to shave whiskey, make bangs. Laying is allowed varied, giving the image audacity or romantic notes.
  4. Combination with other variations of hairstyles is allowed, for example, a combination with a bean looks unsurpassed.
  5. Asymmetrical pixie is another bright and stylish version. In this case, you can experiment with the tone of the strands and bangs.
  6. Hairstyle can be created on strands of absolutely any color. Depending on the tonality used, it will emphasize their saturation or, on the contrary, softness and sophistication.

pixie haircut for short hairpixie short hairpixie hairstyle for short hair

Pixie bob haircut for short hair

In such a variation as a female pixie-bob haircut, the undeniable advantages of these varieties are combined:

  1. The pixie bob is slightly longer than the traditional variation. As a basis for performing the technique, you can take a bob or a pixie. In the first case, it is complemented by a clearly defined selection of strands in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe tips. When a pixie is taken as the basis, the crown is made somewhat rounded, and a smoother transition is made at the tips compared to the traditional version.
  2. Pixie bob haircut for short hair has become a popular variation. The bangs serve as an organic addition, it can be straight or graduated.

pixie bob haircut for short hair

long pixie

An elongated pixie haircut looks no less impressive than the ultra-short version:

  1. This version of the haircut is much easier to decide on when you want a change. There will be changes in the image, but not so dramatic. The elongated pixie is popular because of its emphasized femininity and versatility.
  2. The choice of this version may be dictated by pure pragmatism. An elongated pixie haircut for short hair is a great way to deal with split ends. Another advantage is the freedom to choose the desired styling. With the help of different styling tools, you can create a bow according to your mood or for a specific event.
  3. An elongated pixie is suitable for complementing an office bow due to the elegant volume of the strands. If you want to leave a gentle impression, then curls should be depicted on the hairstyle. A strict image will turn out with smooth strands, and deliberately bold if you ruffle your hair.

elongated pixielong pixie haircut

Pixie with short bangs

An extremely successful and common option is a pixie haircut with bangs. This is a great hairstyle addition that will help shape the face. It is useful when you need to somewhat hide the forehead or emphasize the cheekbones. Bangs should be selected based on specific needs:

  1. To make the image boyish and bold, you need a shortened bang, barely noticeable along the length.
  2. However, pixie with bangs, made in a shortened version, is suitable only for owners of regular, thin and proportional features. The hairstyle is forbidden for those who have a large nose, a bulging forehead, a heavy bottom of the face.

pixie with short bangspixie haircut with bangs

Pixies with shaved sides

Young ladies can easily choose such an option as a pixie haircut with shaved temples:

  1. This technique can be done both on one side and on both sides, leaving the top emphasized untouched.
  2. The strands are shaved with a trimmer with all kinds of attachments, and a stylistic pattern is also created at will.
  3. If you style your hair correctly, then the haircut will visually make the lady taller. However, before you decide on such a variation as a pixie haircut for short hair with shaving, you should think carefully. It will take a long time to build up a new length, almost from scratch.

pixie with shaved sides

Pixie with straight bangs

A pixie haircut with straight bangs will look truly unique:

  1. If you want to change the image, then oblique bangs will do. Under it will be able to hide wrinkles, scars or pigmentation. Oblique bangs rejuvenates, corrects the shape. If desired, it can be easily stabbed or brought behind the ear.
  2. To soften sharp cheekbones and a slightly protruding jaw, it is better to resort to thick bangs that reach the eyebrow area. To heighten the effect, it should be laid on its side. To narrow a wide forehead, bangs up to the temple should be laid to one side. Together with hiding the flaws, the bangs give softness.
  3. It looks interesting pixie haircut with long bangs that can cover the cheekbones. It can be laid in any way, for example, put back or create a planned chaotic mess.

pixie with straight bangs

Pixie Haircut — Back View

Many fashionistas are interested in what a pixie haircut looks like from behind:

  1. Elongation at the crown and the use of the same technique on the bangs create volume, layering and relief. Such features literally save thinned sparse hair, giving it a healthier and more beautiful look.
  2. On the back of the head, where the length of the strands is minimal, you can shave different patterns, for example, motifs from geometry, the contours of a butterfly. What it will be, the fantasy and experience of the master, the owner of the hair, will tell.
  3. The uniqueness is given by the contrast, which is provided due to the difference in the length of the heavily cropped nape and the strands located in the crown area. Often this technique attracts young ladies and is decisive when choosing a hairstyle.

pixie haircut back viewback pixie haircut

Who is the pixie cut for?

An unsurpassed pixie haircut, the design options of which can be varied, should be selected taking into account certain features of the appearance:

  1. The hairstyle can be called bold, so it suits confident and stylish ladies. Pixie is worth choosing if you want dynamism. A pixie hairstyle for short hair will fit perfectly into the bow of a business lady.
  2. Pixie is created on both straight and curly hair. However, with excessively voluminous and fluffy curls, you should be careful, because due to the curly, pronounced structure and styling difficulties, they will constantly have to be straightened with an iron.
  3. A pixie is perfect for women over 40, especially if it has a lot of graduation, asymmetry and splendor. They will divert attention from wrinkles. It is worth paying attention to the bangs. To remind you of reckless youth, you should create super short strands with super short bangs. Women over 40, choosing a pixie, should be guided by their own characteristics.
  4. This variation is also suitable for ladies over 50 years old. However, in this case, you should consult with the master, choosing the design according to the length, tone and style. Details matter a lot. It is necessary to think over such moments as bangs, creating volume at the roots, the possibility of making changes on your own.
  5. To keep fit, you should visit the master at least every 2 months. The shorter the pixie, the more effort must be made to maintain the existing shape.

