Pixie hairstyles - trends and novelties of the last season

For most girls who have given their preference to short hair, the pixie hairstyle is a real salvation. This option makes her look incredibly stylish and perky and, moreover, can visually reduce her age by several years.

Pixie hairstyles 2018-2019

In 2018-2019, various hairstyles are popular, both for long and short hair. Girls and women who, for various reasons, cannot grow long curls, this season can safely choose a pixie haircut that gives a unique charm to the face of its owner. At the same time, both ultra-short options and original styling with elongated bangs are currently in demand.

In 2018-2019, a pixie haircut for women can be incredibly diverse — styling with asymmetry or a modern version of a pixie that turns into a bob looks very stylish and attractive. Although such a haircut is not suitable for all women, masters of hairdressing actively offer it to their clients, adding original details that match the appearance.

pixie hairstyles 2018 2019

Pixie haircut for a round face

Among the fair sex, there is an opinion that a pixie hairstyle for a round face is categorically not suitable. This is due to the fact that the moon-shaped face requires visual lengthening and in most cases is framed by curls and elongated bangs. Meanwhile, taking into account certain nuances, a pixie hairstyle on the owner of a round face will look great.

So, in order to make a similar styling on a moon-faced young lady, you must use the following recommendations from stylists:

  • there must be a noticeable volume at the crown. As a rule, it is achieved with the help of a pile, however, strands twisted outward in the back of the head can also help;
  • representatives of the fair sex with a round face should not give preference to clear haircuts and perfectly even cuts. In this case, options with asymmetry and some negligence are best suited;
  • a good way is to make pointed whiskey sideburns that can somewhat cover the cheeks and add elegance and sophistication to the face;
  • young ladies who like to stand out from the crowd can shave their whiskey or make a mohawk. These extravagant and somewhat shocking details will look great with a chubby appearance;
  • long asymmetrical bangs can hide part of the face, visually covering the cheeks and making the oval narrower and more graceful;
  • in addition, a master hairdresser can always make a short haircut, leaving individual strands elongated.

pixie haircut for round face

pixie hairstyle for oval face

In the case of an oval face, a pixie hairstyle will look just great. In 2018-2019, such a face will be considered ideal, so you can choose almost any styling for it. So, in the coming season, an elongated pixie haircut, styling with tousled strands, asymmetric solutions and much more will be an excellent option.

pixie hairstyle for oval face

Trendy pixie hairstyles

Although traditionally this styling is performed exclusively on very short hair and in its essence resembles the original “under the boy” solution, today there are a variety of types of pixie hairstyles, including those suitable for medium-length strands. Qualified masters of hairdressing are ready to offer the fair sex a variety of options, many of which are very unusual and even somewhat extravagant.

trendy pixie hairstyles

Pixie haircut for short hair

The most common option is a pixie haircut for short hair, which is the traditional type of this styling. This hairstyle has several features that are unique to her alone, for example:

  • opens all the outlines of the neck and face, therefore it is not suitable for all the fair sex;
  • focuses all eyes on the face, so it draws a lot of attention to makeup and accessories, especially earrings;
  • in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe ears and neck has a maximum openness;
  • at the crown, as a rule, it has strands of different levels;
  • to maintain a beautiful appearance requires regular correction;
  • requires daily shampooing and styling, which, however, does not take much time;
  • creates a dynamic, energetic and light image;
  • has a rejuvenating effect.

Since the pixie hairstyle is extremely popular among both young girls and women aged 40-50 years old, masters of hairdressing constantly create all sorts of interesting and original variations on its basis. So, one of the most popular types of this styling today is a pixie-bob haircut for short hair, which combines the characteristics of these two hairstyles.

pixie haircut for short hair

Pixie haircut for medium hair

In addition to the traditional variation on short strands, pixie haircuts for medium hair are very popular among modern fashionistas, which gives the face some grace and sophistication. This hairstyle is more versatile, because it suits almost all beautiful ladies and has the following features:

  • hides imperfections in the shape of the face and ears;
  • masks wide cheekbones;
  • makes the forehead and cheeks more elegant and neat.

pixie haircut for medium hair

bob pixie hairstyle

The pixie bob haircut is suitable for owners of medium hair who like to look young, playful and flirtatious. With this option, you can change your image several times a day, as if by magic, for example:

  • using a curling iron allows you to create a glamorous look in the style of the eighties;
  • using mousse or styling gel, you can lift the strands and fix them in the shape of a mohawk, creating an unusually bright and original look for a youth party or disco;
  • after brushing against hair growth with a wet brush, the bob-pixie hairstyle will become somewhat careless, mischievous and hooligan;
  • classic styling with a blow dryer and a round brush will create an office look with a perfect haircut.

bob pixie hairstyle

Pixie hairstyle with long bangs

A gorgeous pixie haircut with long bangs is suitable for many of the fair sex, as it can visually hide some of the flaws in appearance. So, it completely masks a high forehead, overly full cheeks or massive cheekbones. If a woman has chosen the most elongated version of the bangs, reaching the level of the earlobe or even the chin, the rough and angular features of the face are softened, which makes it much narrower and more elegant.

pixie hairstyle with long bangs

Mini pixie haircut

Another variation of this styling is the mini-pixie hairstyle, the length of the strands in which does not reach even three centimeters. Among other types of this haircut, it is distinguished by the following features:

  • the neck area and ears remain completely open;
  • strands on the back of the head and crown do not exceed 3 centimeters, while on the rest of the surface of the head, the length of the hair varies in the range from 1 to 2 centimeters;
  • a haircut is almost always performed with an oblique bang, but can be framed without it.

In most cases, this variation is chosen by young girls, however, the mini-pixie hairstyle is also suitable for older women, whom it will visually make younger and more energetic. Meanwhile, there are such features of appearance, in the presence of which stylists recommend that beautiful ladies avoid this styling, regardless of the number of years:

  • small facial features;
  • full physique;
  • round or square face;
  • cool curly tight curls.

mini pixie haircut

Shaved pixie haircut

Of all the possible options, the most daring and extraordinary is the pixie hairstyle with one shaved temple, which gives the female look an unusual zest. Such styling is suitable only for a young girl and only if the whole image is created in the same style. So, a pixie hairstyle with a shaved temple should match clothes, makeup, accessories and all other components of a fashionable look.

Such a haircut differs from the classic version in that it requires a rarer correction at the hairdresser — you can keep it in perfect condition yourself with the help of a trimmer and a razor. Meanwhile, if a young lady chooses a type of haircut in which the temple is not just shaved, but certain patterns are depicted on it, in this case, one cannot do without the help of a qualified master of hairdressing.

shaved pixie haircut

Pixie haircut with short bangs

An ultra-short pixie haircut with bangs that does not cover the forehead is suitable only for a small number of the fair sex. So, it looks good only on young ladies with a perfect oval and regular features who have not reached 50 years old. Meanwhile, if such a hairstyle is properly chosen, it creates a unique image and truly arouses admiration among others.

pixie haircut with short bangs

Pixie haircut for women over 50

A trendy pixie haircut for medium hair for women in adulthood adds lightness and extravagance to ladies. According to stylists, women over 50 should choose the classic scheme, when the strands behind the ears and at the base of the head are cut as short as possible, while on the crown and back of the head, on the contrary, they remain somewhat elongated.

Meanwhile, in all cases, the choice of this hairstyle option should be approached with great care. Due to its features, pixie styling can both emphasize the mature beauty and charm of its owner, and focus the attention of others on wrinkles and age-related skin changes.

pixie haircut for women over 50

pixie wedding hairstyle

On the eve of the wedding, each girl carefully thinks through her image to the smallest detail. Happy owners of long curls, among other things, pay attention to the selection of hairstyles, which in this case can be unusually bright and spectacular. If the young lady did not manage to grow long strands, her choice may be a female short pixie haircut that can compete with elegant buns and beautiful braids. To achieve a stunning result, stylists recommend decorating it with a fashionable wedding accessory, for example:

  • beautiful hair clip with precious stones;
  • exquisite comb;
  • openwork bandage;
  • hoop or headband with fresh or artificial flowers;
  • diadem.

pixie wedding hairstyle


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