who suits the pixie haircutpixie haircut optionspixie haircut for short hair

Pixie haircut for dark hair

A pixie on black hair will look truly unsurpassed. The image will acquire depth and mystery. Registration can be done in the following ways:

  • to refresh the image, you can apply some accent detail, for example, color the bangs completely in a different color or highlight a specific strand;
  • for girls whose color type goes well with light hair color, it can be recommended to do accent coloring. When performed, the upper layer of the strands is lightened, while the temples and the occipital region remain emphatically dark.

pixie haircut for dark hairpixie black hair

pixie blonde

For owners of light curls, a pixie blond haircut is perfect:

  • an elongated bang will look spectacular, which, if desired, is combed back or left down to one side;
  • coloring will look great on light strands, giving them a rich look, using caramel, honey notes, to make a pink blond. The latter option looks unsurpassed on young fashionistas;
  • owners of a cold color type of appearance can be advised to shade their hair with an ashy tone.

pixie blondeblonde pixie haircut

Pixie for red hair

A pixie haircut for red hair will look extremely bright and fresh:

  • you can do a hairstyle regardless of the tone of the hair, which varies from a light red muted color to a bright fiery one;
  • if desired, light red girls can select individual strands in a bright tone taken from the same color palette;
  • when using a juicy saturated tone, it should be borne in mind that the hairstyle will attract maximum attention to the face. Therefore, it is advisable to use it if there is a correct oval and memorable features.

red hair pixiepixie haircut for red hair

Pixie haircut with strands

A popular technique, extremely relevant among fashionistas of all ages, is highlighting for a pixie haircut:

  • the transition of colors can be made muted and slightly noticeable, in this case the tonality of the selected colors will differ by a couple of shades;
  • another option would be a pronounced contrast highlighting, for example, these are light strands on a dark background;
  • highlighting can be applied over the entire surface of the haircut or use a certain part of it, for example, it is an elongated bang.

pixie haircut with strands

Pixie for blond hair

Fair-haired girls can also successfully use pixie haircuts for women:

  • in recent seasons, the trend is for naturalness, so the strands can be left blond and embody a feminine natural look;
  • another option would be to use coloring of certain parts of the hairstyle, which will bring bright, memorable notes to the image. The light brown color is neutral, so any color palette can be used to complement it, focusing on the woman’s color type;
  • the light brown color of the strands is perfect for bringing the effect of softness. Using the lengthening in the temporal part, in this way it will be possible to deliberately round the square features.

pixie for brown hair

Pixie haircut for a square face

Particularly careful selection requires pixie haircuts for short hair for women with a square face type:

  • the main task when choosing a hairstyle will be to soften the angularity of facial features;
  • to achieve the desired effect, it is worth focusing on the upper part and layers in the cheek area. This will help to visually round the oval of the face;
  • you can give impudence, but at the same time elegance. At the same time, the pixie visually lengthens the face;
  • owners of a square shape should abandon hairstyles, where the main length is concentrated in the crown area, and shaving is applied in other areas. Angularity will not go unnoticed; on the contrary, increased attention will be paid to it.

pixie haircut for square face

Pixie haircut for a round face

With the right selection, a pixie for a round face will help to visually adjust the features:

  1. The main concern of chubby ladies is the maximum openness of the face. With a pixie, this is what happens, but at the same time it will be possible to balance the features. It is only necessary to leave the forehead ajar, the volume in the parietal occipital zone and remove it closer to the sides.
  2. It is worth paying special attention to the bangs. If it is straight thick, then the face looks even more rounded or even takes on a square shape. Chubby ladies should choose a light bang through which the forehead is visible or one that will gently frame the face on both sides. They should add lengthening at the temples.

pixie haircut for round face

Pixie haircut for a full face

A well-chosen pixie for a full face is capable of presenting appearance in a favorable light:

  1. In this case, the haircut should not look sleek, so you should take care of giving it volume.
  2. Pixies need to be selected taking into account the physique, while maintaining the perfect combination of head and body proportions. Only with these recommendations in mind, the overall image will be harmonious.

pixie haircut for full face

Pixies for curly hair

Pixie on wavy hair will look extremely piquant and interesting:

  1. The image acquires perky boyish notes. When creating hairstyles, it is recommended to make the strands as short as possible. Otherwise, curls may not lay down properly, creating havoc on the head.
  2. It is allowed to leave an elongated curly bang, which will give the image additional romance.
  3. The hairstyle requires regular updating, otherwise it will look sloppy when it grows back, or you will have to constantly resort to straightening agents.

pixie for curly hairpixie for wavy hair

Pixie haircut for thin hair

Since thin curls and volume are incompatible concepts, it is worth resorting to such an option as women’s haircuts for thin pixie hair:

  1. Styling will be easy, especially with different styling products. The bangs can be picked up both shortened and elongated oblique.
  2. The hairstyle goes well with any hair color. Whether they are dark, red or gray, you will always be able to find the best version. You just need to think about what needs to be hidden, what to emphasize and what message the hairstyle will have.

pixie haircut for fine hair


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